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Australia Immigration

Australia Immigration

Australia has always been known as an ideal tourist spot because of its spectacular beauty and unusual tourist attraction. Most families and individuals choose to visit Australia for a temporary stay or vacation for the pleasant moments it offers to its visitors.
But, with the change in times, Australia emerged as a perfect hub for employment and the number of people choosing Australia for a permanent residency amazingly increased. The developments & innovations brought in by the Aussies in their technology sector gave way to increased employment opportunities.
As the country lacks in talented youth, especially for their IT & Engineering sectors, the Government has made Immigration a prime aspect in the development of the country’s economy. Skilled workers from various nations of the world are being invited to Australia for a permanent stay through a fair and unprejudiced skilled immigration system through Australia PR.

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Among the many reasons of why Australia has won hearts of Nationals preferring for immigration, here are a few to the list:

Employment in Australia:

The job market of Australia is vast & one of the fastest growing job markets in the world. As far as job predictions of Australia are concerned, the digital employment is going to brightest in the very near future. Australia is all set to fill the current vacancies by hiring staff on PR visas and simultaneously create new jobs & make Australia Permanent Residency easy for temporary skilled workers.
According to statistics, the employment & its facilities have increased by 9.4% within the past year. The Skilled Occupation List of Australia features the list occupations that are high in demand in various states or territories Australia.

Affordable housing & accommodation:

Immigrants are well-respected in Australia. For this reason, housing & accommodation services are offered at very low & affordable costs to skilled workers on an Australian Permanent Resident visa. No matter whichever state or region of Australia one prefers to reside in Australia, it is said that accommodation is never a problem for immigrants.

Excellent medical & healthcare:

Medicare is a publically funded universal healthcare system in Australia. As a benefit of skilled migration, the Australian Government offers its PR visa holders a facility of Medicare-sponsored healthcare & medical treatments. It means that every national who becomes a permanent resident of Australia gets to enjoy free healthcare- medical expenses that are sponsored by Medicare.

Friendly people & societies:

Aussies are known to be one among the friendliest groups of the world. People who have migrated to Australia say that it’s easy to make friends in this Land of Oz. People in Australia follow cultural diversity, respect traditions of all nations & religions and have no bias or racial discrimination. This factor increases the comfort in living in the country & ultimately makes it easy for immigrants to make it their permanent home.

Australia Immigration Infographic

A range of Visa Programs:

There are a few nations that offer permanent residency through various visa programs. Australia is one such nation. One can settle in Australia as a permanent residency by applying for any of visa programs that fall under the Skilled Migrant Scheme, Australia. These visa programs have been designed considering the criteria & flexibilities of both individuals & families who wish to immigrate to Australia for a permanent stay.

FAQs Section

How many points are needed for Australian PR?
The required eligibility points for Australia PR visa are minimum 65 points.
Subclass 189 visa Subclass 190 visa
It is an Independent visa Eligible to stay and work in any part of the country after PR visa grant It is a sponsorship visa Need to stay and work in the same sponsoring state for at least two years after visa grant
Yes, it is easy to obtain Australia PR by obtaining minimum 65 points under the factors of Australia Points calculator. The factors include age, education, work experience and language proficiency.
The required IELTS score to migrate to Australia is minimum 7 IELTS band score.
Yes, the Australia Immigration Process is point-based and requires minimum 65 points for eligibility.
Skill Select acts as an online job portal for Australia Immigration. Interested candidates can submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) through Skill Select for skill assessment.
Immigration Visas for Australian Permanent Residency are: Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189), Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190), Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 491).
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