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Alberta Provincial Nominee Program (Alberta PNP)

Alberta Provincial Nominee Program

Alberta is one of the strongest countrified economies of Canada. This is because of its ability to generate more jobs in the economy. Being one of the best employment generating economies, it attracts a large number of immigrants from the entire globe along with Canada. It provides a large number of federal immigration programs. One of the most popular immigrant enrolment programs of Alberta is the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP). Each Canadian province has its own Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). AINP selects immigrants who have the potential to fill in the gap and skill shortfalls in the Alberta labour market. These potential immigrants get an opportunity by the government for permanent residence. AINP aims at binary objectives. The first objective is to support the economic growth by attracting and retaining skilled immigrants who are interested in the employment opportunities to fill in the gaps in the labour market. The second objective it follows is to process permanent residency application at a faster pace for ready to work candidates.

  1. AINP follows three streams. 1) The strategic recruitment scheme 2) The employer-driven stream and 3) The self-employed farmer stream.

    In strategic recruitment scheme, those immigrants whose skills are in demand are selected. These recruiters in demand are as follows:

    • Present-day temporary foreign workers in Canada with a valid trade certificate in a trade (compulsory or optional) in Alberta published or acknowledged by Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT);
    • Present-day temporary foreign workers in Canada with Alberta work experience and skills in an eligible engineering profession; or
    • Present-day temporary foreign workers in Canada with post-graduation work benefits, presently working in Alberta and have graduated from an identified higher secondary institution in Alberta.

    The employer-driven section of the program looks for candidates who want full-time foreign employment. This program aims at filling up positions where it is difficult to find any Albertans or other Canadians for the work position. They aim at finding those potential candidates who seek a full-time job for an Alberta employer along with permanent residency. The requirements for the candidates to qualify this stream are as follows:

    • The candidate must be offered a full-time employment opportunity by an Alberta employer in an eligible skilled occupation.
    • The candidate must be recently graduated from a known higher secondary institution in Canada. They should have a work permit along with their post-graduation. The candidate should possess a full time working opportunity by an Alberta employer in an eligible skilled occupation.
    • The candidate should have a full-time job offer from an Alberta employer in an eligible semi-skilled work. He should be presently working as a temporary foreign worker in Canada.
    • The AINP also takes the farm owners into consideration. It considers the farm owners and operators who possess and have proved their management skills and financial resources.

  2. The candidates who are interested in applying for Alberta Immigration under PNP are required to fill in application forms and then mail directly to AINP. The applicants can apply for only one stream even if they feel they are eligible for two or more. Thus, it is important that the candidates choose the optimal stream carefully and decide for which they can be selected. Once the application mail has been mailed to AINP, they will respond back to you with your file number in a month’s time.

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  3. The following candidates are not eligible for AINP.

    • The primary and secondary school educators.
    • Professional athletes
    • Dental laboratory bench workers
    • Refugee claimants or any other candidate involved in a corporate appeal
    • Live- in caretakers presently working in Canada
    • International students pursuing studies from Canada and working as interns or co-op workers as a part of their educational program.

  4. Once nominated, the process doesn’t get over. The province of Alberta who has nominated you will now need to take the nomination from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, who will finally decide about the selection of the candidate. Thus, once nominated by the province of Canada, the candidate should apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for permanent residence. You can apply for the permanent residency only before the nomination expires. This is basically a span of 6 months after which your nomination expires. Once applied, the CIC reviews and examines the application is complete. If complete, it will turn into an approved application. If approved, they will send a file number which will contain the information about the number of next steps.

    Once the steps are followed accordingly, the candidate is finally selected and can enjoy the permanent residency in Alberta.

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