Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa (subclass 476)

Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa is suitable for candidates who have completed their engineering from recognized institutions or universities and have got work experience of at least 18 months. The applicant can be inside or outside Australia during the Subclass 476 visa application process. But during the grant time, the applicant should necessarily be out of Australia unless he is a citizen of New Zealand under the subclass 444 of special category visa.

Eligible degrees under this visa

The candidate should have done engineering at any of the following levels.

  • Should have a bachelor’s degree or,
  • A master’s degree or,
  • A doctoral degree or,
  • A post-graduation diploma.

The engineering specialists include civil engineers, structural engineers, electrical engineers, electronic engineers, mechanics engineers, environmental engineers, plant and production engineers, chemical engineers, mining and material engineers, etc. the engineering qualification should have been completed from foreign institutions.

Eligibility criteria

The candidate should be below 31 years of age during the making of the application.

He should provide proper proof of his English language skills and should have passed the test taken to check the English language of the person.

Benefits of Visa 476

This Australian visa helps the candidates to stay in the country for 18 months without any restriction on work or study. The Subclass 476 applicant can travel, study to get better for English skills, work, undertake any professional studies, etc. thus he can enjoy any kind of work he wants to pursue during those 18 months.

The candidate can work in the country for these 18 months required that he has abided by the Australian law. The candidate during this time can also apply for Australian permanent residency. To get permanent residency status, the applicant is required to pass the general skilled migration point test.