3 Reasons to Migrate Now

Posted by Admin on February 12, 2019

3 Reasons to Migrate Now

If you are planning to migrate to Canada or Australia, what do you think should be an ideal time to start the paperwork?

Whether you should start now? Or after 6 months? Or after a year?

Here are 3 reasons why you should start the process now

1. Immigration would be a history

If you look back, you will see how easy migration to the United States in the early part of the 20th century was. All you had to do was board a ship, cross the sea and reach the United States.

  • No eligibility requirement
  • No immigration check
  • No border patrol
people standing in queue on airport

Fast forward to 2019, it is not just the USA, but migration to Australia or Canada are made tough by introducing strict eligibility norms.

An infographic below of the immigration timelines would show how the immigration world change after the “Economic recession” in 2008.

2. Immigration Rules Change without Prior Notice

Immigration Rules Change without Prior Notice

UK was once a favourite destination of skilled professionals. Likewise, many people even hoped to settle in Denmark and Singapore for the luxurious lifestyle it offers.

UK closed HSMP (Highly Skilled Migrant Programme) without notice in 2010 followed by Singapore 2012 and finally Denmark in 2016.

3. Immigration Costs Increase by Time

Immigration Costs Increase by Time

The major factor that pulls people away from immigration and delays their decision is the investment or the cost of migration. Well, on the other side they do not think that immigration costs keep increasing by time to time. The more you delay, chances are that you have to invest higher on the process.

Now in 2019, while

  1. Canada immigration
  2. Australia immigration

is still an option for skilled professionals, but to expect these options to available for unlimited time would be unwise.

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