5 Common Immigration Questions – Answered

Posted by Admin on December 15, 2016

5 Common Immigration Questions – Answered

If you are one of those planning for Canada immigration, yet in dilemma with some unanswered questions, then you have come to the right page. Following are some of the common questions asked by immigrants before the process.

Canada is my dream destination. Will I be able to make it there?

Canada is indeed a dream destination for many. The very often question that comes from the immigrant-motivated group is their eligibility for a career in Canada. The answer is first you need to go through an assessment test. This test is basically a technical evaluation of your eligibility taking into account your qualification, language skills, work experience, age and adaptability factors. Once you pass with a good score, you will know whether you will be able to make it to Canada or not.

I do not have enough points to migrate under the skilled worker program

So as to move to Canada as a skilled worker, it is mandatory for you to pass the test with at least the minimum score. If you do not pass the pass, do not panic. All you have to do is take some time for your chances to improve. As the test examines your age, language skills, work experience, etc. you can work on any one of the factors for improvement. Suggested is for you to go for an additional language learning course, e.g. French or improve your work experience. It is true that you will have to postpone the process, but working on the suggestions, you will definitely score more points in further attempt.

What’s the best and fastest way to immigrate to Canada?

Immigration to Canada is easy but at the same time you will need patience. No matter which ever organization you depend on for your immigration process, you will have to wait for at least 6-12 months. The process passes through a range of stages; determining the category you fit into, assessing your profile, examining your medical results etc. Hence, you will need a lot of patience to collaborate.

If I marry a Canadian, will I be considered a Canadian automatically?

While this is the most common question, it is also the strongest myth. You will not be considered Canadian if you marry a Canadian. To achieve a citizenship in Canada, you need to be entitled to permanent residency first. Contrary, you can come to Canada to work and live on being sponsored by your spouse.

My application for citizenship got rejected, what do I do now?

In order to apply for a citizenship, you need to be a permanent resident of Canada first. After completion of three years as a permanent resident, you stand eligible to apply for a citizenship. In fact, applying for a citizenship is easier than applying for a permanent residence.

Should you wish to know more information on Canada immigration, connect to the immigration experts and get right assistance on the immigration process.

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