Canada Federal Skilled Trade Worker Visa

The Federal Skilled Trades Worker Program is a program that allows the people to get job offers and the required certification for occupational working to get the Canadian permanent residence. This certification is required to get permanent residence in any Canadian province other than Quebec. The candidates eligible for this program are required to define their interest in immigrating to Canada through the Express Entry Selection System for migrating to Canada.

The applications submitted under this program are judged on the required criteria. The criteria they are judged on are the ability of the candidate to be economically in a firm position upon immigration to Canada.

The following are the requirements for qualifying for a Canada immigration permanent residence visa:

The migrant must have job offers from at least two employers in Canada. These job offers should be for working at least one year. Else, he should have a Certificate of qualification from the provincial body.

The candidate should give a quality proof of basic language proficiency. This test is taken by the designated language testing organization which checks if the candidate is capable of meeting the minimum standards set by the minister. The Canadian level benchmarks are 5 for listening and speaking skills and 4 for reading and writing skills.

The candidates are required to have 24 months of qualified work experience in the last five years. The experience should in the same particular skill that they possess.

The candidates should have enough proof of the skills they possess and the work experience they have. They should prove their capability of performing the required duties of the occupation. Almost 90% of the occupations are covered in the eligibility criteria.

The occupations that are covered in the eligibility criteria are as follows:
  • Trades related to maintenance and equipment operation
  • Trading of the industrial, electrical and construction requirements
  • Supervisory and technical occupations under the scope of natural resources, agriculture and other related production
  • Manufacturing and processing supervisors
  • Central control operators
  • Cooks and chefs
  • Bakers and butchers.

If a candidate can be successfully covered in the above scope, they can be the successful immigrants to Canada.