5 facts about Canada immigration

Posted by Admin on June 23, 2016

5 facts about Canada immigration

When you are planning to migrate to Canada, it is very certain you research and try to gain every bit of knowledge that would ease you with your immigration process. Considering the same, we would like to highlight some of the facts of Canadian immigration that shall indeed boost your knowledge about the process and related aspects.

Fact No. 1: Canada Express Entry does not have a static cut off score for ITA

Canada express entry conducts Canada Express entry draws frequently which determine the Invitations to be issued to aspiring candidates. While many assume that the cut off score for obtaining an ITA is standard and static, the fact remains that CIC decides a cut off score every time it conducts the Express Entry draws. When the Express Entry conducted its first draw, the cut off score was as high as 886 points. Reforms in obtaining a PR brought down the cut off score close to 470, which eventually came in as a great benefit to the applicants aiming for a PR in Canada.

Fact No. 2: Studying in Canada can help you get a PR

Studying in Canada has many benefits. While studying in Canada, an applicant can file for a work permit which will allow you to work on a part-time basis. Moreover, Canadian education along with Canadian work experience is a strong base to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency.

Fact No. 3: You do not need a job offer to migrate to Canada

If you are planning to migrate to Canada, having a job offer will increase your chances of swifter immigration process however, having a job offer prior to application is not mandatory. Important aspect to note here is that if you have a job offer, it should be a serious one. This is because a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is done by the Canadian service in order to validate the job offer. Hence, unless you have a serious job offer, it will not add any weight age to your application.

Fact 4: Unpaid work experience does not count

Canada Express Entry programs counts in work experience to determine your eligibility to Canada. As of the Federal Skilled Worker program, you need to have work experience that within past 10 years. It is important to note that work experience which is entitled to paid employment will be considered. If you have worked for any kind of social service or unpaid service, that work experience will not be taken into account for the allotment of points.

Fact 5: Specific relations can add points to your Canada immigration application

In case an applicant has a Canadian connection like relatives or family members in Canada, he can claim points for the same under several programs of the Canada Express Entry system. However, not all relations can help him do so. Only relations like parents, grandparents, siblings, niece/nephew, aunt or uncle, son or daughter or grandchildren living in Canada will help you score additional points for a Canadian connection. Close friends or cousins are not considered eligible to award additional points.

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