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Kansas Overseas Careers - Chennai

No - 323, 2nd Floor, Diamond Dune Building, Opposite to Pachaiyappa's Metro Station B3 Entrance, Poonamallee High Rd, Aminjikarai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600029
Phone Number : +91 7550127555
Email Address : chennai@kansaz.in

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Migrating to Canada from Chennai

Canada Immigration Consultants In Chennai

Canada is among the top locations preferred by individuals. It is because of the numerous benefits it has for them. Apart from the prolific economy, there are multiple job opportunities. Moving to Canada offers you an upward shift in career and lifestyle.
Canada houses a large number of Asian and Indian populations. So, you will not feel alone in between an unknown community.

  1. There are unending benefits of migrating to Canada. The very prominent ones are listed below

    • High paid jobs
    • Work opportunities for spouse if you are on PR
    • Free education for children up to a certain age
    • Improved medical benefits for the entire family
    • Safe and secured environments
    • Social and legal facilities

  2. To immigrate to Canada from Chennai is easy only with the help of an expert. Here are a few more reasons to hire an efficient consultancy.

    • Handling critical procedures– Immigration involves a lot of paper works, form filling and documentation. The applicants have to arrange for all the required documents for the entire process. Sometimes you might need to submit an ad hoc document outside the regular checklist. A visa consultant along with it’s entire team of experts can guide you with all the documents you must arrange. They’ll tell you about what else you might require beyond the checklist. This ensures no time is lost.
    • Online form filling/submission– Submitting EOI, ECA evaluation through WES, Express Entry profile is online procedures. You must be well-versed with online form filling and documentation. If you aren’t; hire an expert to do it for you. He/she can guarantee error documentation. Error-Free forms and documents are mandatory for immigration.
    • Avoid delays and cancellations– Incomplete and incorrect applications can cause delays. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) may also reject your application. You may also suffer financial penalization. An expert consultant will help you prevent any such situation. They will make sure you have everything covered.
    • Updates and follow-ups– Regular follow-up is essential. Your consultant will do it for you. They will keep you updated on your application status. This relieves you of your anxiety. You know that everything is on track.
    • Tailored solutions– No two persons are the same. Similarly, immigration requirements vary. The immigration experts will provide you with solutions based on your profile. They will help you choose the right visa types and the right programs. This will smoothen the immigration process for you.

  3. Chennai is a metro-city.  The residents here require someone reliable to take care of their immigration needs. There are multiple immigration services. Most of them promise a lot. However, you must know to differentiate between the original and the fake. Here are some tips that will help you to find out the best

    • Spend some time researching for the best visa consultants in Chennai
    • Pick the top choices
    • See if they are registered; avoid freelancers
    • Visit their website to know about their services
    • Check out for their accreditations and client feedback
    • Visit them personally and ask for the support they can provide
    • Know about their success rate and their policies
    • Talk to their consultants to gauge their merits and experience
    • See if they can provide you with solutions that fit you
    • Check their costs, refund policies and discounts
    • Check their entire work experience in this sector.

  4. If you are a skilled professional, this system is for you. The IRCC evaluates your profile and allots you points. Based on these points you are allowed to apply for the PR visa. You are assessed on 100. Different factors for evaluation are age, qualification, experience, language proficiency, etc. You must score a minimum of 67 points to lodge your application. After you express your interest, you enter the eligibility pool. Here you are ranked based on CRS. If your CRS score matches or exceeds the count decided during the draw, you get the ITA.

    Canada Points Calculator (CRS Calculator)

    Make selections below to update your CRS score in real time. *
    Age *
    Under 18years
    36-40 years
    Education *
    Work Experience *
    No or less than 1 year
    1 or 2 years
    3 years or more
    English Skills *
    Superior English
    Proficient English
    Competent English
    Canadian Work Experience *

    Additional points

    Provincial Nomination
    Offer Of Employment In Canada
    Canadian Education
    Siblings In Canada
    Name * :


    Email * :


    Contact No * :


    Branch * :


    Message :
    * mandatory fields

  5. Kansas Overseas Careers is the top immigration service providers in Chennai. We specialize in Canada immigration. Having over decades of experience behind us, we have a whopping 98% success rate with the best case manager. From counseling to documentation we work to offer you the best. We aim at 100% client satisfaction. Our exceptional service has won us a long list of clients. Silicon India has rated us among Top 10 Promising Immigration Consultants in India, 2017.

  6. Migrating to a new country is a tough task. We at Kansas understand this. Hence, we do not mind going the extra mile to help you. We help you with your paper works, lodge applications, and follow-ups. We not only shoulder your burden but also relieve your stress.  We stand by our words and don’t make fake promises. We make sure that you live your dreams soon and at less cost.

    Our panel of expert consultants acts as your mentors. They update you about all the changes in the immigration policies. They help you choose the right visa category; make you understand the entire immigration process. They will counsel you about the evaluation process and also about handling the immigration questions. We at Kansas, leave no stone unturned to help you get the visa. If by any means, you fail to get the visa, we have a clear refund policy. You get a considerable amount as a refund. No questions asked and no strings attached.

    Here is why Kansas Overseas Career is your most reliable immigration partner

    • Expertise in handling Canada PR visa, Visit, visa, Study visa and other immigration services.
    • 478560 Counseling, 14980 applications, 23% success rate and 2042 happy customers
    • Up to 40% low cost on a wide range of services
    • Transparent procedures and legal documentation
    • Solutions for even the toughest immigration challenges
    • No fake promises or assurances
    • Tailored immigration solution as per your requirement
    • Open to feedback and suggestions to upgrade our services

  7. We ensure that you find us quickly.  We have our office that is located very primly. You can reach us easily. Find us at the address below

    No - 323, 2nd Floor, Diamond Dune Building, Opposite to Pachaiyappa's Metro Station B3 Entrance, Poonamallee High Rd, Aminjikarai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600029
    Phone Number: +91 7550127555
    Email Address: chennai@kansaz.in

  8. 1.Canada Immigration Visa

    We help you apply and obtain a Canada permanent residency visa. You can move into Canada along with your family. We ensure you have a smoother and faster immigration process.

     The different types of Canada PR visa programs are

    • Skilled Immigrant Programs (skilled worker category)
    • Self-Employed Program
    • Quebec Skilled Workers Program
    • Provincial Nominee Program
    • Start-up Visa
    • Family Sponsorships

    2.Canada Temporary Visa

    Want to stay in Canada for a shorter period? Apply for the Temporary Canada visa. The foreign nationals can visit and work there for a limited period. We’ll help you get all the requirements in place. With Kansas, you can get your visa faster than you have imagined.

    3.Canada Study Visa

    If you are applying for Canada students’ visa, Kansas is the right place for you. We help you with all the requirements including finding the best institutes. We take care of all the documentation and requirements. We counsel you to wade through the evaluations easily.

    4.Canada Travel Visa

    Want to explore the beautiful landscapes of Canada? Contact Kansas for Canada tourist visa. We’ll help you get the visa real fast and easy. You can stay up to 90 days and even extend your stay. We’ll guide you with everything you need.

    5.Canada Dependent visa

    Want to sponsor your family? We’ll tell you how. Our dependent visa specialists will help you handle the process with easy. We help you reunite with your family in minimum time and money.

    Check out our services

  9. The immigration eligibility depends on the type of visa you have applied for. To settle in Canada, some basic requirements are common to all visa types including Federal skilled worker visa. Here are the details

    Canada Permanent Residency visa requirements

    • Age must be under 45 years
    • A degree from a recognized institute
    • Higher proficiency in English
    • Knowledge of French is a plus
    • Score at least 67 points to apply
    • Mustn’t have any criminal records
    • Must be mentally and physically fit
    • Must have the fund to sustain in Canada

    Canada visit visa requirements

    • Must have a valid passport and other travel documents
    • The complete itinerary of your tour and stay
    • Proper medical and police verification reports
    • Sufficient proof to back your intention to return
    • Evidence of fund to sustain your stay
    • Leave approval from office/institutions
    • Id proofs


  10. Permanent Residence Visa Fees

    1. Business Immigration

    The Permanent Residency visa or the Canadian PR fees apply to programs

    • Quebec immigration program
    • Self-employed people
    • Start-up Visa



    Canadian Dollar

    Indian Rupees

    (*Note: Price may change based on Canadian Dollar)

    Application 2,075 1,12,443
    Application without PR fees 1,575 85,349
    With spouse/partner 1,325 71,801
    Without spouse/partner 825 44,706
    Dependent child 225 per child 12,192

    2. Economic Immigration Fees (includes Express Entry)

    The fees apply to the following programs.

    • Federal skilled workers
    • Federal skilled trades
    • Provincial nominee
    • Quebec-selected skilled workers
    • Caregivers
    • Atlantic immigration pilot
    • Canadian experience class



    Canadian Dollar

    Indian Rupees

    (*Note: Price may change based on Canadian Dollar)

    Application 1,325 71,801
    Application without PR fees 825 44,706
    With spouse/partner 1,325 71,801
    Without spouse/partner 825 44,706
    Dependent child 225 per child 12,192

    Temporary Resident Visa Fees

    1. Visitors Visa (including super visa or extended stay)




    Canadian Dollar

    Indian Rupees

    (*Note: Price may change based on Canadian Dollar)

    Visitor visa (including super visa) per person 100 5,439
    A visitor visa for a family of 5 or more 500 27,198
    Extended stay as a visitor per person 100 5,439
    Restore your status as a visitor 200 10,879

    2. Study Visa (including extension)




    Canadian Dollar

    Indian Rupees

    (*Note: Price may change based on Canadian Dollar)

    Study visa (including extensions)per person 150 8,159
    Restore your status as a student 350 19,038

     3. Work permit (Including extensions) 




    Canadian Dollar

    Indian Rupees

    (*Note: Price may change based on Canadian Dollar)

    Work permit (with extensions) per person 155 8,431
    Work permit (with extensions) for performing artists for a group of 3 or more 465 25,294
    Extended stay as a visitor per person 100 5,439
    Restore your status as a visitor 355 19,310

  11. The Canada visa processing time depends on various factors. This excludes the submission of EOI, documents or receipt of ITA. Here are some factors that affect the processing time.

    • Country of the applicant
    • Types of application
    • Completeness of application
    • Correctness of application
    • Timely submission of documents
    • The workload on immigration officials

    Understanding the Canada immigration process

    Visa Types  Expected processing time
    Express Entry 6 months
    Study Permit 4-6 weeks
    Post-graduation work permit 50 days
    Permanent Residency card 61 days
    Sponsoring spouse/partner for permanent residence 12 months
    Visitors Visa 14-19 days

  12. This is an online selection process started in 2015. The IRCC uses Express Entry to select skilled professionals for Canada immigration. This system also involves federal and provincial governments. The Canadian employers are also part of it. You have to create an Express Entry profile. This increases your visibility to the recruiters. You will enter the EE pool if you are deemed eligible. You will be selected based on your CRS score. Express Entry is the fastest way to migrate to Canada.

  13. Canada has clear immigration laws. Migrating with family is easier here. Canada offers huge benefits for migrant families. The country also houses a huge population of Asian/Indians. Your family will have company. Moreover, Canada has a safe and stable condition to make your family feel safe.

    • Spouse/partner – Your spouse/partner is eligible for permanent residence of Canada.  However, you must stay together for at least 1 year. Your partner/spouse will be automatically considered for immigration. However, you must not mark yourself “single” while applying. Moving with your spouse/partner can add extra points to your profile. You must have all the particulars ready.
    • Children– Dependents under 22 years without a spouse are considered as children.  Disabled children, irrespective of age are also counted. You can even sponsor your spouse’s ward under 22 years.

    For more information on immigrating to Canada from Hyderabad, contact us at 1800-102-0109 (toll-free)

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