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Migrating to Canada from Hyderabad

Canada being the easiest destination to migrate this year, it is certain that you don’t want to do anything that goes wrong in paperwork. The best way to ensure a safe process is to depend on a reliable and experienced Canada immigration consultant.

Canada Immigration Consultants In Hyderabad

If you are specifically aiming for Canada immigration from Hyderabad, there are multiple choices in immigration services you may come across. The best ones are ideally those whom you can reach at convenient locations and those in whom you can find several exclusive service traits. While the immigration consultants will be your mentor throughout the process, there are apparently many benefits associated with their support.

    • Complex immigration procedures– The immigration procedures are complicated and often it is difficult for the most experienced professional to understand. Only a visa advisor or an immigration consultant will be able to guide you through these complex procedures.
    • Online application– Most of the immigration applications are to be filed online. You must be tech savvy to handle them. From creating your own EOI to applying to the WES, you will need technical guidance. An immigration consultant will help you do so in a hassle free manner.
    • Visa application follow-ups and update– Expert immigration consultants file the application on your behalf. Every follow-up related to your visa file is done by them. They follow-up with the immigration officers regularly. They keep you updated about the status of your application.
    • Avoid penalization or cancellation– CIC has stringent rules against incorrect information. Any information that has been found fraud or error will give CIC an authority to reject your application and ban you from re-applying. This is always a risk. Hence, taking the help of an expert visa agent will keep you safe from avoiding any errors. They will ensure all information are accurate and up-to-date.
    • Customized services and advice– Most people fail to understand the correct visa type for them. Your immigration consultant will help you overcome this problem. With customized tips and tricks to file the visa based on your profile, chances of success often increase.

  1. While every consultant claims themselves to be the right, how do you understand who is most reliable and best? These tips will help you determine the best immigration consultants in Hyderabad:

    • Check out for their registration or accreditation.
    • Avoid freelancers.
    • Research about the right Canada visa agents in Hyderabad.
    • Trust on the word-of-mouth experience from their previous clients- read reviews.
    • Visit them personally and know about their services.
    • Know about their success rate.
    • Go through their website.
    • Understand their procedure.
    • Ask them whether they have a detailed service agreement.

  2. Now that you know what to look for in right immigration consultants, these tips will help you choosing the best Canada immigration consultant in Hyderabad.

    • best immigration consultant is associated directly or independently with ICCRC or its independent agents.
    • Look for an established office location. It is better if it has multiple-locations in the city.
    • Friendly and customer-focused services are signs of them being the best in the field.
    • How well do they reciprocate is a major factor. A consultancy firm with proactive helpdesk are the best.
    • The best immigration consultants are always open to suggestions/feedbacks.
    • They shouldn’t mind going out of the way to assist you in the visa process.
    • They must have a wide range of solutions to fit your need and also as a quick alternative.
    • Look for their refund policies. They must have the most simple refund policies.
    • They should have a transparent pattern of payment. No hidden costs must be associated.

  3. This system is an application for Canada PR applicants. It is for aspirants under the skilled worker program. The IRCC will judge your profile under specific criteria.

    These criteria are Age, Qualification, Work Experience, Language Proficiency, etc. For each criterion, you get some points. The total points are 100 and you must score at least 67. You can apply for the visa only if you score at least 67 or more.

    After you apply for the visa, you will be assigned a CRS score. The CRS score depends on your profile. This score takes you to the eligibility pool. If your CRS score matches or exceeds rating during the draw, you get the ITA. After getting the Invitation to Apply (ITA), you can apply for PR.

    Canada Points Calculator (CRS Calculator)

    Make selections below to update your CRS score in real time. *
    Age *
    Under 18years
    36-40 years
    Education *
    Work Experience *
    No or less than 1 year
    1 or 2 years
    3 years or more
    English Skills *
    Superior English
    Proficient English
    Competent English
    Canadian Work Experience *

    Additional points

    Provincial Nomination
    Offer Of Employment In Canada
    Canadian Education
    Siblings In Canada
    Name * :


    Email * :


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    Branch * :


    Message :
    * mandatory fields

  4. In Hyderabad, there are numerous Canada immigration agents who claim to be the best in their services. How will you determine one?

    Any consultant who has been rewarded for its promising services and with a large number of people referring its services is the best one.

    Kansas Overseas Careers has been regarded as the best immigration consultants in Hyderabad through Google reviews and honored among the most promising immigration consultant in India by Silicon India. We understand all what it takes to file for a successful visa process and ensure that every step of a visa process is legally aided. At Kansas, we do things in a way that neither delays your application nor arises any complication.

    Moreover, for our services beyond just a visa process that help clients in many ways, we have been often referred to as top immigration consultants in Hyderabad. We also prepare you for the post-landing experience. Our intention is to make you feel comfortable in a new place.

    We at Kansas Overseas Career, prioritize your need. We give you what you want. We are never rigid about feedbacks, they help us work better. We don’t even mind going an extra mile to assist you. We don’t just aim to gain clients. We aim to help you achieve your goal.

  5. We are the top Canada immigration service providers in Hyderabad. We have over a decade of experience in processing immigration visas for various countries. Our success rate is 95% and we have processed over 1500 immigration visas so far. For our amazing clientele and a par excellence service record, Silicon India has nominated us among Top 10 Promising Immigration Consultants in India, 2017.

    • Our Canada immigration experts will guide you about the procedure.
    • We help you choose the right category.
    • We will guide you about the assessments.
    • We will also provide you an estimate of the cost.
    • Our case officers will start working on your file one you are deemed eligible.
    • We will help you with all the required paperwork.
    • We’ll draft your professional resume as per Canada job market standards and promote it.
    • We’ll follow-up with the authorities and update you.


    • 478560 Counseling, 14980 applications, 98.23% success rate and 2042 happy customers.
    • All round expertize in all types of Canada visa and immigration service.
    • Authentic and transparent procedures.
    • Proactive updates and follow-ups.
    • Always open to your feedback and suggestions.
    • Expert team to handle all your Canada immigration/visa needs.


    5th Floor, The Belvedere, 6-3-891/892, Somajiguda, Raj Bhavan Road, Above HDFC Bank, Hyderabad - 500082
    Phone Number: +91 7794042582
    Email Address: smj@kansaz.in


    #101, 1st Floor, Sathsurya Square, Above Standard Chartered Bank, Road Number 36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500033
    Phone Number: +91 9100776061
    Email Address: jubileehills@kansaz.in


    #307, 2nd Floor, Kamala Towers, Above Mody Ford, Near NTR Statue X Road, Begumpet, Secunderabad, Telangana – 500003
    Phone Number: +91 7680021742
    Email Address: sec-bad@kansaz.in

  6. At Kansas, we try to make immigration less difficult for you. We have multiple branches across Hyderabad, located at the most prime areas  – Somajiguda, Begumpet and Jubilee Hills.

    1. Canada Immigration Visa

    At Kansas, we offer Canada immigration services associated with extensive help. Whether you want to migrate individually or with family, we help you process the visa in a smooth manner. The different types of Canada PR visa categories we process are:

    • Skilled Immigrant Programs(Express entry)
    • Self-employed program
    • Quebec Skilled Workers program
    • Provincial Nominee Program
    • Start-up Visa
    • Family Sponsorships
    1. Canada Temporary Visa

    If you want to visit Canada for a short span, you must apply for a Canada Temporary visa. This visa requires paperwork and a streamlined process. At Kansas, we help you prepare all your documents and obtain the visa in the shortest possible time. This ensures that the process is completely error free and timely submission is done.

    1. Canada Study Visa

    This visa type is for students who want to undertake student migration. It requires admission formalities and visa process. Our consultants in Hyderabad help you select University, apply for admission and process visa on your behalf.

    1. Canada Travel Visa

    If you wish to travel to Canada as a tourist, this visa type is for youYou can stay for 90 days under the Canada Travel Visa or more depending upon your purpose of visa. To obtain this visa, you must convince the immigration officials about your return and prepare the application in an accurate manner. Our visa agents in Hyderabad will ensure that your application is filed in the right way and all process is carried in a smooth way.

    1. Canada Dependent visa

    You can sponsor your family/dependents under this typeWe’ll help you with all the required paperwork. We ensure that you get the visa in minimum time.

    1. Work permits

    This type of visa allows you to work temporarily in Canada. You must have a job offer from a Canadian employer. You can apply for the temporary work permit under,

    • Traditional Labor Market Impact Assessment work- permit
    • North American Free Trade Agreement work-permit
    • Live-in Caregiver work -permit

  7. Canada has a very simple immigration policy. You can migrate to Canada with your entire family. The process is easy and inexpensive. The processing time is also reasonable. You and your family can enjoy many benefits.

    Benefits of immigrating to Canada with family

    • A safe and peaceful life
    • Good and comfortable living standards
    • Free health benefits for full family
    • Free education for kids (up to certain age)
    • Social and legal benefits

    The requirements of Canada immigration with family

    Canada has the most liberal policies for family migration. Here are the details of the requirements,

    • For spouse/partner– Your spouse/partner can migrate with you to Canada. He/she has to live with you for at least 1 year. Spouse/partner does not require any separate application. You mustn’t mark yourself single on the form. The criteria for including a spouse/partner are different. You must ensure that you have all particulars ready.
    • Children– The IRCC considers wards under 22 years as children. They receive all the benefits of children. You can sponsor them. If you have any disabled children, they are your dependent regardless of their age. You can also sponsor your spouse’s children if less than 22 years.
    • Parents or Grandparents– You cannot take them alongYou can sponsor them once you get PR. You have to stay in Canada for a certain period. After you complete your stay, you become eligible to sponsor your parents/grandparents.

  8. Express Entry is an online selection process. The IRCC uses this system to select candidates. It is designed to invite skilled workers to Canada. This involves the federal and provincial governments and Canadian employers. You have to create your profile under Express Entry to apply.

  9. The Canada visa processing time depends on various factors. This includes the submission of EOI, documents or receipt of ITA. Here are some factors that affect the processing time.

    • Country of the applicant
    • Types of Application
    • Completeness of Application
    • Correctness of application
    • Timely submission of documents
    • The workload on immigration officials
    Visa Types  Expected processing time
    Express Entry 6 months
    Study Permit 4-6 weeks
    Post-graduation work permit 50 days
    Permanent Residency card 61 days
    Sponsoring spouse/partner for permanent residence 12 months
    Visitors Visa 14-19 days

  10. The eligibility depends upon the type of visa. Some basic requirements are common to all visa types. Here are the details,

    Canada Permanent Residency visa requirements

    • Your age must be below 45 years
    • A degree or higher education credential from a standard University
    • Proof of English proficiency through the IELTS (English Language Test)
    • Required points in the points-based immigration assessment
    • Sound health and must not possess any criminal history
    • Sufficient fund for your visa and your stay in Canada

    Canada visit/tourists  visa requirements

    • Valid passports and travel documents
    • The complete itinerary of your stay
    • Medical and police verification certificates
    • Proof of fund to sustain yourself in Canada during your stay
    • Sufficient proofs to convince the authorities about your return
    • No intentions to seek or undertake employment in Canada.

    Canada students’ visa requirements

    • Enrollment letter from a designated institute
    • Proof of fund for staying and studying in Canada
    • No criminal records
    • No record of serious ailments


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