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Migrating to Australia

Australia is known for its incomparable scenic beauty.  It is among the top tourist destinations of the world. Recently, the country has emerged as an employment hub. Young workers from around the globe are moving to Australia in search of better jobs. The country lacks skilled and qualified youths. This is true for IT and Engineering sectors. The government has made immigration a prime aspect to invite skilled workers from abroad. The right Australia immigration consultants in Bangalore can provide you with more information.

8 prominent benefits of migrating to Australia

  • Better job opportunities
  • Higher living standards
  • Best healthcare facilities
  • Better education facilities
  • Multicultural society
  • More financial stability
  • Better safety and security
  • Increase the chance for PR

Why hire an Australia immigration consultant in Bangalore?

Yes, it is. Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city. There are many immigration agents. Everyone claims themselves as the best. Many guarantee you a job in Australia. But not everyone is worth hiring. An expert immigration consultant will ensure you do everything right.  This will speed up your immigration process. You can migrate to Australia faster than you have imagined. Here are some reasons to justify the hiring of an immigration service.

  • Be at par with rule changes – The immigration rules keep changing. You may not be aware of all the changes. The best Australia immigration consultancies keep themselves updates. They know about all changes in the immigration rules. They can guide you accordingly.
  • Documentation assistance-You need a lot of documents for migrating to Australia. Not everything is mentioned on the website. You must have someone to prepare a checklist for you. You will not miss out any vital document while submitting your application.
  • Application submission– The application forms are complicated. Your consultant will help you completely. You will submit a complete and error-free application. This will save your time. It will also prevent you from penalties for submitting an incorrect form.
  • Online processes – Skill Select is an online process. You must be tech savvy to handle it yourself. With an expert Australia immigration consultant, you can relax. They’ll guide you complete it correctly.

Kansas® Overseas Career- Your immigration partners in Bangalore

We are among the top Australia immigration service providers in Bangalore. We have a team of expert consultants and case officers working with us. Kansas® is a popular name in the domain of immigration. With over a decade of experience, we have achieved a 98% success rateSilicon India has selected us among “Top 10 Promising Immigration Consultants in India, 2017”.

Australia Immigration Points Calculator

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Where are we located in Bangalore?

At Kansas®, we try to make immigration less difficult for you. We are located very prominently in Bangalore.  We are very near to Sri Chamarajendra Park and the High Court. You can reach us from Richmond Town, Cubbonpete, Nehru Puram, Sindhi Colony, Sulthanguntha, Bharti Nagar and many other places with ease.

#101, 1st floor,
Prestige Copper Arch,
Beside Safeena Plaza,
Infantry Road,
Bangalore – 560001

Phone Number:
+91 9100932461
Email Address:


How can we help you migrate to Australia from Bangalore?

Bangalore is the tech-hub of India. The residents of the city have increased immigration need. At Kansas®, we understand their requirement. We try to provide them with the right solution. We help them overcome significant immigration challenges.

  • Tailored solution– All profiles are not the same. The needs also vary based on your profile. We help you choose the right visa category. Our qualified case officers deal with each case personally. We customize the entire immigration solution for you. We pick up the best pathway that will take you to your destination.
  • Counseling session– Australia migration involves language and skill test. We counsel you to handle these better. Our consultants train you in managing the evaluation sessions. This helps you to score high in IELTS and add more points.
  • Job search assistance– Are you migrating to Australia without a job? Don’t worry; we’ll help you find one. We’ll create a professional resume for you. We’ll also make it visible among the Australian employers. If interested, we can also help your spouse to get a job there. We ensure you land in Australia with a job.
  • Family migration– We make family migration to Australia easier. We arrange for all the documents. Train your family members for language test if needed. We also help you to move with your newborns or elderly parents.


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The different Australian visa programs that we offer

There are multiple visa programs for Australia.  At Kansas®, we help you choose the program based on your need. If you are migrating as a skilled professional, skilled worker visa is right for you. There are many subclasses under each program. It is crucial that you choose the proper visa and subclass. Similarly, you can select from visit visas, study visas, work visas based on your need. Our expert case officers will help you in every step. They’ll ensure you choose the correct category. This will multiply your chances of visa approval. Mentioned below are the basic Australian visa categories to choose from

Skilled Worker PR Visa

Temporary Worker Visa



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Migrating to Australia with Kansas® in 7 simple steps

Migrating from Bangalore to Australia is easy with Kansas® Overseas Career. Just 7 simple steps can help you reach your dream destination. Along with language and skill counseling, documentation; we help you get settled in Australia. We never mind moving out an extra mile to make you comfortable. Here’s how we help you achieve your dreams.

  • We counsel you to clear the IELTS with a high score
  • We assist you with skill assessment. If help you identify the ways to hone your skills.
  • We help you choose a relevant occupation from the skilled occupation list
  • We assist you in getting state sponsorship/family sponsorships
  • We help you to lodge you EOI through Skill Select
  • We assist you in applying after you get the ITA
  • We also offer post-immigration services. We make sure you settle in Australia with ease.

What are the criteria that we look for to process your Australian visa?

There are many visa programs for migrating to Australia. Each program has a different set of criteria. However, there are some basic criteria that we at Kansas® consider. We assess your profile to understand the strength and weakness of your profile. We utilize your strength to overcome the lacking. Here are the primary criteria for Australia immigration

  • You have to be less than 45 years
  • You must have a degree from a globally accredited institute
  • You must have a skill relevant to present skill set list
  • You must be proficient in English. You must score at least 6 bands in the IELTS
  • You must have job experience of minimum 1 year. Your occupation must be present in any of the occupation list.
  • You must score at least 65 points on the points-based system
  • You must be physical and mentally fit
  • You must not have any criminal history. Police clearance is mandatory.

During our free counseling session, we evaluate your profile. We make you understand the entire procedure. Our case officers take up your case. They make sure that you develop the right expectation. They show you where you are lacking and also how to act to fix it. At Kansas®, we do not build false hopes. You get what we promised you. We offer you the best immigration solution that maximizes the chances of approval.


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Why is Kansas® best for Australian immigration from Bangalore?

At Kansas®, we offer the best-in-class immigration service.  We are your one-stop-shop for Australia immigration.  We understand you and offer you the best possible solution. Immigration charges at Kansas® are the most competitive. Here are some strong reasons to choose us among the rest

  • Free first-time consultation
  • We offer tailored services to ensure maximum success
  • We understand the policies of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)
  • Our immigration services are always at par with the current DIBP norms
  • Our experts have profound knowledge about Australian immigration
  • All our policies are transparent. We don’t greet you with nasty surprises.
  • We communicate with the immigration officers on your behalf. You update you regularly on your visa status.
  • We have our office at the most prominent location. We also have multiple channels to direct you to us.
  • We are open to feedback and suggestions. They make us work better.
  • You get what you need and only pay for it.
  • We offer the most competitive rates in Bangalore.


Migrate to Australia from Bangalore faster than your imagination

The visa processing time depends on different factors. The visa types, the correctness of applications, your point score etc. are some factors. Apart from the demand for your skills in Australia, background checks, tight schedule of the immigration officers also add to the time.

The primary Australian visa processing time

Visa application processing time for visa subclass 189

StepsProcessing Time
Skill assessment result2-3 months
Expression of Interest results15 days
Applying for the PR after the EOI gets approved1-2 months
The decision for acceptance of the PR by the DIBPIt may take several months.

Visa application processing time for visa subclass 190

StepsProcessing Time
Skill assessment result3 months
Expression of Interest  and state sponsorship15 days
PR visa after getting the invitation to apply15 days to 1 month

Visa processing time based on your points

EOI PointsProcessing Time
75-801 month
705-6 months
651 year or more


However, we try to help you get your visa as fast as possible.


  • We ensure that all documents are ready and checked. This prevents any delay
  • We provide error-free applications and forms.
  • We regularly follow-up with the immigration officers. This stimulates faster processing.
  • We counsel you to perform well at IELTS. This helps you to secure better marks. Having a better score can speed up your visa processing.

Migrate to Australia with your family with Kansas® Overseas Career

Looking to move to Australia from Bangalore with your family? You must have a clear idea about the entire process. Family immigration has specific requirements. Our family immigration specialists guide you correctly. You can migrate to Australia with all your loved ones. Here’s whom you can take with you.

Family members who can accompany you

  • Spouse or partner– If you have stayed together for at least 1 year. You haven’t marked yourself as single in your application. You get added points for traveling with your spouse/partner.
  • Children/Dependent – Children are your dependents less than 22 years without a spouse. Mentally or physically challenged wards, irrespective to their age are included — children of your spouse less than 22 years.

The family member who can come later

  • Parents/grandparents – You cannot take them along for the first time. However, you can sponsor them later. Different programs can help you to sponsor them. Our consultants and case officers will suggest the most effective plan.

Traveling to Australia with a newborn

Moving to Australia with a newborn is not easy. You need expert guidance. Our dependent visa specialists can help you. At Kansas®, we ensure that you get the visa for your newborn at the earliest. Even if both parents have the Australian PR, the child may get approval. We arrange for the best solution for the child and the parents. We arrange for lawyers, concierge services and all other requirements.  With Kansas®, migrating to Australia becomes easy and fast.

Kansas® Overseas –Your most trusted immigration consultants in Bangalore

Australia is among the top immigration friendly countries. It shows a lot of warmth for the migrants. However, you need to go through some complex screening. Not everyone becomes successful.We are making Australian immigration easier for residents of Bangalore. We offer a wide range of immigration services for

  • Skilled workers
  • Students
  • Businessmen/self-employed
  • Family/Dependents
  • Tourists
  • Medical travelers

Book an appointment for free consultation. We’ll ensure you reach your dream destination within a couple of months.
For all Australia visa assistance and migration services, call us at our toll-free number 1800-102-0109


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