Australia Employer Nomination Scheme Visa (Subclass 186)

Australia is one of the most outlooked countries when it comes to work. With high wages and skilled occupations, migrants from all over the world look forward to living and working in the country. This is achievable through the Employer Nomination Scheme Visa, or the Subclass 186 visa.

If you are a skilled worker, you are eligible to apply for the work visa proven that you are nominated by an employer that is a resident of Australia. You have to undergo certain skill tests apart from getting nominated.

Are you planning for the same? Well, here’s everything at your fingertips about what you must know about the Employer Nomination Scheme Visa and how you can apply for it.

What is the 186 visa?

You might be eager to know what this visa is about and how you can apply for it.

The 186 visa Australia or the Employer Scheme Nomination is one of the most essential components of Australia’s permanent employer sponsored visa scheme. If you are a trained employee or a temporary resident possessing a job and ready to live in Down Under within a specified given time, you are eligible to apply for the 186 skilled visa.

It is upon you to discover a suitable organisation after which you must invest in your time, money and efforts and get nominated by an employer. You can apply for the permit only after you are offered a nomination from a company or recruiter that is based in Australia.

You can work in Australia through the subclass 186 visa under any one of the following three streams:

  1. Temporary residence transition stream

This temporary residence transition stream is for the workers possessing a temporary Subclass 457 visa, also called as the Temporary Work visa, and are residing in Australia currently. It is a must that they should have worked in the same stream and occupation for at least 2 years under the employer that nominated them. They are then eligible to get a permanent work position in the company in that particular occupation.

The employer of the company must not have made any labour agreement. He/she must have made the nomination of the skilled worker with DHA or Department of Home Affairs of Australia under temporary residence transition stream.

  1. Direct entry stream

The direct entry stream is for the skilled workers who have been associated with the labour market of Australia for a shorter period of time. However, if you are temporary resident holding a subclass 457 visa and aren’t able to qualify for the temporary residence transition stream, you are eligible to apply through the direct entry stream as well.

You must apply for the 186 visa under the direct entry stream only from outside of the Australian country.

  1. Agreement stream

People that possess the subclass 457 visa and get sponsorship from the employer via a labour agreement are eligible to apply through the agreement stream. In order to be eligible for the agreement stream, you must meet the criteria mentioned in the labour agreement such as age, English language requirements, skills, etc.

Out of all the three streams, the direct entry stream is the one that is the most preferred since it opens the doors for the permanent visa applicant to gain the Australian permanent residency.

Who can apply for 186 employer sponsored visa?

You can apply for the 186 employer sponsored visa under 2 main streams:

  1. Temporary Residence Transition or TRT stream
  2. Direct Entry or DE stream

Both these streams have their own criteria.

  1. Temporary residence transition stream: you must be possessing either of the 482 visa, 457 visa, or any kind of a bridging visa associated with the subclasses of these visas.
  2. Direct entry stream: you must either be residing in Australia or any other foreign nation.

Can you change employer on a 186 visa?

This is one of the most common concerns amongst people who are granted with the permanent residency visa.

If you have applied for the 186 visa and have no genuine intention to work for your employer for a minimum given time of 2 years, and if it is suspected that your visa application contains claims that are misleading or is fraudulent, chances are that you might end up losing your 186 visa.

However, if your application was processed on genuine terms and conditions, but for some reasons the relationship of your employment broke down or ended due to any other issues related to the employment, you can easily continue working on your 186 visa without worrying.

Once you are granted with your 186 visa you get the rights for complete permanent residency and hence no obligations can be enforced on you that would hinder you if you wish to change your employer or your working role. The department of home affairs doesn’t cancel your 186 visa even if you change employers unless you are proven to have provided them with your false and misleading information during the processing of your visa application.

However, you must keep in mind that both your employer and you comply with the laws of employment and the applicable workplace in Australia through your entire period of employment. The 186 visa doesn’t state any sort of condition that requires you to stick to the same employer for an entire duration of 2 years. Similarly, it also doesn’t mention that your employer is compelled to keep you under their employment for entirely 2 years.

What are the requirements for a 186 visa?

Getting a subclass 186 visa requires you to meet certain requirements which are both general and specific depending upon several factors. However, there are employer and employment requirement based on which you get the access to 186 visa and then the eligibility to be a permanent resident.

Requirements for the employment:

  1. Must be an active operationalist and lawful in Australia.
  2. Must provide the employee with a job offer for full-time work and demonstrate a genuine need for the skilled worker possessing specific skills from foreign nations.
  3. Must be able to abide by the Australian immigration as well as local laws.
  4. The training for the existing as well as new employees must be systematically as well as structurally planned.

Requirements for the employee:

  1. The position for which you are nominated must fall under the SOL List scope.
  2. Authorities assessing your skills should have provided you with a positive approach for your skills assessment for the occupation you are nominated.
  3. You must possess at least 3 years of work experience in the occupation for which you get nominated.
  4. If you are nominated for a highly paid position such as a senior executive, your salary must not be lesser than 2,50,000 a year (excluding all the other superannuation and benefits).
  5. An employer must be willingly ready to sponsor you to work in Australia permanently.
  6. You must demonstrate that you possess all the necessary skills that are required for your occupation.
  7. You must also be able to demonstrate any relevant registration or licensing in case that occupation demands.
  8. You should not be aged over 45.
  9. Your proficiency in English language must be good.
  10. Before you lodge for the visa and skilled migration, you must undergo an examination for your character and health.
  11. You must possess a work experience of at least 2 years in Australia on a temporary visa in the same occupation for which you are nominated. If you have just graduated from your college and wanting to enter the labour market, you must apply for the graduate visa.

However, certain freedoms are provided to some candidates based on their age, language skills and capabilities. They still rely for the major part upon the occupation list, working experience and market salary rate.

In case you are not nominated by an employer, you must express your interest via EOI or Expression of Interest through the skill select program. The firms in charge and the administration of the territory will then check on all your particulars before taking a decision to extend your nomination application.

How long does it take for 186 visa?

The applications for the 186 visa keep increasing every year and hence the processing time various for different streams. Once you apply for the 186 visa it generally take about 11 to 16 months for processing your application. The Department of Home Affairs take care for processing your visa application.

  1. Temporary residence transition stream:
  • 75% applications – Processed in 12 months
  • 90% applications – Processed in 13 months
  1. Direct entry stream:
  • 75% applications – Processed in 12 months
  • 90% applications – Process in 13 months
  1. Agreement stream – Application volume is low and hence the processing time varies.

You can meanwhile make your transitional arrangements and plan for a long term on how you can be an Australian citizen once you get the permanent residency visa. Apply for the 186 visa now and get your application approved to migrate to the country. Start working in your desired occupation and get multiple benefits by being a permanent resident of Australia.

Once you get the permanent residence visa you are also eligible you can also sponsor your family members and relatives for getting permanent residence once you get yours on your 186 visa.

What are you waiting for! Start your 186 visa application now and get help from our migration agent who’d assist you in each step of your process. Fly off to Australia and get a new beginning started!

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