5 Most Promising Immigration Options of 2018

Posted by Admin on July 16, 2018

5 Most Promising Immigration Options of 2018

During the olden times, people from India immigrated in hopes of better career. There was no assurance on how easy or difficult the life may get after immigration. The procedure was complicated and so was the success. Investment on the immigration procedures also were on the higher side. Despite the struggle and the wait, people were unable to live their immigration dream.

Since a decade, immigration has witnessed a smoother shift. First world countries like Canada, Australia, etc. started experiencing a severe shortage of talented workforce. The skilled workforce was nearing its retirement age and the youth was not ready to take up the challenges of the economic world. These countries needed skilled talent and immigration became a resourceful source to drive this talent home. These nations, time by time improved their immigration rules which helped skilled workers to easily immigrate and settle with best overseas career opportunities.

In 2018, both Canada and Australia have improved their various programs to invite millions of immigrants and grant them permanent residency. Through permanent residency, skilled workers get a chance to live and work for long in the nation and later become its citizen. Of this year, few immigration programs can be crowned as most promising for the hopes and ease of PR success they bring along.

  1. Canada Express Entry: This program started in the year 2015 as a replacement to Canada’s quota based immigration system. Through this program over 300,000 skilled professionals are invited each year. Having its selection procedure operating on a points based system, Canada Express Entry become world’s first system to invite skilled candidates through a points selection criteria. With all good being said about Express Entry, here’s what’s promising about it in 2018?
  • Increase in intake target- The number of skilled workers to be invited annually will increase
  • More ITAs to be issued- Invitation to Apply will be issued to eligible candidates in larger numbers
  • Draws to be conducted frequently- Authorities shall conduct frequent draws and give way to quicker success
  • CRS cutoff may drop- Candidates will low CRS may also be eligible to obtain their PR card

  1. Saskatchewan PNP: This program is a part of the provincial nominee programs of Canada. Saskatchewan province, through its various sub-programs of the SINP invites both skilled workers and international graduates. It is one of the frequent opening programs with a wide acceptability. In 2018, this program open over 2-3 times with a limited intake. In every round of selection, the intake period reached its limited just within the hours of its opening. With an updated in-demand occupation list and a more need of skilled workers in this province, Saskatchewan PNP is one of promising programs one can look forward to in 2018. Wondering how to apply for this program? There are two pathways:
  • The Express Entry Pathway
  • The Non-Express Entry Pathway

Our PNP Expert can help you know the details of each pathway and the best of the two for you to benefit from.

  1. Skilled Independent Visa: Australia Skilled Independent visa, popularly known as the subclass 189 visa is a commonly chosen pathway for Australia immigration. In July, this visa program witnessed a few changes:
  • The points requirement was increased to 65 points from 60 points
  • There was a slight increase in the visa fee

If you think that with these changes, the visa application is rather going to be tough than promising, then you are wrong. The crucial aspect of the Subclass 189 visa is its Skilled Occupation List. Each year in July, the Australian Government and associated Labour Market authorities update the occupation list as per the country’s ongoing requirements. Many occupations will be added to the list and several will be removed. The occupations that are removed will no longer be eligible to apply for Australian permanent residency till they are back in the list.

Subclass 189 visa is yet promising because the Occupation List is under review and soon to be updated. In the meantime, professionals who are listed are still eligible to apply.

  1. Subclass Nominated Visa: This visa is widely called as the Subclass 190 program and is exclusively for candidates who have skills most in demand by the Australian States. States of Australia have a specific period of opening with a limited quota. This quota is freshen up in July. The months hereafter are promising for aspirants of Australia immigration through subclass 190 as States shall open faster and sponsor candidates in large numbers.
  1. Quebec Immigration: Quebec, though a province of Canada, follows a separate immigration system. Until 2018 March, Quebec has a first-come first-serve application submission system which prolonged to 36 months. In March, Quebec announced an ease to its submission system. It said that it would follow a Declaration of Interest system similar to the EOI system of Canada Express Entry. With this new system in place, we can expect a promising success of Quebec Immigration for the following reason.
  • Change in application structure: The waiting time to submit application will now be gone forever. The application submission will have a direct system. This means that application can be submitted directly and candidates will be picked up according to draws.
  • Process in 12 months:  The processing time will be cut down by 2 years. Instead of 36 months, process will be completed within 12 months.
  • More availability of jobs: Quebec is a province with 37% more jobs this year. It is province with highest job availability throughout Canada. There are nearly 25,000 jobs vacant in Quebec solely. Considering these opportunities and the ease to reach them through the new immigration system in 2018, Quebec can be a province one can get ready for in 2018.

With all this being said, immigration is always limited. The goodness of immigration can be changed to complications with any slight changes in rule. Interested applicants must hurry in order to immigrate in 2018 without any hurdles in their process. Reach out to our immigration experts and know how quick you can be on your immigration process.

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