Migrate to Australia with your family – Hassle free Australia family migration

Posted by Admin on September 15, 2017

Migrate to Australia with your family – Hassle free Australia family migration

If you are planning to migrate to Australia with your loved ones, then it can be difficult to obtain a visa for the entire, but certainly not impossible. For the ease of families to reunite in Australia on single visa, the Australian Government introduced Permanent Residency Visas. By applying for this visa program, entire family can migrate to Australia and enjoy benefits of Permanent Residency. However, the condition is only applicable to accompanying dependents. In case you want to move alone first and then bring in your family, there are other visa programs too. This article specifies the most commonly used visas by families to immigrate to Australia, in brief. Should you wish for a more detailed information,  it is best suggested to visit  experienced immigration consultants near you. 

Most common chosen options to migrate to Australia with your family

When you plan to relocate with your family members, you can check for the following options according to your preferences.

Partner visa

If you want to apply for Australian permanent residency for your spouse, fiancé or de-factor partner [partner of same sex], you need to fulfill the eligibility criteria. You should either be a permanent resident of Australia or an eligible citizen of New Zealand. Since there are different kind of Australia partner visas, the procedures of each vary. When filing for a partner visa, it is always best suggested that you take guidance and assistance from the best Australia immigration consultants of your city.

Child visa

Child visa or adoption visa is applicable to children below 18 years of age and who are single. However, if a child is above 18 years of age and is financially dependent on parents or physically challenged, then they can still apply under children visa. If any applicant is migrating to Australia together with his dependent child on PR visa, he does not require an additional child visa. The child can be incorporated within the same application.

Parent visas

Every parent in his or her old age wishes to be closer to their children, but when a child moves abroad for career growth or better opportunities, they have to leave behind their parents and family. For the ease and convinience of such children parents, Australia introduced the Parent visas.  If you are living in Australia on Australia permanent resident visa or you have stayed in the country for continuous 2 years, you can apply for parent visa for your parents.

Relative visas

You can invite your close relative to Australia on a permanent basis, if he or she is totally dependent on you financially. For eligibility, he or she should be above 18 years of age. For more details on relative visa, contact a trusted immigration consultants. They will be able to guide your through every step of the relative visa procedure.

Move to Australia with your family without any hassles

Moving to a different country with your entire family is a big decision and involves lots of risk and legal formalities. You can your family members should get legal clearance from the embassy to relocate to Australia. Get in touch with trusted Australian immigration consultants of Kansas® Overseas Careers for a smooth and happy relocation to Australia. Kansas Overseas Careers consultants will guide and assist you through every step of the immigration procedure for you and your family.

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