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Australia Immigration Skilled Worker Points Calculator

Australia Immigration Skilled Worker Points Calculator

Australia Immigration Points Calculator

Australia is one of the leading nations for providing a range of opportunities for skilled candidates hoping to move and find work abroad. Candidates aiming for Australian immigration can become Australian permanent residents (PR) by meeting the required eligibility standards. Applicants can use our simple Australian immigration points calculator online to get an idea of their eligibility.

Applicants who are intending to settle as an Australia PR through subclass 189, subclass 190, or subclass 491 visas need to have their skills assessed and have a minimum of 65 immigration points for eligibility. These points are distributed based on factors like age, education, qualifications, skilled employment experience, English language skills, and other aspects.

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To get a quick Australia PR eligibility check and a score for your profile, use the updated calculator for 2021 below.

Australia Immigration Points Calculator

Visa Subclass *

Which of the following subclasses are you applying for?

Skilled Independent Subclass 189
Skilled Nominated Subclass 190
Skilled Regional Subclass 491

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5 Years or more
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English Language Ability *

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  1. PR points are a score for skilled workers based on work experience, qualifications, age, and language proficiency. The score indicates your chances for immigration to Australia.

  2. To apply for an Australia PR visa, Indian citizens will need 65 points. These points are called skilled immigration points and define your ability to qualify for permanent residency under the Australia immigration point system.

  3. Use this Australia skilled migrant visa points calculator to get an idea of your eligibility score.

  4. The standard processing time of an Australia PR visa is six to eight months. However, with a better score, there is a chance of getting selected faster for a skilled independent visa. Australia points calculator scores can give an estimate of how long this may take.

  5. Points Typical Wait Time for an Australia PR Invitation
    80 points 1-2 months
    75 points 4-5 months
    70 points 8-10 months
    65 points No realistic chance of invitation

  6. Skilled workers with a plan to settle in Australia as permanent residents need to score at least 65 Australian migration points, which fall into these categories:


    How Australia PR points are calculated

    • Age: You can score a maximum of 30 points.
    • Education: You can score a maximum of 20 points for education.
    • Employment Outside of Australia: You can score a maximum of 15 points.
    • Employment in Australia: You can score a maximum of 20 points for having employment in Australia
    • English Language: You can score a maximum of 20 points.
    • Education in Australia: You can score a maximum of 5 points.
    • Niche Skills: You can score a maximum of 5 points.
    • Spouse Skills: You can score a maximum of 5 points.

  7. There are two ways to calculate your Australian visa points:

    • Use our Australian immigration points calculator online
    • Register for our Initial Evaluation Service

    Taking an initial evaluation is always beneficial to calculating your Australia PR points. Through the initial evaluation, you get a detailed report of your points calculated by evaluation experts, the areas that are unable to get you points, and tips that may be able to help you improve your score. To learn more about your eligibility, speak to our experts.

  8. Yes. An Australia immigration consultant is an agency or a person who assists people in filing for immigration visas and takes care of all formalities on behalf of the applicant. The assistance of an immigration consultant in filing for an Australia PR visa is highly recommended for the following reasons:

    • Consultants know the process thoroughly.
    • They completely understand and adhere to immigration laws.
    • They can make sure that each step is completed in a timely manner.

    Immigration consultants ease the visa process and help you cross the bridge of immigration without any hurdles or obstacles. When you approach an immigration consultant for your visa process, you will receive help in the following areas:

    • Guidance in choosing the right type of PR visa
    • Complete details about how the visa process works
    • Explanation of the scope of success before investing in the process
    • Knowledge of the job prospects you have in Australia
    • Estimation of the cost of immigration and the expenses involved
    • Assessment of your profile for state sponsorship
    • Suggestions on family immigration
    • The before and after formalities of landing in Australia

  9. Age: Maximum of 30 Points

    18-24 Years 25 points
    25-32 Years 30 points
    33-39 Years 25 points
    40-44 Years 15 points
    45-49 Years 0 points

    Education:Maximum of 20 Points

    A doctoral degree from an Australian educational institution or other doctorate of a recognized standard 20 points
    A bachelor’s degree or higher from an Australian educational institution or other degree of a recognized standard 15 points
    Diploma or trade qualification completed in Australia 10 points
    Award or qualification recognized by the authority in the assessment of the skilled occupation 10 points
    One or more degrees, diplomas, or trade qualifications awarded by an Australian educational institution that meet the Australian study requirement 5 points

    Relevant Employment Experience: Maximum of 20 Points for Experience Within Australia, 15 Points for Overseas Experience

    Experience of at least one year but less than three years (within past 10 years) 5 points
    Experience of at least three years but less than five years (within past 10 years) 10 points
    Experience of at least five years but less than eight years (within past 10 years) 15 points
    Experience of at least eight to 10 years (within past 10 years) 20 points

    Overseas Experience: Maximum 15 points for Overseas Experience

    Experience of at least three years but less than five years (within past 10 years) 5 points
    Experience of at least five years but less than eight years (within past 10 years) 10 points
    Experience of at least eight to 10 years (within past 10 years) 15 points

    English Language Skills: Maximum of 20 Points

    Superior English: band score of 8 or more on IELTS in each of the four test components 20 points
    Proficient English: band score of 7 or more on IELTS in each of the four test components 10 points
    Competent English: band score of 6 or more on IELTS in each of the four test components 0 points

    Other Factors: Maximum of 10 Points

    Nomination by state/territory government (subclass 190 only) 5 points
    Nomination by state/territory government or sponsorship by an eligible family member to live and work in regional Australia (subclass 491 only) 10 points
    Credentialed community language qualifications (accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) 5 points
    Study in a low-population-growth metropolitan area of Australia 5 points
    Partner skills related to the eligibility requirements (eligible only if partner is being included in the application) 5 points

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FAQs Section

What is the Australia PR process?
Australia PR Process The Australian PR visa process includes three easy stages. First, you will undergo a skills assessment. During this stage, your education and work experience will be assessed according to Australian standards. If you have enough points from the skills assessment, you will receive an invitation to apply for the next stage. In this stage, the Department of Home Affairs of Australia will review your documents. You will be also asked to submit a police clearance certificate and undergo a medical screening. After successful review of your application, your visa will be issued.
The immigration system of Australia has introduced many programs to welcome Indian skilled professionals. Australia immigration from India
  • The popularly used immigration programs are Skilled Independent Visa, Skilled Nominated Visa, and Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa.
  • A Skilled Independent Visa is also known as subclass 189. The visa doesn’t require any sponsorship from an employer, state/territory, or relative. To qualify, your occupation must be included on the Skilled Occupation List.
  • A Skilled Nominated Visa is commonly known as a subclass 190 visa. You need to have sponsorship from any of the Australian states to qualify.
  • A Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa is popularly known as a subclass 491 visa. To obtain this visa, you need to obtain sponsorship from an Australian state or territory to work in the specified region.
We’ve made it very simple with our Australia immigration skilled worker points calculator. We’ll send results that indicate how likely you are to become an Australian PR.
The steps to follow for obtaining Australia PR are:
  1. Find your skill on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).
  2. Check your eligibility to apply for Australia PR with our Australia points calculator.
  3. Get your skills assessed with SkillSelect.
  4. Submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) for Australia PR.
  5. You will be placed in an online pool. You must wait until you are given an Invitation to Apply based on your score.
  6. File your PR application with updated documents.
  7. Submit your medical and PCC documentation.
  8. Get your PR application granted and migrate to Australia.
The time for obtaining your result can vary and is largely based on your profession. You need to submit your skills assessment report for judgment, and then the Department of Home Affairs takes up to three months to issue the results. Then, you need to apply for state sponsorship from an Australian state/territory and wait to receive sponsorship. In the last stage, you need to submit your final application to the DOHA. This can take 15 days to a month.
Australian immigration points
  • The factors affecting eligibility include your age, education, work experience, and language proficiency.
  • You need to be below 45 years old to score maximum points.
  • You need to prove language proficiency to score maximum points.
  • You should have a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • The Process to obtain Australian PR from India includes several stages.
  • As an initial step, search for your occupation. You need to hold an occupation from the Skill Occupation List (SOL).
  • Get your skills and language proficiency assessed. Then, get your profile verified under the Australia point's calculator.
  • After obtaining an eligible score, lodge your application under the Skillselect and wait for receiving an invitation.
  • If you have applied for a sponsorship visa, wait for receiving a nomination from state/territory.
  • Once you have obtained either invitation or nomination, you need to provide your visa application with all required documents.
  • Complete your character and medical assessment and send to the embassy for visa grant.
  • After receiving a visa grant from the department, you can migrate as Australian PR from India.
Requirements for Australia PRThere is a range of requirements for processing Australia PR.  The immigration system of Australia is point’s based, so you need to obtain a minimum of 65 points under the grid to qualify. You should have an occupation listed in the Australian Skilled Occupation List. Though Bachelor’s degree is also acceptable; but having a Master’s degree with good English language score can help you obtain faster immigration.  You should be able to provide all relevant documents to prove your skills assessment and language proficiency. Additionally, you should also be able to prove for having good character and health.
To apply for Australian PR from India, the first important step is to check your eligibility. You need to get your skills assessed under the points system and then, select the appropriate visa program. Segregate all your required documents and then, lodge your application under the Skillselect. You will be placed in an online pool. Now, you need to obtain an invitation. If you have applied for any sponsored visa, then wait for receiving a nomination. Get your character and health assessed by a designated department and submit your certificates for visa approval.
  • Your occupation must be listed under Australia’s Skilled Occupation List.
  • You must take the IELTS exam to show your proficiency in English.
  • You must be able to prove good health and character.
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