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Australia PR Process

australia pr process

Australia is one most in-demand country for skilled professionals. The scope Australia provides to the foreign worker is unparalleled to any other country. It has one of the easiest immigration processes which doesn’t require a job offer letter. Australia provides plenty of benefits to Permanent visa holders. Besides this, it is also known for

Weather: The country has pleasant weather. Anyone can enjoy and relax by living in the country.

Best cities: The country is known to have some of the most impressive cities in the world.

Innovation Hub: Australia has a great technology hub. People transform themselves with the modern, creative and innovative economy.

Business Expansions: The country provides an excellent chance for innovative thinkers and entrepreneurs to build their business.

Best Learning Place: The country is having many great universities providing globalized education. The teachers are well-trained and share valuable knowledge.

  1. To be eligible for permanent residency for Australia, you are required to meet the eligibility requirements. Your eligibility for permanent residency of Australia will be tallied on various factors.

    Factors affecting Australia PR are:

    • Your Age.
    • Educational Qualifications.
    • Work Experience.
    • Nomination application of the profession in the in-demand list
    • Health and Character Assessment;
    • Language Proficiency
    • Funds to support your living.

    You can speak to our Australia immigration consultants to get more information about your eligibility

  2. The process of Australian PR is a bit complex. There are many requirements at every stage. Also, the immigration government changes its requirements from time to time. Hence, it is always suggested to contact a top immigration consultant.

    The step by step process followed for Australia PR includes:

    • Get your Education and Work experience assessed. Your education and occupation must meet the key requirements of Australia.
    • Check your Language Proficiency. It is required for you to qualify under the language skills. Also, a good score under this can help to boost your eligibility score.
    • Lodge your Expression of Interest (EOI) under Skillselect. You need to express interest in Australian PR through Skillselect.
    • You need to get an invitation to apply for a visa. After lodging an expression of interest, you should receive an invite by the Australian Government to apply for a PR visa.
    • Launch your Visa Application. Submit all required documents to support your application. And, then pay the required fee of Australia PR.
    • Get Medical and Character Assessed. You need to prove good health and character. If any dependent is accompanying, they should also submit health and character documents.
    • Migration to Australia with the PR visa after obtaining a Visa Approval.

    Check your eligibility now

  3. The main factor which will affect in faster or slower in the process is your eligibility and skills. If you have a point’s score above 70 under the points grid with a skill listed in the in-demand list, then you will have maximum chances.

    In general, it usually takes 8 months – 12 months of time for processing your permanent residency of Australia


    Charge based on applicants


    Fee in Australian Dollars

    Fee in Indian Rupees

    (*Note: Price may change based on Australian Dollar)

    For Primary Applicant 4115 Australian Dollars 2,20,804 Indian Rupees
    For Dependent Applicant over 18 years 2055 Australian dollars 1,10,268 Indian Rupees
    For Dependent Applicant below 18 years 1030 Australian dollars 55,268 Indian Rupees

  5. The immigration government of Australia has many easy pathways to obtain the Australian PR visa. The visas are commonly known as skilled-migration visas. The popular migration programs helping to for migrating to Australia are:

    1. Skilled Independent Visa – Subclass 189 visa

    •  Must score at least 65 points under the points test grid.
    • Need to be below 45 years to apply.
    • You need to have a skill which is matching to the available In-demand List.
    • Should meet the eligibility requirements to apply for permanent residency.
    • You must be invited to apply for a PR visa.
    • Need to get the status of Australia PR without a sponsor.

    2. Skilled Nominated Visa – Subclass 190 visa

    • Any employer/territory government can sponsor based on your skills through employer nomination scheme.
    • Can work in Australia for any sector within the nominated state.
    • Your profession must be in the In-demand List.
    • Should meet the eligibility points.

    3. Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa – Subclass 491 Visa

    • You should get sponsorship or nomination from any state or territory or relative.
    • Must be able to meet the skill requirement.
    • Can stay for 5 years and then, apply for Australia PR.
    • Need to score a minimum of 65 points under the Australia Point’s Grid.

  6. The documents which are essential to apply for Australia PR visa include:

    • English Language Test Report.
    • Skills Assessment Letter.
    • Medical Test Report.
    • Valid Passport.
    • Age Proof.
    • Skilled Experience Letter from the past 10 years.
    • Income tax proofs.
    • Recent Passport photos.
    • Marriage certificate (if applicable)

  7. The Australia PR holders have various benefits offered by the government.

    • There are the best employment opportunities to get settled.
    • The environment around the country is pleasant to live in.
    • You can live your life with high standards.
    • Eligible for several social and economic benefits.
    • You can access to Medicare for free insurance and health checkups.
    • There is no restriction for you to work.
    • You can apply for Australian citizenship and more.

  8. For your successful Australia permanent residency, you need to score at least 65 points under the point’s grid. Based on your profile factors you will obtain the points.

    1. Age: Your age can be a major factor to score maximum in the point’s grid. You can score 30 points in the age factor.
    Age Maximum points
    18 – 24 years 25 Points
    25 – 32 years 30 Points
    33 – 39 years 25 Points
    40 – 44 years 15 Points


    1. Language Proficiency:  You need to check your English proficiency. There are many language tests which are acceptable by the immigration bodies. You need to prove at least a proficient level to qualify for Australia PR.

    You can find the below table illustrating the grades of various tests and points you can gain for Australia permanent resident visa.

    Test Competent Level Proficient Level Superior Level
    IELTS 6 7 8
    OET C B A
    PTE 50 65 79
    CAE 169 185 200
    TOEFL iBT L-12, R-13, W-21, S-18 L-24, R-24, W-27, S-23 L-28, R-29, W-30, S-26
    Maximum Points 0 10 20
    1. Work Experience in Australia: If you have any work experience in Australia, then it can be a benefit for you to score more. You can get a score of 20 points through this.
    Skilled Employment in Australia in last 10 years Maximum Points
    Less than a year 0
    1 – 2 years 5
    3 – 4 years 10
    5 – 7 years 15
    8 – 10 years 20
    1. Employment outside of Australia: If you have your work experience outside of Australia, then you will be issued points based on your work experience. You can score a maximum of 15 points in this factor.
    Skilled Work Experience in last 10 years Maximum Points
    Less than 3 years 0
    3 – 4 years 5
    5 – 7 years 10
    8 – 10 years 15
    1. Educational Qualifications:

    Based on your qualification, you can score the maximum number of points to support your Australia permanent residency.

    Qualifications Points
    Doctorate from an Australian educational institution or other doctorates of a recognized standard 20 Points
    At least a bachelor’s degree from an Australian educational institution or other degrees of a recognized standard 15 Points
    Diploma or trade qualification completed in Australia 10 Points
    An award or qualification recognized by the assessing authority in the assessment of the skilled occupation 10 Points
    One or more degrees, diplomas or trade qualifications awarded by an Australian educational institution and meet the Australian study requirement  5 Points
    1. Other Factors:
    Other Factors Maximum Points
    Accredited in community language, like NAATI Test 5 Points
    Study and adaptability of low population growth metropolitan area of Australia 5 Points
    Nomination by state/territory government (subclass 190 only) 5 Points
    Nomination by state/territory government or sponsorship by an eligible family member to live and work in regional Australia (subclass 489 only) 10 Points
    Partner skills relate to the eligibility requirements (qualified if only the partner is included in the application) 5 Points

  9. Skillselect is the government’s online system. It helps interested candidates to lodge their application for Australia PR. You need to submit your Expression of Interest for Australia PR through Skillselect. Skillselect helps in obtaining a nomination for a skilled visa by any Australia employers or state or territory governments, or else you may even be invited by the government to lodge a visa application.

  10. The Australia SOL plays one of the essential factors for Australia’s eligibility check. For your successful qualification, you need to have an occupation nominated under the SOL. In April 2017, the SOL got replaced with Medium and Long term Strategic Skills List (MTSSL).

    Hence, if you plan to apply for any General Skilled Migration visa without a nomination from a state or territory, then you need to select your occupation from MTSSL.

    If you plan your immigration through General Skilled Migration visa with a nomination from a state or territory, then, you can choose an occupation from MTSSL or Short-term Skilled Occupations List (STSOL).


  11. In order to become an Australian Citizen after Australia PR, it is essential for you to meet the requirements.

    • You must complete 4 years stay as a permanent resident.
    • You should pass the Citizenship test.
    • Your absence in Australia after obtaining Australia PR will not be considered.
    • Should possess good character.
    • Need to reside and continue an association with Australia.

  12. There are many factors which can affect your Australia PR visa process.

    • You should provide all necessary documents with the complete application form.
    • You must be an active provider for any information to the immigration agent.
    • The time is taken to verify your documents.
    • Submission of your Character and health certificates and more.

  13. After your Australia migration, whether through skilled migration or temporary visa migration, the essential things which have to do immediately after arrival are:

    • Australia has three types of time zones. You need to update your time zone accordingly.
    • You need to apply for a tax file number. This will help in obtaining funds from the government.
    • Get enrolled to the Medicare. The services from them will help in receiving free health care services.
    • Contact to the Centre link. This helps you to get payments from social security.
    • Make your children enroll in the school so that you can get enrollment forms.
    • The country allows you to drive without a license for the first three months. So you need to apply for a driving license.
    • Open a bank account with valid documents. This helps in saving money for your salary and other benefits.
    • Search for a family doctor so that you can meet them whenever it is urgency.

  14. The latest changes which occurred in Australian Immigration 2021 include:

    • There has been a cut down on the immigration intakes for Permanent residency visas.
    • The processing time for partner visas has become longer.
    • There is a new temporary sponsored parent visa introduced to welcome the parents of permanent residents and citizens.
    • The fund requirements for international students have got increased to more than $20,000. Also, if the student is accompanied by his/her spouse or dependent children, then they need to pay an additional amount of $7,100 and $3,040 for each child respectively.
    • In order to check whether the candidates under the Subclass 457 visa and subclass 482 visa are receiving the right amount of tax, the Department of Home Affairs and ATO are cracking down on companies paying low amounts.
    • A new pilot visa is introduced for the welfare of start-up entrepreneurs. This visa will not be targeting more number of funds. It is acceptable for you to have an average band score of 5 on the IELTS.

  15. The immigration system is favorable to change its requirements. Change in the requirements can make any process hurdle some. To avoid such hurdles, it always suggested consulting a top immigration consultant.  A migration agent will help your process meet every requirement as and when the change occurs.

    • An expert consultant will help in regulating issues related to the Australia process.
    • They will guide you in applying for Australia PR.
    • You will be provided with an accurate eligibility report.
    • There will be lesser chances of delays and issues in the migration process.
    • You will be updated with every change made by the department of immigration.
    • They help you understand the laws and regulations related to immigration.
    • They will suggest the best pathway for your profile.
    • There will not be any difficulty to communicate with immigration government.
    • You can experience stress-free service until the end of the process.

    If you are also planning to check your eligibility and process for Australia PR, then you can get guidance from our expert Australia PR consultants. For quick assistance, you can enroll for our free visa assessment.

FAQs Section

What are the factors affecting Australia immigration process?
The factors leading for faster immigration process can be: • The place from where the application is launched. • Submission of Documents. • Complexity of the application. • Submission of Medical and Character Certificates.
No, there isn’t any restriction. You can apply for more than one visa. The only requirement is that, you should meet the eligibility needs and pay the visa fee.
While processing for the application, it is your responsibility to provide every document at the time of application. After submitting the application, you cannot submit additional documents.
The basic essentials to qualify for Australia immigration are: • Sufficient Funds • Language Proficiency • Good Health • Clear Character Certificate • Educational Assessment and more.
Permanent Resident Visa allows you to stay in the country on permanent basis. Also, you will be able to obtain many benefits for you and your family. Whereas the temporary visa helps you to stay for specific period only.
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