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If you have been constantly researching about the procedures to migrate to Canada from Bangalore, the best way is to seek help from experienced Canada immigration consultants in Bangalore. The internet can help you with ample information but guided details are provided only by someone who’s expert and experienced in practical aspect of immigration.

Canada Immigration Consultants In Bangalore

  1. According to an internal survey conducted by us, Bangalore has the highest Canada permanent residency visa application percentage. As there are many people applying for Canada immigration frequently, you will also find numerous consultancies providing services of visa process. Approaching the best of these visa consultancies in Bangalore is important as it helps in various aspects.


    • Understanding the process– Canada visa process is relatively easier. But some portions require special attention. You should have a complete idea of the entire process. An expert consultant will guide you into choosing the right visa type. He/she will act as your mentor. They will ensure you submit an error-free and full-proof application on time.
    • Online application– Submitting EOI, ECA through WES, creating your Express Entry profile must be done online. You must be tech savvy to handle these. Your application can be rejected if you commit a mistake. Hiring an expert visa consultant can help you go through this quickly.
    • Follow-ups– Once you file your application, you become anxious to know the status. However, regular follow-ups can be hectic. You may not have the time or may not identify the proper channel to follow-up. Hiring a consultant will share your burden. He/she will call you the immigration office for follow-ups. In this way, you will have the updated status of your application. They will support your immigration dream in every possible way.
    • Customized solutions–There are multiple Canada visa programs from India. However, you must choose the right one. Sometimes, it’s confusing to find the right plan. The expert visa consultant will help you find the best program for you.
    • Avoid visa disapprovals– Incomplete or faulty applications, wrong visa types, unavailability of required documents can lead to visa disapprovals. You may have to start the process all over again. This means loss of time and money. An expert visa consultant ensures an error-free application.

  2. It is not hard to find an immigration consultant for Canada. But the challenge is to find the most reliable one. The best immigration consultants not only arrange your visa but also help you prepare you for a new life abroad.

    At Kansas, we help our clients to experience a stress-free immigration. We make sure that everything is under control. We do not mind going an extra mile. Our intention is to help you settle well in Canada.

    With Kansas, immigrating to Canada is a cakewalk. We make sure you have all your documents ready. This prevents any delay. We also counsel you for the language skill tests. At Kansas, you learn to understand what the immigration officers want. We also offer post-landing services.


  3. Too many immigration consultancy services providers may create a dilemma. It is difficult to separate the best from the rest. There are many agents who guarantee jobs. In most cases these are fake. You must make sure. Here are some filters. Try these points to reach the best.

    • Are they ICCRC accredited?
    • Do they have solutions to your problem?
    • Check out, how proactive they are?
    • Are they catering to your needs really well?
    • Is their help desk interactive and friendly?
    • Do they have a branch near you? Are they easy to reach?
    • Do they welcome your suggestions/feedback?
    • Are they disclosing about their refund policies clearly?


    At Kansas, we intend to make immigration easier for you. Our service is completely customer focused. We are never rigid to your suggestions/feedbacks. You get what you want and pay for what you get. No hidden costs. No unwanted surprises.

  4. Different visa types have different criteria. Here are the criteria based on visa types

    Canada Permanent Residency visa requirements

    • You must not be above 45 years
    • Must be at least graduate or higher
    • Must be very proficient in English
    • Knowledge of French is a plus
    • Have a score of at least 67 to file EOI
    • No past criminal history
    • Stable mental and physical condition
    • Proof of sufficient fund to sustain yourself and family
    • Job offer/ family sponsorships (if required under the visa type)

    Canada visit/tourists visa requirements

    • Passport/travel document/itinerary of stay
    • Medical and police verification certificates
    • Ample proof of funds
    • Sufficient proofs that ensure your return

    Canada students’ visa requirements

    • Admission letter from a recognized institute
    • Proof of fund for staying and studying in Canada
    • No criminal records
    • No record of serious ailments

    Canada Points Calculator (CRS Calculator)

    Make selections below to update your CRS score in real time. *
    Age *
    Under 18years
    36-40 years
    Education *
    Work Experience *
    No or less than 1 year
    1 or 2 years
    3 years or more
    English Skills *
    Superior English
    Proficient English
    Competent English
    Canadian Work Experience *

    Additional points

    Provincial Nomination
    Offer Of Employment In Canada
    Canadian Education
    Siblings In Canada
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    Message :
    * mandatory fields

  5. A Canada immigration consultant must be registered with ICCRC. Every member must have authorized representation. It is mandated as per Canada immigration law. It is easy to find if your consultant is registered with ICCRC. Follow the below steps.

    • Visit ICCRC website http://www.iccrc-crcic.ca
    • Select English or French
    • Click ‘Find Professional”
    • Search for your consultant
    • Find the results and check RCIC status

  6. Bangalore is the tech-hub of India. The residents of Bangalore have higher immigration needs. People from Bangalore often search for the right Canada immigration services

    • Research about the top immigration consultants in Bangalore
    • Choose a registered organization.
    • Don’t choose freelancer or independent agent
    • Visit them personally
    • Enquire about their success rate
    • Try to gauge the experience level of their consultants.
    • Choose the one who offers tailored solutions based on your profile
    • Don’t trust vague promises or fake job offers
    • Scan their website to understand their services.
    • Go through the testimonial pages to see the clients’ reviews
    • Look for authentic paper works and transparent procedures

  7. We are the best Canada immigration consultants in Bangalore. We have a decade of experience in immigration services. We have an efficient team of consultants, counselors and case officers. We specialize in Canada immigration. We offer Permanent Residency Visa, Visit visas, Work Visas, and other services. We have a 95% success rate and a long trail of satisfied clients.

    For our amazing services, Silicon India has honored us among the “Top 10 promising immigration consultants in India” by Silicon India– India’s largest community of professionals.

    • Consultation– Our expert Canada immigration consultants will walk you through the process. You will have an idea about what you can expect during the procedure. We shall help you choose the right visa type. We will also guide you about the assessments you need to undergo and about the cost involved. Our case officers handle your profile with complete attention.
    • Evaluation– We will guide you about the language proficiency tests and credential assessment process.
    • Visa Documentation– If you are applying for a visa, especially for PR you have to submit a lot of documents. Most delays happen when the candidates fail to arrange and provide reports on time. We help you with a checklist of all the documents and ensure that you submit all documents on time.
    • Follow up and updates– After submitting your application, you eagerly wait to enter the next phase. We do the follow-up on your behalf. We keep you update even about the smallest details.


    • Expertise in handling Canada PR visa, Visit Visa, Study Visa and Travel visa and other Canada immigration services.
    • 478560 Counseling, 14980 applications, 23% success rate and 2042 happy customers
    • Transparent procedures and legal documentation
    • Solutions for even the toughest immigration challenges
    • No fake promises or assurances
    • Customized immigration solution based on your profile
    • Open to feedback and suggestions to upgrade our services

  8. At Kansas, we try to make immigration less difficult for you. If you are planning to start your Canadian process from Bangalore, you can feel free to reach our immigration consultants. Our two branches are much successful and have been prominent our excellence service.
    Find us at:

    3rd Floor, SJR Primus, #1 Industrial Layout, 7th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095
    Phone Number: +91 7619616246
    Email Address: bangalore@kansaz.in

  9. Canada Immigration Visa

    At Kansas, we help you apply for Canada immigration. We have an entire team of experts to cater to your needs. We support you to migrate to Canada from Bangalore with your family. It’s our job to ensure you have a smooth and easy immigration process. We help you apply for different types of PR visa programs. These are the programs you can apply for

    • Skilled Immigrant Programs– Federal Skilled Worker Program
    • Self-Employed program
    • Canada Provincial Nominee Programs
    • Quebec Skilled Workers program
    • Family Sponsorships
    • Start-up Visa

          1. Canada Temporary Visa

    We offer to help with Canada Tourist visa for a short-term stay. You can stay and work for a temporary period. We help you prepare all the documents and counsel you for evaluations.

          2. Canada Study Visa

    We guide students applying for Canada study visa. We update students about the recent changes in the education arena. You get to know about all the universities and study programs. Have all the documents ready for submission. Working with Kansas offers complete peace of mind. We support you in every way possible.

          3. Canada Travel Visa

    Visit Canada for 90 days on a travel visa. Leave the paper works to us. We’ll help you with the process. Our counselors will guide you to handle immigration queries. With us, you only enjoy your Canada getaway.

          4. Canada Dependent visa

    No ideas about taking your family along? Don’t worry; we‘ll guide you. Our visa experts ensure you reunite with your family soon.

          5. Work permits

    This visa is for temporary workers. You need a job offer from employers in Canada. We help you with the process and papers. You can apply for the temporary work permit under

    • Traditional Labor Market Impact Assessment work- permit
    • North American Free Trade Agreement work-permit
    • Live-in Caregiver work -permit


  10. The benefits of migrating to Canada are numerous. Canada welcomes skilled immigrants into the country. Most of the Canadian workforce is aging. They need young and skilled workers to replace them. The young migrant can also support their economy. Migrating to Canada is easier for skilled workers. Here are a few benefits that skilled workers in Canada enjoy.

    • High living standards
    • Low crime rate
    • Improved job opportunities
    • Better chance to get citizenship
    • Subsidized education for children
    • Medical benefits for family
    • Social and legal benefits
    • Sponsor family and relatives
    • Large Asian/Indian population

    You must look for the right immigration services that suit your requirement. The right consultants can support your aspiration to immigrate. At Kansas, we offer best immigration consultancy services for Canada. We can also guide you with post immigration services as well. Contact our Visa experts today for more information.

  11. Permanent Residence Visa Fees

    1. Business Immigration

    The Canadian PR fees apply to programs

    • Quebec immigration program
    • Self-employed people
    • Start-up Visa



    Canadian Dollar

    Indian Rupees

    (*Note: Price may change based on Canadian Dollar)

    Application 2,075 1,12,443
    Application without PR fees 1,575 85,349
    With spouse/partner 1,325 71,801
    Without spouse/partner 825 44,706
    Dependent child 225 per child 12,192

    2. Economic Immigration Fees (includes Express Entry)

    The fees applicable for the following

    • Federal skilled workers
    • Federal skilled trades
    • Provincial nominee
    • Quebec-selected skilled workers
    • Caregivers
    • Atlantic immigration pilot
    • Canadian experience class



    Canadian Dollar

    Indian Rupees

    (*Note: Price may change based on Canadian Dollar)

    Application 1,325 71,801
    Application without PR fees 825 44,706
    With spouse/partner 1,325 71,801
    Without spouse/partner 825 44,706
    Dependent child 225 per child 12,192

    Temporary Resident Visa Fees

    1. Visitors Visa (including super visa or extended stay)




    Canadian Dollar

    Indian Rupees

    (*Note: Price may change based on Canadian Dollar)

    Visitor visa (including super visa) per person 100 5,439
    A visitor visa for a family of 5 or more 500 27,198
    Extended stay as a visitor per person 100 5,439
    Restore your status as a visitor 200 10,879

    2. Study Visa (including extension)




    Canadian Dollar

    Indian Rupees

    (*Note: Price may change based on Canadian Dollar)

    Study visa (including extensions)per person 150 8,159
    Restore your status as a student 350 19,038

    3. Work permit (Including extensions)




    Canadian Dollar

    Indian Rupees

    (*Note: Price may change based on Canadian Dollar)

    Work permit (with extensions) per person 155 8,431
    Work permit (with extensions) for performing artists for a group of 3 or more 465 25,294
    Extended stay as a visitor per person 100 5,439
    Restore your status as a visitor 355 19,310

  12. There are many immigration programs under which you can apply for permanent residency. They are:

    • Federal Skilled Worker Program (Express Entry)
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program (Express Entry)
    • Canadian Experience Class (Express Entry)
    • Provincial Nominee Programs
    • Quebec Skilled Worker Program
    • Family Class Immigration
    • Business Immigration, etc.

    Among the many pathways, Express Entry is one of the easiest and fastest ways to migrate and settle in Canada. Hence, if you are planning to start your Canada PR application with the Express Entry System, you need to follow the below mentioned process:

    Step 1: Check your eligibility for Canada PR. After you determine your eligibility, you should choose the immigration program. Meet the program eligibility requirements and get started to place your application process.

    Step 2: Create your Express Entry Profile. This is also termed as Expression of Interest (EOI). Now, you will be placed in the Express Entry Pool based upon the score or rank you have.

    Step 3: IRCC conducts frequent draws to select candidates from Express Entry. Candidates meeting the predefined score of the draws obtain an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada PR.

    Step 4: Submit your application for Permanent Residence. After receiving the ITA, you will have 60 days to submit the application with the required character and health documentation.

    Step 5: The official will verify and provide you a visa grant. Then, you can migrate to Canada as a Permanent Resident.

    Though the entire process seems much simpler, there are a lot of documents and proofs needed in every stage. Any mistake made in the process can lead the complete visa to get rejected. Hence, it suggested consulting an immigration consultant or immigration lawyer for an easier visa process.

    We are immigration agents providing visa services for Canada immigration. If you wish to start your Canada immigration, then feel free to speak to us.

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