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A Simple Guide To Understand Australia PR Eligibility


Australia is among the developed economies that attract skilled workers from across the globe through rewarding career opportunities, to meet the requirements of various industries in the country.

By ensuring that there is no hindrance to the border protection Department of Home Affairs invites skilled professionals through a points-based system.

If you want to move to Australia as a permanent resident and are new to all its aspects, then asking yourself these questions may be helpful.

  1. The working professionals with adequate qualification, experience and skill sets can find ample opportunities in Australia and lead a successful and happy life. Before striving for this lifestyle, it is vital to know the requirements for immigration to Australia.

    Alongside, having an expert who knows the process of obtaining an Australian permanent residency will be of an added advantage.

    Understanding the requirements for Australia PR Visa:

    Millions of aspirants are interested to become a permanent resident of Australia. But, the Australian government is bound to select only the ones who are able to meet the requirements for permanent residency and are an asset to the nation.

    These eligible candidates to are not given a direct entry into the country. They need to apply for Australia prpass through a strenuous application procedure and only upon selection will get the privilege to live in Australia.

    Let us discuss the 2 major Australia pr eligibility criteria in detail so that you can understand the procedure and the crucial documentation you need to acquire to submit along with your visa application.

    It is advisable to read the requirements and process carefully and in case of any query, it would be better to get in touch with our well-experienced migration agentswho shall guide through the a-to-zee process be committed to guide you through the process of acquiring Australian permanent residency visa.

    1. Occupation Demand List of Australia:

    The process of migrating to Australia should begin with verification of inclusion of your occupation in the occupations list. It is important to note that permanent residency in Australia is subjected to some categories of occupants.

    If the occupation you are in, or the one you are going to take up after your migration to Australia is listed in the list, you can apply for PR in Australia.

    The occupation list signifies the group of occupations that are most required in the country’s human resource market. Eventually, the employers in the country would look out for the right candidates that are skilled workers and are high on demand in various industries in Australia. This skilled occupation list (SOL) is often updated from time to time.

    The best way to check whether your occupation is in the current list or not is to reach out to one of Australia immigration consultant.

    • The requirement regarding proficiency in the language:

    In order to survive and sustain in Australia, English language proficiency is a must. The Australian government is quite particular regarding this requirement.

    It doesn’t matter in which skilled occupation you might be; however, as a requirement, you must possess a good command over the English language.

    The aspiring individuals applying for an Australia PR must submit their score in the IELTS or the PTE Academic test, both which are considered as qualifying English language tests by Australia. Better your score in these qualifying tests, better would be your chances to be considered as a potential candidate for permanent residency in Australia.

    Therefore, it is important that you improve your English proficiency before you file your visa application.

    With this being said, you may be wondering which test is best for you to take. The below details may certainly help you gather ample information.

    • About IELTS:

    International English Language Test System, abbreviated as IELTS is a test that assesses the proficiency of applicants in four important categories of the English language – reading, writing, listening and speaking. You will need to score at least 6 in each band of IELTS.

    However, with this as minimum score, you will be only eligible to apply for Australia permanent residency, and will not be an approved permanent resident of Australia. Ideally, points more than 6 can help you get a quick PR.

    If you prepare well and attempt this test under our expert guidance, there is a chance of you getting the highest score of 9 bands.

    Moreover, 10 additional points are given to you if you score 7; and 20 additional points if you score 8 in four different modules of IELTS that are reading, writing, listening and speaking. Your chances for Australia pr will get brighter through your best score in IELTS.

    So, if you want to be considered best eligible to apply for Australian pr, clear this test with flying colors!

    • About PTE:

    Your dream of a residency in Australia can come true by attempting the PTE test, which is comparatively an easier test to become an Australian permanent resident. The Pearson Test of English also checks your efficiency in different modules.

    Also after you pass your test, your application form needs to be enclosed with the test results as an important qualification that improves your chances to

    You must score at least 50 points to be eligible to apply for an Australian PR. If you could score 65 in PTE, you will get 10 additional points and in case of your score of 79, you get 20 additional points.

  2. While we just discussed major requirements, let’s also detail our about the primary aspects for Australia immigration You will need to show up 65 points on Australia assessment grid to be a permanent resident of the country.

    The process of Australia immigration includes the assessment of your age, educational qualification, language proficiency, and some other important factors. Therefore, you need to fulfill various requirements when you apply for PR.

    1. Assessment of the skills:

    For Australian immigration based on your skills, you need to possess proper work experience in the respective area of specialized work and possess documentary evidence.

    Not only to get your dream job in the Australian territory but also to fulfill the requirements related to the assessment of your skills, your work experience would be essential to a greater extent.

    While opting for the skilled migration, you must be confident that your technical and practical capabilities to cater needs of the respective australian organization offering you a career opportunity and supporting your invitation to apply for permanent residence.

    In order to work in Australia with permanent residency, , you need to be highly proficient in the subsequent occupation and abide by the rules and regulations concerned with skilled migration indicated by the government.

    The skilled occupation you might be into can be your strongest tool for making your application for immigration to Australia much more stronger.

    Therefore, you need to make sure that you submit all the necessary documents that prove your successful track record regarding your skilled occupation along with your application.

    The procedures to acquire skilled migration can be simplified through the strong documentation and the department of immigration would approve your residency at a much faster pace.

    You can apply to various categories of  Visa as a skilled individual such as:

    • Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)
    • Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)
    • Under Employer Nomination Scheme Visa (Subclass 186)
    • Business Talent Migrant Visa
    • Business Innovation & Investment Residence Visa and so on.
    1. Assessment of your educational qualifications:

    For your smooth migration to Australia as a permanent resident, you need to possess at least a Bachelor’s degree in the respective field such as Engineering, Medical, Accountancy, Management and so on.

    The process of your immigration for residency would be accelerated when you might produce the certificate or degree from an educational institution with global recognition.

    This might be a matter of policy for migration, as the government would encourage an adequately educated workforce.

    You can feel free to consult the expert agents to know the exact Australian study requirement for your hassle-free migration procedures and the subsequent documents to be submitted along with your application in order to obtain permanent residency of Australia.

    • Age assessment:

    In order to migrate to Australia, you need to be not more than 45 years old. Eventually, the points start decreasing if you are more than 39 years old. There are some regulations regarding variations in the points based on your age as well.

  3. According to the updates available on April 8, 2019; the interested expatriates looking out for permanent residency through the migration procedures based on the skills need to score at least 65 points in the subsequent assessment based on different aspects such as:

    • Your current age
    • Educational qualifications
    • Skill sets
    • Work experience and so on.

  4. Ideally, for immigration to Australia for permanent residency; following should be the part of your profile along with the supporting documents in order to avail express entry as an employee or entrepreneur:

    • Age between 18 to 44
    • Educational qualification of at least a degree from a recognized university
    • Adequate work experience and skill set as desired by the employer or to run your enterprise efficiently
    • Adequate score in IELTS & PTE to prove your proficiency in English
    • You need to be healthy, according to the regulations of the concerned authority
    • You must possess a good moral character to ensure adherence to the laws and regulations in Australia.

    While we have discussed a good number of points here, there is still a lot you need to know. Attend our counseling session at our branch nearest to you and stay updated before you migrate.

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