Australia Immigration- a guide to hassle-free process

Posted by Admin on May 5, 2017

Australia Immigration- a guide to hassle-free process

Australia has a history of relying on the immigration sector for it’s economic This is because, while the country has everything that is required to make it stand on the top numbers of well-developed countries, it lacks talented young professionals to contribute to their growth of the economy. The Australian workforce is aging, and the current youth lacks youth that could take up the vacant positions of various sectors.

Similarly, to keep immigration sector boosted and attract skilled worker from across the globe to be a part of the Australian labor market, Australia always ensures that immigration is an easy approach for skilled professionals. Australia time to time introduces visa programs that serve a convenience to eligible professionals. It ensures that no stringent rules are implemented which may affect the interest of professionals from outside to migrate to Australia. Among the many initiatives Australia has made to strengthen its immigration sectors, the introduction of Skilled Migrant Visa Scheme is a major to list.

What is Skilled Migrant Visa Scheme?

Initially, work permits or work visas were being used by Australia to hire skilled talent from outside. While this helped the employers with talented staff for the company, it served the purpose only for a limited period of time. Skilled workers were unable to stay in Australia on a longer run and moved to their home country on expiry of the visa, among which many did not return back. This way Australia’s employment success was shaken. It is then the country realized to introduce a visa system wherein eligible workers would be given a status of Permanent Residency & live and work in Australia for an indefinite period of time.

Skilled Migrant Visa Scheme covers all the different types of Permanent Residency visas that one can apply for & migrate to Australia as a permanent resident visa. These PR visas hold a different set of eligibility criteria & processing. Have a look at the PR visas that make a part of the Skilled Migrant Scheme:

  • Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189): PR visa for candidates who want to settle in Australia on the basis of skills, work experience & education (no nomination from State/territory government or relative)
  • Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190): PR visa for candidates who have skills required by a specific state of Australia and are nominated for State Sponsorship
  • Graduate Temporary Visa (subclass 485): Visa for candidates who have completed 2 yrs of education in Australia and wish to reside for more next 4 yrs
  • Skilled Nominated or Sponsored visa (Provisional) (Subclass 489): PR visa for candidates who can are nominated by a state or territory/ eligible relative to reside in a regional or low population growth area.

Benefits a PR visa holder gets

A candidate who migrates to Australia on a Permanent Resident Visa gets all rights quiet equal to Australian citizens. However, he cannot vote. The following are the benefits a permanent resident of Australia can enjoy in Australia after obtaining his PR status:

  • Live & work anywhere in Australia
  • Work for any company
  • Accompany family members to Australia
  • Get free medical & healthcare facilities
  • Enroll kids for free education in reputed Australian Public Schools
  • Sponsor eligible relatives for PR in future
  • Apply for citizenship on completion of 3-4 yrs stay

Who can apply for Skilled Migrant Visas?

While different PR visa types of Australia have varying eligibility criteria, the common factors required for all types of visas of the Skilled Migrant Scheme are as follows:

  • Age under 50 yrs
  • Min. Graduation
  • 2 yrs or more relevant work experience
  • Good English language Skills
  • 67 points in Australia’s Points Based Test
  • Nominated Occupation from Australia SOL

How to Apply?

To apply for any Australian PR visa, the first step is to evaluate your chances & know your score under the Australian Points Based System. An Evaluation Expert will help you know your chances for the visa process. Our Australia Immigration Consultants are highly skilled in Evaluation and visa process.

On a successful positive Evaluation, our experts will also help you apply for a PR visa that best suits your skills. Our experts apply for a visa through SkillSelect on your behalf, assist you in documentation process, help in searching for an Australian Job, provide preparation material for IELTS and assists you in every aspect that requires a successful visa processing.

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