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Australia Immigration Consultants Mumbai

Is Australia your dream destination? Then, here is your chance to reach this destination on a PR visa and enjoy a permanent residency status. If you are thinking you have to take this chance all alone without proper guidance, then don’t worry. Australia immigration consultants in Mumbai will help you stay guided.

Australia immigration consultants in Mumbai are visa agents or a group of consultants forming an agency with an aim to help skilled professionals successfully migrate to Australia. The primary role is to:

  • Guide about the process
  • Suggest the best options from the available ones
  • Apply on behalf
  • Provide every form of guidance to make sure the process is smooth

In every city, there is not one but many immigration services. Immigration consultants in Mumbai are also in large number. In such a case, here’s how you can find the best one for yourself while applying for Australia PR.

  1. As an immigration consultant will be a mentor throughout your process and any wrong step by them will cost you visa rejection, you have to be very keen while hiring the best Australia immigration consultant in Mumbai.

    Look into the following aspects before you decide on one for yourself:

    • They should be able to reduce the complexity in your visa process.
    • A legal agent will follow the rules according to the Australia rules and policies.
    • Should be honest in validating your eligibility for Australia.
    • Need to guide with valid information during visa application.
    • They must be able to track your application status regularly.
    • Update your application as per the changes made by the government.
    • Must be transparent in providing services, preferably with a clearly defined service agreement.

    Relating to all these factors, Kansas Overseas Careers in Mumbai is one of the emerging immigration consultants.

    With a transparent pattern of work, a strong team, a successful track record of processing thousands of Australia immigration visas and an honored recognition as one among the top 10 promising immigration consultant, we have proven to be the best agents in the immigration industry.

  2. When you approach Kansas Overseas Careers for Australia immigration services in Mumbai, you are sure to experience service beyond just the visa process. You will get real-time support from the teams of Kansas during your every stage of your visa process. Every of the following service is provided adhering to the rules of Australia immigration.

    1. Visa Counseling:

    This is an initial stage of service where our experts will provide you thorough guidance on your process. With the visa Counseling, you will get a brief idea on how successful your immigration will be and similar other factors related to your Australia visa process.

    2. Eligibility Check:

    Our experts perform a quick eligibility check. In order to be eligible for Australia PR, you need to score at least 65 points on Immigration points grid. The report you receive will detail out the loopholes of your profile and help you build a strong eligible profile.

    3. Application Process:

    From your very first of immigration step till you receive your visa, our visa agent will always be at your guidance and help you succeed in the process. Our transparent immigration process helps you experience easy Australia immigration process.

    4. Resume Preparation:

    We prepare your resume according to the needs of the global market. This helps your skilled migration to be more beneficial. This also helps you in creating prospects and boosting your chance of employment while your visa is still in process.

    5. Client Support:

    We have great customer care support service. Our agents are always active to provide an update on time. We are confident in making your destination simpler to achieve.

    6. Preparation Material for IELTS:

    Language proficiency has great importance in Australia immigration process.  Your score can increase with proper IELTS preparation. Considering this, we help you with an IELTS preparation material that has been a resourceful element for thousands of our clients to clear the exam the easy way.

  3. Besides being the top immigration consultants in Mumbai for Australia immigration, we are also the most prominent ones.

    With our simplified services, we provide a smooth visa process experience for our clients. The teams associated with us are highly qualified and well experienced, who know how to support our clients in every way. We are proud to announce our success rate to reach 95%. Yearly we help thousands of clients to their success.

    We are even awarded as “Top 10 Promising Immigration Consultants in India, 2017″. This is appreciative from the Silicon India – The Largest community of professionals in India.

  4. Australia follows strict laws and policy. Also, these are observed for changing regularly. It is essential for you to apply for the right immigration pathway. Any of mistakes can lead to drastic issues. The official Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s (DIAC) provides much information in general.

    Australia Immigration Points Calculator

    Visa Subclass *

    Which of the following subclasses are you applying for?

    Skilled Independent Subclass 189
    Skilled Nominated Subclass 190
    Skilled Regional Subclass 491

    Age *

    Which age band do you fit into?

    Under 18
    18 to 24
    25 to 32
    33 to 39
    40 to 44

    Qualification *

    What is your highest Qualification?

    Master's Degree
    Bachelor's Degree

    Work Experience *

    8 Years or more
    5 Years or more
    3 Years or more
    Less than 3 years

    English Language Ability *

    How would you rate your English language ability?

    Competent English
    Proficient English
    Superior English

    Australian Educational Qualification *


    Australian Work Experience *

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  5. We at Kansas Overseas Careers are happy to see you as our clients in the Mumbai Branch. We assure you to receive every support from the first stage to last. Our top immigration consultants will always be at your help right from the minute to you reach us. You can contact our experts and get your immigration simpler.

    As a resident of Mumbai, you can reach us through Kohoj, Parsik Hill, Parsik Tunnel, Mahuli,  Mira Road, Kisan Kathore, etc.  However, if you are unable to reach us at our branch,  our expert support is always available for you, either as online or through telephone.

    Feel free to speak to our Australia visa consultants.

  6. Mumbai is the densely populated city in the west coast of India. It is India’s largest city commonly known as Bombay. The place has great significance. You can find all type of people from low to high standard. It is one of the most populated cities in India.

    People living here prefer modern living. Also, they are successful people making profits in simple businesses. Immigration is also a desire among many people around Mumbai. Many professionals migrate and build their career.

    Australia has been a specific option for many people. The growing opportunities for various occupations have made the country interested in choosing.


  7. Australia is a favorite place for many, be it for the people of Mumbai or other areas, Australia indeed has a lot to offer. Be it for skilled professionals, students, business people, families or anyone, this place is highly regarded and chosen for migration for various reasons:

    Lifestyle: The quality living followed by the people of Australia is among the top in the world. Many of the cities in the country rank as livable cities in the world.

    Multicultural Society: The country is always welcoming for immigrants. The population of Australia is mixed up with citizens, immigrants, permanent residents, tourists, etc. Also, it is one of the friendliest countries proving clean and safe for people to live.

    Money Savings: Australia has many courses which can be completed in a shorter time. People planning for abroad education can prefer Australia. They can save their money by opting to the trimester system. This helps to save their money one year fee.

    Increased Employment Rate: Australia has a high employment sector. The economy in the country has built a high employment rate. There are always new developments and encouragement for people to develop their career

  8. There is a range of visa types offered by Australia. You need to choose the best program as per your needs and requirements.
    The most common visa categories are:

    1. Student Visa:

    • You need to enroll in a recognized course which lasts for at least 12 weeks.
    • Should have funds to support your travel.
    • Can get globalized education from expert teachers.
    • Helps you to work for a limited time to support your living.

    2. Temporary Work Visa:

    • You work for various business sectors.
    • The visa helps you to stay for a maximum period of 4 years.
    • You can go with your family.
    • You must get sponsorship to be eligible.

    3. Visitor Visa:

    • You can move around the country on tourism and business purpose.
    • It is a short-term visa issued on your visit purpose.
    • It is required to prove that you will be back on completion of your visit.
    • There are many attractions such as Opera House Sydney, Kangaroo Island, New South Wales, beaches are some of the tourist attractions.

    4. Permanent Residence Visa:

    • It is a long-term visa, which helps you to live as a permanent resident.
    • You can move in and out of the country many times.
    • You can avail many economic and social benefits.
    • After a successful stay, you can apply for citizenship.

  9. Australia PR is one of the best statuses offered by the Australian government. You can live, work and stay in the country permanently. The country has great global opportunities. People migrating with PR will have many chances to get part of the opportunities.

    As an Australia PR, you can live for 5 years and then re-apply for validation. You can experience the best benefits in your social and economic life.

  10. There are various things which you can do with Australia PR. With many benefits offered for your stay, you can enjoy your living in Australia.

    • As an Australia PR, you can live in the country for infinite years until you leave the country.
    • You can get free health check-ups with concession fees for specific medical treatments.
    • On your PR visa, you can buy an existing resident with certain tax incentives.
    • You receive the best support to manage the cost of child care fees.
    • Your children can get a free education.
    • Eligible for specific social security benefits.
    • You are much eligible to start any business with a grant, after a specific period of time.

  11. Australia PR can be obtained in many ways. According to your profile and preference for migration, you can apply for an immigration visa.

    For your ease, here is a breakdown of 3 most commonly applied and prominent immigration visa programs of Australia.

    Skilled Independent Visa Skilled Nominated Visa Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa
    It is also known as Subclass 189 visa. It is also known as Subclass 190 visa. It is also known as Subclass 489 visa.
    You need to be below 45 years. Need to have a sponsorship. Need to have a sponsorship to work in regional areas.
    Must score minimum 65 points. Must be able to score minimum points. Your skills should the country needs.
    You need to obtain your Invitation to Apply for Australia PR. Your occupation must be under the Skilled Occupation List. You can stay for a maximum period of 4 years and apply for Australia PR.
    Need to migrate to Australia without sponsorship. Need to work within the nominated state. Need to score minimum of 65 points under the point’s grid.

  12. There are many requirements for you to fulfill during Australia Immigration. Every requirement has great importance in immigration. Hence, it is advised to speak to the top visa consultants before planning for migration.

    The documentation requirements for Australia visa process are:

    1. Skill Assessment Letter
    2. Medical test Report
    3. Age Proof
    4. English language Test
    5. Income tax proofs
    6. Marriage certificate
    7. Passport size photos
    8. Past 10 years skill employment letter
    9. Valid Passport and more.

  13. The step-by-step process followed for Australia Immigration includes:
    Step 1: Find your occupation/skill from the Skilled Occupation List (SOL)
    Step 2: Check your eligibility score under the point’s grid.
    Step 3: Get English Language Skills assessed.
    Step 4: Obtain your Skills Assessment results.
    Step 5: Submit your Express of Interest online.
    Step 6: Lodge your PR application.
    Step 7: Get your Certificates for your medical health and character.
    Step 8: Migrate to Australia after PR grant.


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