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Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa (subclass 476)

Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa (subclass 476)

If you are planning to visit Australia to gain a short term skilled work experience, then the visa application that is ideal for you is of the subclass 476. This visa gives you a work experience as well as adaptability of living in Australia, which helps in getting the PR.

As long as you meet the requisite of this visa, you will be able to stay and work in Australia on this visa subclass 476.


  1. If you want to live, work and reside in Australia and happen to have an engineering qualification from a recognized and reputed University, then you may need to apply for a temporary Australian visa (subclass 476).

    What this temporary Visa does is that it grants you the right to reside in Australia, for a period of 18 months, in which you can take up work and get the required work experience. During this period, you may apply for a provisional skilled visa and later on, apply for permanent residency.

    A few points that you may want to note is that this temporary Visa is generally granted to Engineering students of most disciplines. This is more of a graduate visa, with the sole purpose of engaging with highly skilled graduates and getting them to move to down under, on a permanent basis.

    The Australian government has initiated this visa subclass as a way to give their skilled migration a boost. Do note, you would be expected to prove that you already have a job and a place to stay in Australia, while working down under. You would be required to update the officials with changes if any to your current graduate visa and update them accordingly.

  2. Once you have decided to apply for the skilled graduate temporary visa, also known as temporary visa (subclass 476), there are a few things that you need to be aware of. As a graduate Engineer from a reputed University, it is expected that you would continue to work in Australia, during the course of your stay.

    There are quite a few applicants who apply for this particular visa, as it enables them to obtain permanent residency quite easily. This particular visa was introduced as part of the skilled migration program in order to give applicants a quicker entry into Australia.

    However, there are a few additional requirements that you would have to meet before you are granted the 476 Visa. They are,

    • You are required to be 31 years or younger; however, that does not mean that you cannot apply at an older age but as a general rule, most applicants are 31 years or younger.
    • As an engineering graduate from a reputed university, you are expected to work during the course of your stay in Australia.
    • You need to meet the health and character requirements set in place before your application for the 476 visa is approved.
    • You must not have applied for any other temporary visa in the recent past
    • Furthermore, you must prove that you have a valid work offer before the Australia

    Generally, the wait time to process application can be between 3-4 months when your application would be evaluated, processed and the results of the same would be mailed to you.

    And once your application for visa 476 has been approved, you can go about securing more points in the skilled graduation migration test. And if you are bringing your dependents along, then you should know that they would only allow your wife, children and step children.

  3. When you are busy reviewing your options about traveling to Australia, you may want to apply for this graduate temporary (Subclass 476) visa. Do note that that this particular visa is not a point-based visa but one that is provide to most applicants who happen to have graduated from a reputed university. You would be required to meet the following requirements, so please review the same carefully.

    • You are required to meet the basic qualifications when applying for this visa, which incidentally happens to be a graduate degree from a reputed university.
    • You are required to meet all the eligibility criteria listed by Australian Immigration, with regards to your health. In other words, you are required to be upfront regarding your current and past health status on the application
    • If you happen to be a freshly graduated engineer from a reputed university, your chances of getting your visa approved goes up. For example, nearly 36% of the applicants who had their 476 approved had studied civil engineering and graduated in the same.
    • You are required to meet the Basic English language requirements since that would be the language you would be predominantly using, during your stay down under. You are required to take up the IELTS test and attain a certain score on the same.
    • The 476 Visa should enable you to work in Australia, and leave and return back to down under several times. But it is important that you score requisite points on the skilled migration test is that you can apply for permanent residency.

    These are some of the key requirements that you would have to meet, when you apply for a graduate skilled temporary visa (subclass 476). This visa, as mentioned earlier is part of the skilled immigration policy of the Australian government. This is part of the government’s plan to encourage skilled migrants to apply for the visa and to move over to Australia permanently.

    So, when you are using this application to apply for your visa, you may want to carefully check all the information entered to ensure that they match with the attached documents. Any mismatch can cause your application to be rejected so make sure you check your visa application for accuracy before submitting the same.

    Our migration agents are here to help you out with all the immigration Australia related details and procedures.

FAQs Section

What are the benefits with Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa?
The benefits with Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa are: • You can live, work and study in the country for up to 18 months. • You can visit Australia until your visa validity ends. • Will be having chances to apply for Permanent Residency after meeting the criteria.
The 476 visa is approved for candidates having the qualification of: • Bachelor’s Degree • Master’s Degree • Doctoral Degree • Postgraduate Degree.
There are two ways of applying for 476 visa; online and paper bond. If one wishes to apply online, he/she can do so by submitting online application. If not, they can also courier the application along with true supporting documents to the Australian immigration authorities.
Subclass 476 can be used as a family visa as it allows both options of incorporating family members in application during process or after visa grant. Spouse/common law partner, child or stepchild of you/your spouse can accompany you.
The Skilled Recognized Graduate subclass 476 visa is a temporary resident visa which can be followed by a PR visa application. This means that upon gaining 18 months of Australian experience and meeting eligibility parameters of a skilled visa, the 476 visa holder can apply for Australian permanent resident status.
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