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Living in Australia

Living in Australia

  1. Australia is among the hottest immigration destinations of the world. Living in Australia can be simply said as an amazing experience in one’s life. Australia is the 6th largest country with 3 million square miles. It is a home country to approximately 21 million people. The beauty of the place, nature, wildlife, good quality of life, life expectancy is all the top factors that make a person want to stay in the country.

    During the ‘white Australia’ policy, there was not much of population in the province. But after its abolition, the economy has raised better-ensuring growth in the growth in population and production. But today still the population is low as per the density and has a stand of living for each and every person staying there. The country has been ranked on the 7th position in terms of GDP, literacy level, education and life expectancy. Thus due to these reason people seek to move to Australia from overseas.

    People are comfortable to communicate with each other as the English language is the most common medium used by the people in the country.

    When it comes to climate experiences, there are vast differences in the climate in each and every part of the country. Usually, northern Australia is seen to be hot for a long period of time whereas the southern side is seen to have varied climates. The pattern of the weather conditions is suitable to each and every one making it one of the favourite destinations for the people. With a wide variety of different climate in different regions, People move to the city where the climate suits them.

    People seek to immigrate to the country for employment. It is seen that the economy has a low unemployment rate. There are a lot of jobs for the people and they have a wide variety of choices among them. But with the increasing number of immigration, getting a work permit has become difficult nowadays. The country has a variety of visas ranging from students to the retirees.

    1. Many companies provide maternity leave as per their policies, but the country does not provide any national maternity leave
    2. It is advisable that the expats pay for the health insurance. The payment is $60 USD per month which doesn’t include dental or optical care.
    3. A monthly fee is charged by the banks which is approximate $4 USD every month. The branch withdrawals are differently charged which is approximate $3 USD every withdrawal and theory is no earning of most the deposits.
    4. Some breeds of dogs are not eligible to bring into the country by the immigrants. The Pets entering the province will require being placed in quarantine for a time period of up to 120 days
    5. Even if you have a driving license, you might have to reappear a driving test in Australia before you are allowed to drive there.

    The permit residency status is given to people who can prove their living status in the country or by showing a New Zealand citizenship. But anyhow when applying for residency in the country through visa, the living status might not be required as per the conditions.

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