A shift in international student preferences- Canada now more accepted than the United Kingdom for education

Posted by Admin on May 26, 2016

A shift in international student preferences- Canada now more accepted than the United Kingdom for education

The verdicts coming in by an all-party parliamentary group of UK highlight that the tighter immigration policies have disheartened international students willing to study in the UK and have forced them to opt for other countries for education than a prominent student favorite destination- the United Kingdom.  As of the records, the reinforcement of the immigration policies in the United Kingdom has made Canada a more popular destination for students than the United Kingdom.

Where the United Kingdom has tightened the immigration procedures to cut net migration, on the other hand, the Canadian government has increased overall immigration target levels and has announced easier procedures for students willing to obtain a permanent resident in Canada. The Liberal Government of Canada in general terms is perceived being as the pro-immigration and it is believed that the country aims to increase the target levels in the coming future. In this context, Canadian Immigration Minister, John McCallum said, “Canada must do more to attract students to this country as permanent residents”. With that, he proudly added, “they are the cream of the crop in terms of potential future Canadians.” Contrary, the government of United Kingdom, since last year has to been aiming to “move towards a zero net student migration.” Sources reveal that sticking to the aims, the UK Home Secretary, Theresa May, last year was forced to defend a government plan and expel international students from the United Kingdom after their graduation.

Why are students choosing Canada over the United Kingdom?

While the stringent immigration strategies of United Kingdom remain to be the big reason, there are multiple reasons why Canada has now become a comparably better destination in view of thousands of students. Here are some to the list:

  • Canada is vast and has a variety of living and learning environments.
  • The high-quality education system and affordable tuition options make Canada a preferred destination.
  • Most of the Canadian education institutions are gaining a rapid global popularity.
  • International students in Canada are allowed to work off-campus while pursuing their studies. This not only helps them build income but also adds a valuable Canadian experience to their profile.
  • International students can begin their studies in a college and later if they wish to transfer to a university, Canada allows them to do so
  • Transfer programs allow international students in Canada to begin studying at a college but later transfer to a university.
  • Foreign spouses or common-law partners of international students can also come to Canada with an open work permit.
  • Upon graduation, international students in Canada may obtain a Post-Graduation Work Permit for up to three years. This open work permit allows graduates to work for any employer in Canada.
  • Canada wants its cohort of international students to build their careers in Canada. Therefore, there are many ways for students to obtain Canadian permanent resident status after completing studies in Canada.

According to the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), there was an 83 percent increase in the number of international students in Canada between 2008 and 2014. In addition, 95 percent of international students would recommend Canada as a study destination, and more than half of all international students plan on applying for permanent residence. Students in Canada told the Canadian Bureau for International Education CBIE that their top three reasons for coming to Canada to study were: the quality of the Canadian education system; Canada’s reputation as a tolerant and non-discriminatory society; and Canada’s reputation as a safe country.

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