Australian Skilled Immigration Programs Help Meet The Skills Gap

Posted by Admin on November 2, 2018

Australian Skilled Immigration Programs Help Meet The Skills Gap

Australian Government has introduced varied Australian Skilled Immigration Programs, the objective of these programs is to assist the nation, meet its economic needs. However, skill shortages continue to exist in the above country.

The nation takes pride in implementing large immigration programs across the globe having about 190,000 slots to be kept each year for granting permanent resident status. A large chunk, about 70% gets allocated for skilled individuals who possess in-demand skills which will help them meet the Australian economic needs.

Every year, more than 128,000 permanent resident visa gets granted to skilled individuals having the needed skills.

For the year, 2018 to 2019, this nation has reserved more than 17,300 slots for registered nurses through the Skilled Stream.  If the individual is applying under the Skilled Independent stream, the visa applicants do not need any state/territory or employer nomination and they get a permanent visa (subclass 189). This visa would help them to live as well as work anywhere in the nation.

For this year, immigration planning in Australia, need around 17,322 registered nurses and Department of Home Affairs till now has invited mere 413 individuals only to apply for a visa before 11th September.

The most in-demand occupations are 9,303 electricians, 8,480 secondary school teachers, 8,372 carpenters and joiners, 6,979 metal fitters and machinists and 6,099 motor mechanics

The basis on which invite gets issued

Depending on the skills as well as qualification showcased in the Expression of Interest (EOI) submitted by eligible visa applicant. The Department of Home Affairs sends them an invite for the submission of visa application.

Many aspiring Indians are filling the vacant position of Australia Immigration. It is mandatory that the individual offered Australia Permanent Residency status has required English Language Proficiency.

Australia has a large skill shortage especially in rural as well as regional areas. The new immigration Minister has stressed repeatedly that his major priority is to address the skill shortage in regional Australia.

In Contrast to finding difficulty in meeting the skills shortage, there are few occupations such as Accountants, Software and Application Programmers, which attracts a large number of applicants and they march towards the track of exhausting the quota allotted to them.

Last year around 12,000 fewer skilled visas issued when compared to earlier year. One of the reason is, increase in scrutiny of visa application and other is, the nation does not get enough applicants for the skills needed in Australia.

Australia has a severe skill shortage, if you are skilled individual and interested in Australia immigration, get in touch with Kansas® Overseas Careers visa agents, we would be more than happy to assist you.


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