Skilled Worker Visa

A skilled worker/professional is any person who has special skills, knowledge, training and experience in their field of work. Along with this, they may have a degree or a certification that proves their knowledge or skills in the relevant stream.

Governments of globally developed countries are aiming to fill in the skills gap of their economy by inviting skilled workers from various nations of the world to work and live in the respective country as a permanent resident. Among such countries, Canada has been inviting skilled workers at a large number.

Known for the abundant availably of jobs and high quality of life, Canada is now one among the top and favorite immigration destinations. By introducing flexible visa options for skilled workers, the nation has made it easy for skilled workers to migrate to Canada and contribute their skills and experience to the growth of the economy.

The visa options available for skilled workers aiming for a Canada PR are here as follows:

Federal Skilled Worker Visa: This visa program is for skilled and experienced professionals who are graduates, and wish to work and settle in Canada on a permanent basis.

Federal Skilled Trades Visa: This visa program is for workers who are trained and experienced in any trade skill and can migrate to Canada as a permanent resident without the need of any degree.

Quebec Skilled Worker Visa: As Quebec has its own rules of immigration, a skilled and experience professionals aiming to work and settle in Quebec only must obtain a Quebec Skilled Worker Visa.