Why Australia has become a student-favorite destination?

Posted by Admin on March 23, 2017

Why Australia has become a student-favorite destination?

While Australia has always been well known for its emergent tourism and increasing immigration, today it has become a destination most chosen by students for higher education. As of the researchers, despite holding a huge population rate, Australia was ranked as the 3rd most popular international for students in the English-speaking world, immediately after the United States and the United Kingdom until last year. A recent report by the UNESCO states that in last year, a majority of student population chose Australia over the United Kingdom- making Australia the second most student favorite destination especially among the Indian students. The statistics of 2016 show that 48% of students from India headed towards the United States for higher studies, while 11% chose to study in Australia and just 8% moved to the United Kingdom for higher education.

Likewise, in the University Ranking System, Australia badges 9th position ahead of Germany, New Zealand, and Japan. The amazing factors that attract a large population of students to study in Australia are as follows:

Global recognition

Australia is a nation which imparts education that has great value and global recognition. Schools and many employers around the world recognize & consider Australian degrees a high regard during a candidate’s selection for employment. Due to the impressive international reputation of the Australian education system- which is regulated by the Australian government to maintain high standards of education quality, Australian graduates often easily find employment in any countries they wish to. Some of the most prominent globally recognized universities of Australia are:

Diversity of education

Universities in Australia offer a diverse range of courses and degrees. This makes it easy for any student who wants to study in Australia find an education course or field that suits their interest. Be it vocational education, general studies or English language training, students can freely choose their education stream according to their interest. Not just this, but Australian institutes also allow students to change universities or institutions at different qualification levels. While Australian education offers a diversity of education, the top ranked universities of Australia which feature among the TOP 50 Universities of the world are known for their best education in streams like Arts and Humanities, clinical, pre-clinical and health, engineering and technology, life sciences, physical and social sciences, etc.

Studying through innovative technology

Student reviews represent that most international students prefer Australia for its appealing aspect of quality of scientific research. Australia is at the forefront of new technology and innovations. Australian Universities take the advantage of the country’s impressive and innovative technology and research resources and make it an evident part of their education system, benefiting students with education gained through innovative learning.

Growing employment opportunities

Studying in Australia is often related to guaranteed jobs. While the Australian degrees aid students with easy and flourishing career scope, the students are also given the benefit of part-time earning while they are pursuing their education. The fact that international students are allowed to work while studying not only helps them earn money to manage their stay but also gain relevant Australian work experience in the field of their study for better opportunities further.

Fair cost of living

Australia’s standard of living is admired to be one of the highest standards of living around the world. For students, the country is indeed pocket-friendly. Along with food, housing expensive are relatively low and the tuition expenses too are light on pocket. For international students, the government also gives a benefit of scholarship which eventually aids to lower expenses of living in the Land of Oz.

International Permanent Residency

Australia has exceptional benefits for students in the form if its Permanent Residency status. As students are adapted to the lifestyle and culture of Australia, gaining Australia PR status is quite easy for them. Plus, students gain additional points for their international education when applying for Australia immigration or permanent stay in Australia.

Summing up, choosing to study in Australia is the easiest pathway for professionals who are determined to settle in Australia with better career opportunities. While the education gives the understanding and adaptability to the Australian employment requirements, the degree gives a direct pathway to Australia Permanent Residency. If you too want to flourish your career in the world’s Top immigration destinations like Australia, connect to us to check your chances for the Australia PR visa or study visa.

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