457 visas to be abolished soon- what’s the next best alternative for Australia?

Posted by Admin on May 9, 2017

457 visas to be abolished soon- what’s the next best alternative for Australia?

With the recent announcement of 457 visas no more to be used in the coming year, the dreams of many skilled workers have shattered. For many years now, the 457 visa have been a primary element for skilled professionals to easily enter and work for a short time in Australia. The abolishment of these visas means cut down of the highway to Australia. Is there no chance to work in Australia now? asked one of our clients who visited us for the processing of temporary visas and came to hear about the news the same day. We said there is a better option- the Permanent Residency visa.

Permanent Resident visas have always been a popular choice among professionals who have a determination to settle in Australia for longer period of time. Despite the existence of temporary visas, professionals of many countries and sectors, especially IT & Engineering choose to migrate to Australia on PR visa.  This is because both of these sectors have a huge skills gap and a great demand for IT & Engineering professionals. Summing up the total stats of the number of IT professionals & Engineers required in Australia reported on SEEK- Australia’s prominent Recruitment & Job Portal, we find that there are approximately ten thousand job vacancies on today’s date, in both the IT & Engineering sectors of Australia.  It is stated that most of the Australian employers are dependent on foreign talent to fill up these positions, majorly by looking for PR visa holders. This is because of two reasons:

  1. PR visa holders intend to stay & work longer in the country
  2. To hire a PR visa holder, employer is not bound to any contract

While PR visas have their own benefits for the Australia employers, they make a convenient pathway for skilled immigrants too. PR visa holders get to enjoy a Permanent residency status in Australia- this means that they get all rights quiet similar to Australian citizens (except for vote rights and certain rights under government regulations. On a detailed comparison between 457 visas/temporary visas and PR visas, we can conclude that PR visas are a better choice, on the following grounds:

Validity 4 year validity 5 year validity (multiple entries)
PR status Can be claimed after 4 yrs work Direct PR before entering Australia
Work Opportunities Second preference due to short stay Higher preference due to long stay
Spouse work rights Spouse are not entitled to any work rights Spouse gets rights to work full time for any sector or company
New-born children citizenship New born children in Australia of 457 visa holders as also termed temporary residents New born children of Australia Permanent residents get direct Citizenship
Education benefits No education benefits are provided to children Children under 18 yrs get free education in reputed public school
Buying of property Restrictions on buying property No restrictions on buying property
Medicare facilities No Medicare facilities All healthcare & medical expenses are taken care by Medicare- a publically funded healthcare system of Australia
Social security or welfare benefits No social security or welfare benefits PR visa holders get to enjoy many social & welfare benefits
Citizenship Can apply for PR- followed by citizenship and this takes up a long time Can apply for citizenship on completion of 3-4 yrs
Sponsor relatives Cannot sponsor relatives during the 4 yr tenure Can sponsor eligible relatives for Australia immigration

Overview of popular Australia Permanent Residency Visas

Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189):

This is a PR visa for skilled professionals who do not have any kind of nomination or sponsorship from any Australian State/Territory or relative residing in Australia. Only on the basis of skills, experience, education & overall Points scored under Australia’s points based system, an applicant files for Australia PR visa through the Skill Select System, Australia.

Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190):

Several States and territories of Australia face a constant shortage of skilled workforce. To overcome this shortage, the State or territory government encourages skilled workers to migrate to Australia (specific State/Territory) by nominating them for a PR visa. Skilled Occupation List will help one know the occupations that are facing skills shortage. Applicants who qualify for the listed occupations migrate to Australia by applying for a subclass 190 visa and obtain a state nomination or sponsorship.

Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa (subclass 476):

The Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa is specifically candidates for who have done their engineering from recognized Universities & wish to migrate to Australia. Initially, the visa holders gets a temporary entry of 18 months along with work and stay rights. After completion of this tenure, he is allowed to become an Australian Permanent Resident.

Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (subclass 489):

This visa is for skilled migrants who are willing to and have the skills to reside in specific regional areas of Australia. For this visa, the applicant must be nominated for the visa by the respective region’s government or sponsored for a PR by a relative residing in the specific region.

How can we help you settle in Australia?

Kansas Overseas Careers is a pioneer immigration consultant of India. We have a 97% success record in processing different types of Australia PR visas. For skilled professionals who are determined of a growing career and better life in Australia, we have hired the best Australia immigration experts and case officers of the country. These highly qualified case officers follow a systemic approach in processing legal and authentic visas for you. To help you with a safe-end process, we initially evaluate your chances for the PR and then suggest you to start your process if you are eligible. If you too are interested to migrate to Australia, and wish to know your chances for the Australia PR visa, feel free to connect to our experts or walk-in to our branch nearest to your location.

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