7 interesting facts about Canada Express Entry

Posted by Admin on December 1, 2016

7 interesting facts about Canada Express Entry

The old days of waiting years for your Canada visa to get approved have now gone forever. With the introduction of the Canada Express Entry System in January 2016, migrating to Canada has become extremely hassle-free. Where previously people believed that obtaining a visa to Canada solely depends upon one’s patience to wait for the visa to be approved and some considered it a matter of luck, Canada Express Entry has brought in a shift in such believes. Today, Canada Express Entry is the swiftest mode to Canada immigration where applicants receive their visa solely depending upon the score they achieve for their professional attributes and their ability to adapt to the live of Canada. Records show that about Canada Express Entry has received about 191,279 profiles in just one year. Besides being a swift mode of Canada immigration, Express Entry has several other interesting aspects too that make it the best solution for Canada immigration.

Fact 1: Canada Express Entry is a key to your home in Canada

Have you been dreaming to live in Canada? Then, Canada Express Entry is the answer. The Canada Express Entry allows you to live and work in Canada on a permanent basis. This means that you can become a permanent resident of Canada and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Live and work anywhere in Canada
  • Avail all the social, medical and health care benefits
  • Benefits of education for your children
  • Employment benefits
  • Protection under the Canadian law
  • Apply for a citizenship

Fact 2: Canada Express Entry is not a fail-pass system

One of the coolest things about the Canada Express Entry System is that no one fails in their Express Entry application. As Express Entry revolves around a draw system, a cut-off score is decided by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada prior to each draw. Applications who reach the cut-off score and beyond receive their Invitation to Apply for a permanent residence while the rest lay in the pool.

Fact 3: Canada Express Entry is associated to no-cap or no-quota

All eligible candidates are welcome to apply under any of the program associated to the Canada Express Entry System. As Canada Express Entry is not associated to any cap limit or quota, applications can file for a Canada immigration under the Express Entry system during any time of the year.

Fact 4: Canada Express Entry does not demand a job offer

If you worry that you don’t have a job offer in hand and your visa application may not meet success, then here’s a good news. For you to migrate to Canada through any of the programs falling under the Canada Express Entry, job offer is not mandatory. However, a job offer in hand will fetch you additional points.

Fact 5: Canada Express Entry draws are conducted every two weeks

For those whose profiles did not get picked up during the recent draw, there is nothing to worry. Your profile still lays in the pool and Citizenship and Immigration Canada conducts Express Entry draws every two weeks, with slight changes in the cut-off score every time.

Fact 6: Canada Express Entry has a range of immigration programs

The Canada Express Entry covers a range of immigration programs, namely- Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, Canadian Experience Class and Provincial Nominee Programs. Each program serves different occupations and purposes of migration. For instance, Federal Skilled Worker is for skilled professionals and Federal Skilled Trades program is for businessmen. Likewise, Canadian Experience class is for professionals with Canadian work experience and Provincial Nominee Programs are for professionals who have been nominated for sponsorship by any of the provinces of Canada.

Fact 7: Canada Express Entry allows applicants to make changes

As said, Canada Express Entry’s cut-off CRS score keep changing in every draw. This means that an applicant can work on certain areas like increase work experience, re-take English language test or enroll for any educational course. Canada Express Entry allows applicants to improve their profile and make changes in their Express Entry profile too.

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