Canada Express Entry 2018- how’s it going to be?

Posted by Sudhakar K on December 14, 2017

Canada Express Entry 2018- how’s it going to be?

It’s time for a better Express Entry- get ready to go to Canada.

This is not something which we are saying, but the historic improvements of 2017 Express Entry and the future Immigration Plans of Canada are all talking about. The year 2017 has been a wonderful year for Canadian aspirants. With scores going low and ITA count increasing during each draw, a huge number of professionals got a chance to settle in Canada in 2017. Going by the figures, over 80000 candidates received an invitation apply in 2017, solely 5545 being invited in the month of November.

Considering the commitments IRCC has announced it in multi-year immigration plan, we can hope that in the initial quarter months of 2018, Canada will bring all good news for Express Entry applicants. The CRS may reduce and more ITAs would be issued. Plus, PNP would open frequently than this year. It is also believed that to achieve such a massive target CRS would be flexible throughout 2018.

Initiatives for a better Canada immigration

To improve immigration and bring about much immigrant-friendly system, the Canadian government and Immigration and Citizenship Canada both together took several measures. Taking into account a well functionality of all these initiatives, we can hope for Canada 2018 to be brighter and fortune year for PR and citizenship applicants.

  • Introduced Atlantic Immigration Program– which served as an excellent program for candidates with less work experience and low IELTS score
  • Launched Global Skills Program– a fast track for both Canadian employers and job seekers to fulfill vacancies
  • Revised Points Structure– there was a revision in points allotment for candidates with job offer and for candidates who have siblings in Canada
  • Reformation of Bill-C6- Justin Trudeau and Ahmed Hussen have put in all best efforts to reform Bill-C6
  • Physical Presence Requirement– Tourist or temporary workers were allowed to count their time spent in Canada towards physical presence; Citizenship applicants experienced a cut down in physical presence requirement from 6 years to 3 years
  • Miscellaneous– Several programs allowed exemption from language and knowledge exams for people of higher age-group. Likewise, live-in condition has become non-mandatory for Caregiver Program applicants.
  • Predicted improvements: Alberta will align its stream with Express Entry. This shall prove a better platform for Alberta employers to hire extraordinary caliber from the Express Entry pool. Similarly, for entrepreneurs the Start-up Visa program shall become permanent.

Candidates who can score high in 2018

According to several sources, Registered Nurses and Occupational therapist will join the race of most high in demand occupations of Canada in 2018. Considering the high population of senior citizens in Canada and the growing opportunities of the Care-giver program, professionals of these occupations are sure to benefit in 2018. Besides this, candidates with the following traits will be able to boost their CRS and get PR quicker in 2018:

  • Candidates who apply in best time: Time is a crucial factor in Express Entry application. Since age matters and increasing age decreases points and scope of success, experts advice to apply within your best current age. To know if your age is best for Express Entry, ask our expert for an Evaluation.
  • Candidates who know French: After English language, French is a widely spoken language in Canada. If you have knowledge and proficient skills in the French language, you are at a higher level of advantage in 2018.
  • Candidates who include partner skills: Partner skills that can meet Canadian immigration requirement must not be ignored. These skills will add on additional points to your CRS and benefit you with a quicker process.
  • Candidates who are in high-demand list: If you are in the Canada Top Jobs for 2018 list, then start your application now. In just 6 to 8 months you can get to Canada and start working for these occupations.
  • Candidates who have siblings in Canada: Siblings who are residing in Canada can get you your PR visa faster. This means that you will be given additional points for your relations in Canada, which eventually boosts CRS and makes process faster.
  • Candidates with a valid job offer: Arranging for an employment before you land into Canada is always beneficial. It not only adds to additional points but also keeps you confirmed of having an earning source as soon as you arrive in the country.
  • Candidates who have international education or experience: Adaptability factors also make a great aspect to boost points. As one with these features will know the culture of Canada, settling in the nation would be easier and smoother.
  • Candidates who are nominated by best provinces: Provincial nominations are a sure shot thing to get a Canadian permanent residency. So, always apply for PNP if you believe you have the required skills. Connect to a PNP Expert and know more about PNP eligibility criteria.

Wondering how to get ready to experience all this good of Canada immigration in 2018? We can help. Call 040-40307077  and let us explain you in detail.

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