5 red-hot immigration destinations of the world

Posted by Admin on March 25, 2017

5 red-hot immigration destinations of the world

The rapid development of human civilization has taken immigration to a higher level, marking some of the most powerful nations across the globe a habitat for migratory species. While there are many reasons that attract one towards a country, better education systems, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities are major aspects which place a country at the top numbers in the lists of the red-hot immigration destinations across the globe, reviews say.

Today, there are about 232 million international immigrants in the world, and this number is increasing every year. A high percentage of the immigrant population reside in the 5 well known and most preferred nations for immigration listed below.

  1. Canada

Canada, being the second-largest country in the world holds a population of about 35 million. And to your surprise, a fifth of this total population comprises international immigrants. Some of the factors which draw aspirants are its high-quality life, excellent education system, highest income per capital globally, relatively lower crime rates and most importantly, its liberal immigration policies.

Canada immigration policies are comparatively flexible and associated to easy going process. Moreover, the range of Canada PR visa programs and the benefits associated with each program marks Canada one among the top notch destinations for immigration.

  1. Australia

Popularly known as the Land of Oz, Australia can undoubtedly be termed as the land of opportunities too. The country throws a range of career opportunities for skilled immigrants, who can migrate to Australia by means of the quick and easy going Australia immigration programs. While the standards of education and living are the attraction of the nation, this beautiful land of kangaroos and koalas is a place that also represents a pleasant and sociable population.

In addition, Australia was the only developed nation to escape largely unscathed from the recession caused by the recent global economic downturn. This indeed became a factor that attracted many skilled immigrants to settle in Australia as permanent residents from years thereon.

  1. The United States of America:

Often the United States of America has been reviewed as an immigrant-friendly nation. This is because of its multi-cultural society and cordiality the immigrants receive from its citizens. In terms of luxury life and career prospects, USA is no less than a treasure land. The nation has a booming economy, throwing out great employment opportunities for immigrants in its various sectors. Also, the benefits of the USA Green Card call for an attention towards the nation.

  1. Germany

Germany is the country with the fourth-largest economy in the world. The large economy welcomes immigrants with great work opportunities associated with relatively high salaries. Plus, sources reveal that Germany is soon going to introduce a PR visa with a long term stay period, and this news has attracted many skilled professionals to choose it as their future destination.  As Germany has some of the popular universities, it is also greatly preferred by students for immigration. The plurality of lifestyle and a completely unique ethnocultural diversity of Germany also contribute to its being a favorite among immigrants.

  1. New Zealand

New Zealand is specifically for those who want a healthy work life, a peaceful & standardized culture, and growing career opportunities. Most people who have chosen New Zealand for their immigration say that they are happily settled in New Zealand and like it mostly for its safe and secure livelihood, balanced lifestyle, PR visa benefits, social security and the affordable living expenses.

While these are the top & best destinations of the year to consider for immigration, it is equally important to know which of these would have best life and career opportunities specifically for you and your family. A simple Evaluation for Immigration service will help you determine which country is best for you to immigrate. Leave us your details here, our Immigration experts can help you for more information.

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