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The 100 – Exclusive Service

The 100 Exclusive program of Kansas

What is “The 100” Exclusive program of Kansas?

The 100  is an initiative designed by Kansas® Overseas Careers for the candidates who:

1. Wants to process their application in the “Fast Track” mode.

2. Wants to increase the visa approval possibilities (by applying for state or provinces nomination).

3. Wants to add their dependent as the applicants (at no additional fee ).

4. Wants assistance for the initial 3-6months in settling in a country of choice.

5. And the candidates who want to process at the best price possible(34% discount).

How to enroll under this program?

To enroll under “The 100” plan, you need to:

a. Be among the first 100 applicants of the month.

b. Complete the eligibility check, also know “Internal Evaluation Report.”

c. Read and accept the terms of the agreement.

To apply for “The 100” program, you need to send an email to info@kansaz.com (with the subject line “The 100″).

Is this plan applies to all months of the year?

This initiative is a temporary program and currently, it is not decided about the number of months it will be live for. If you are interested in processing the application, you are suggested to enroll under 1st available month.

What are the terms of this program?

  • This service is applicable to you only if you fall within the first 100 registrants of the month.
  • This service can be claimed for PR visas, student visas, and all temporary visas.
  • This service is applicable only to full-time payments and not to clients who wish to go for EMI/part-payment option.
  • The service does not include any kind of placement assistance or job guarantee.
  • You have to check with the consultants on the given number whether you are applicable for this exclusive service of the month or not.

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