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Are you a skilled professional aiming to get settled in Australia?

If your answer is “yes,” then you are on the right place. Here, you will receive the complete support to start your Australia Immigration.

Do I qualify for Canada PR visa or Australia PR visa?

Migrate to Australia from Chennai now

Australia is an employment hub for skilled candidates. For Indians, it is an essential opportunity. Indians are the major population migrating to Australia on a large scale. This is mainly since Indian’s are having their profession under the in-demand list. Some of them are Information Technology, Engineering, Finance, Accounting, Medicals, etc.

According to Australia’s 2016 census, the population of Indian migration  reached to 455,389. The previous census of 2016, i.e., the 2011 census reported 295,362. Comparing both results, around 160,027 Indian’s migrated in 5 years. This is a clear picture of the growing interest in Australia. The country has become a successful platform to settle. You can also become one of them by applying for Australia PR now.

Can I apply for Australia PR from Chennai?

If planning for Australia permanent residency from Chennai, then you should meet the eligibility needs. Yes, the Australian government accepts your request from anywhere. But, the only need is to meet the eligibility standards.

What does an immigration consultant do?

A registered agent can be a booster and a guide. Yes, they will help in sorting things in smarter ways.

  • They will help you get the right information of the visa processing.
  • Guide you on preparing the visa application.
  • Monitors the status of your application.
  • They honestly provide the right information for eligibility.
  • They check the standards of your documentation and more.
  • Ensure to validate your application as per the new changes.

Why should I consult Australia visa agents?

Preferring visa services from an immigration consultant will help your process flow smoother. There are several reasons, few of them are listed below:


  • An immigration agent will help you understand the immigration laws and regulations.
  • The experts will help in reducing the complexity of any type of Australia visa process.
  • They will help your process successful with the latest changes and updates.
  • legal advice from the agents will decrease the chances of failure.
  • They will be able to suggest the best pathway for your profile.
  • There will be less stress on your end with the help of visa agents.
  • You will save time in your visa process.
  • They will help you communicate easily with the government bodies.


How will Kansas® Overseas Careers help your visa process?

Considering the interest for Australia, Kansas® emerged as top immigration consultancy in Chennai. The aim behind is to support the talented Indians to migrate to Australia. With our simplified immigration services, you can experience a smooth visa process.

We are one of the famous Immigration consultants in Chennai for Australia. The teams will be at assistance in every stage of the process. With our teams support we have made our services reach to a success rate of 95%. Also, Silicon India – The Largest community of professionals in India has awarded us as “Top 10 Promising Immigration Consultants in India.”

With decades of experience, we aim our clients to reach great heights with our help. With our services, we are striving to make our clients achieve success.


What are the essential needs for Australian Immigration?

Australia is one of the place one wants to go on the globe. The quality living with huge space makes the country more interested. The immigration process followed by Australia is point-system. If you prefer to migrate to Australia, then you need to get your skills assessed. There are many eligible factors to qualify for Australia PR.

The eligibility conditions for migration include:

  • Need to be below the age group of 45 years.
  • Should have your skills matching to the country needs.
  • Must be able to have competent level English.
  • Need to have work experience under the in-demand list.
  • Enough funds to support your visa purpose.

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What are the reasons for choosing Australian PR?

The Australia PR Visa is the commonly used immigration pathway by skilled worker. Permanent Residents receive many opportunities and benefits to live, work and stay.

Reasons for choosing Australia PR are:

  • You have the right to live in the country for an indefinite period
  • There is no boundary for choosing any education course.
  • You can work under any employer.
  • Can enjoy special free healthcare services.
  • Eligible for applying Australia Citizenship and more.


What are the easiest ways to migrate to Australia PR?

There are many programs introduced by the Austraian government to make migration easy for individuals from various background. Below are some of the best pathways to migrate under immigration law

Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189): 

  • Need to be below 45 years to apply.
  • Need to get the status of Australia PR without a sponsor.
  • Must be able to get an invitation to apply for Australia PR.
  • Should score at least 65 points on Points Grid

Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190):

  • Any employer/territory government can sponsor based on your skills.
  • Can work for any sector within the nominated state.
  • Your occupation must be in the SOL.
  • Should meet the eligibility points.

Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 489)

  • You should get sponsorship or nomination from state or territory or relative.
  • Must have skills as required by the country.
  • Can stay for a period of up to 4 years and get Australia PR.
  • Need to score at least 65 under Points Grid.

For more information, feel free to speak to our experts

What are the essential things to do on arrival in Australia?

Whether you have come to Australia skilled migrantsor on a temporary visa, the necessary things to do in your first week are:

  • There are three types of time zones in Australia. You need to check your time zone and move accordingly.
  • You should apply for a tax file number. This helps in receiving the funds from the government.
  • Need to enroll for the Medicare services. It helps to get free health care services.
  • You can contact the Centrelink if you are eligible for a social security payment.
  • Must enroll your children in the school. This helps in getting the enrolment forms.
  • Australia allows you to drive without a license for the first three months. Later, you need to have permission from the country. So, you need to apply for a driving license.
  • You should have enough documents to open a bank account. This helps you save money from the income, salary, and benefits.
  • Search for a family doctor. In case of any urgency, you need not worry.

What are the 7 Simple Steps for Australia visa process?

1. Skills Assessment
 Our consultants will check your eligibility on various Australia categories. This helps in determining your ability to meet the Australia standards.

2. The launch of Expression of Interest (EOI)
Based on your eligibility check, our agents will issue an EOI. This indicates your interest to migrate to Australia.

3. Pool of Application
Your application is now placed in the pool. A pool is an online system managing many applications. You will be set according to the rank (point-score).

4. Invitation to Apply (ITA)
Having a good score can be a benefit to receive ITA faster. An ITA is an invitation to apply for Australia PR.

5. Visa Application with DIBP
Under the guidance of our consultants, you can file your application to the DIBP. DIBP means the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.
6. Clearance of Medicals and Police
 It is must to prove your good health and character for the Australia process. Our experts will help you in taking up the exam.

7.Visa Approval
After the verification from DIBP, you will get your Visa approved. You will have 6 months to leave post visa approval.


How visa agents of Kansas® Overseas Careers help you?

The teams are very talented and provide  services in every stage.

  1. Free visa assessment:
    It is an initial service provided to know your visa possibility. Based on your information, you will receive a clear output of your chances. This helps you to know more about the Australia immigration. Also, you will be able to estimate your living in the country.
  2. Eligibility Check:
    Our designated consultant will perform an eligibility check. This check is performed on the Points Grid. Here, you need to determine your eligibility by receiving at least 67 points. This service helps you trigger your Australia PR ability.
  3. Resume Preparation:
    To make your profile reach the needs of the global market, we prepare resumes of global standards. We aim to make your living simpler after skilled migration. So, we figure out the best ways to make your profile reach the recruiter’s desk.
  4. Application Process:
    We provide great support throughout your application process. In each stage, you will have the visa agent supporting. We follow a crystal-clear process for your help. With a clear point to be your subordinate, we guide you in the entire process.
  5. Client Support:
    For your every step of immigration, our agents will also be an asset to you. With our expert customer-care services, you will never receive any updates delay. We assure you to provide information related to your application and immigration.
  6. Job Search Assistance:
    With expert job search team, we help you to apply for overseas jobs matching your eligibility. Through this service, you will have the chance to apply for overseas employment. Hence, you need to be clear that we provide assistance and do not guarantee placement.
  7. Preparation Material for IELTS:
    We help your language exam preparation by providing the material. The material acts as guidance and enables you to increase your score. Increase in the IELTS score increases your scope in your process.
  8. Assured Success:
    With an in-detail service in every stage, you have assurance for visa success. Our solutions to your overseas career help your case reach to our success list. Our goal is to be your support, and we strive to be available at all stages.


How to connect to our Australia immigration agents in Chennai?

Among many branches operating, the Chennai branch is famous for Australia PR services. We confirm your complete details and provide the best chances to migrate. Our teams always stand by with their trusted and friendly approaches. We offer you detailed information on what we offer. From the counseling session to the process time, our experts are always at your help.

To ease your process from Chennai, we made ourselves available as visa agents in Chennai. We are happy to help many clients reach their destination. Yearly we help thousands of clients achieve their goals. This made us well-known as Top Australia immigration consultant.

In Chennai, we are available in between many popular areas. Such as West Namasivaya Puram, East Namasivaya Puram, Shenoy Nagar, 11th Avenue, Thiruvenkatapuram, Koyambedu, NN Colony, etc.

Hence, people living nearby can reach to our Australia visa consultants.

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