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Canada Immigration Points Calculator 2021

Canada Immigration Points Calculator

If you are a skilled candidate planning to get settled in Canada as Permanent Resident, then you need to opt for the point-based system, i.e., the Express Entry System. It was introduced by the Canadian Government and requires a minimum of 67 points for a candidate to immigrate to Canada. Also, these points are commonly known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score.

Hence, to trace out your chances for Canada PR, you need to go for a Canada CRS Points Calculator; where the points are evaluated according to the Candidate’s Core Human Factors namely their age, education, work experience, language proficiency, adaptability and more.

The tool to help calculate your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score should be used if you have not filled out an Express Entry profile as you will see below or if you were invited to apply for permanent residence.

It has been reported that Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is going to invite almost 1.3 million permanent immigrants by the year 2021 and this information was shown in the multi-year immigration plan. This proposal is implemented to fulfill the demand in Canada labour market with the skilled worker. These foreign nationals will enter Canada under an economic immigration program, family class immigration, and refugees.

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Hence, for a quick eligibility check of your profile, find our updated Canada PR Points calculator 2021 below:

Canada Points Calculator (CRS Calculator)

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  1. You have to create your Express Entry profile to apply for any of the Canada’s immigration program. You must provide the details about your age, education, work experience, and language proficiency. Your profile will be tested based on these inputs. The Express Entry profiles are evaluated under the CRS framework. If you are eligible, you enter the Express Entry pool. You get ITA after entering the pool if you have the required CRS score. If you have the CRS points, you get an ITA to apply for the Canada PR.

  2. The invitation to apply or ITA is for the skilled worker who meets the minimum criteria required. It is an auto-generated response sent to candidates through their online account as long as the applicants ranked highly in their round of invitations. These rankings are based on their CRS scores.

    Applicants who have a provincial nomination certificate are awarded another 600 points and are typically invited to apply at the next round of invitations, besides candidates who have a work permit. However, an applicant can only apply under the class that is specified in the ITA they received even though they may have been shown to be eligible for more than one class.

    Deadline for ITA Response

    Once you have received an ITA, you have only sixty calendar days to submit your completed application for permanent residence in your online account or you can decline through your online account. Moving forward following acceptance, you will want to be sure to provide all the necessary documentation that is required right away. If you decline, the profile will become active and will remain in the pool for as long as the profile remains valid or for as long as the candidate continues to meet the Minimum Entry Criteria (MEC).

  3. CRS is the soul of Canada Express Entry. You can only improve your scope of success by improving your CRS score. In 2021, a score over 450 points is always recommended for a quicker selection.

    Here are a few quick tips on how you can improve your CRS score in 2021:

    • Take up A Diploma: Along with your graduation degree, a diploma adds an advantage to your educational factor. To boost your CRS score, enroll in a diploma course which is closely related to your selected occupation. This will also help in improving the standards of your profile for an overseas job.
    • Retake the IELTS Test: If you have sufficient time to prepare for IELTS and re-appear for an improved IELTS score, this is always a great source to increase your CRS points.
    • Include Spouse Skills: If you are married and your spouse has a skill set that matches the eligibility criteria of the Express Entry, then it is suggested to utilize this benefit. Moreover, if the points of your spouse are better than yours, then it is recommended to make him/her the primary applicant.
    • Strive for a Job Offer: Searching for jobs while your visa is in the process can be really helpful. When an employer selects your profile for a valid job, you not only get an employment prospect but also extra CRS points on your visa application.
    • Apply for a PNP Program: Provincial nominations boost your CRS score by 600 points. This means that once you receive a nomination, you are directly selected to apply for a Canadian PR visa. Check out options for PNP programs and apply while the option is open.

  4. The IRCC saw a record-breaking success in 2018 since its introduction in 2015 as it issued around 89,800 Invitations To Apply (ITA). The Express Entry system in 2021 wants to indicate to be a great year for the Canada Express Entry applicants by issuing Invitations To Apply more than 2021. You can check your score with the CRS calculator to identify your chances of Canada PR.

    The Express Entry CRS Points System in 2021

    • More frequent draws: Canada has decided to invite 401,000 immigrants this year. This is around 70,000 more than in 2019. There are specific up gradation in the Express Entry CRS. The IRCC will conduct more frequent EE draws to invite such a huge number of applicants. It is assumed that the IRCC may perform the draws in less than 2 weeks.
    • Lower Cut-off CRS scores: The Canadian government is planning to issue a massive number of ITA in 2021. We expect that the CRS cut-off score for the Express Entry draw shall come down. The CRS score dropped to 468 during the draw in December 2020. Generally, the score ranges from 440 to 445. The cut-off score of the latest draw held on 13th October 2021 was 720(PNP). The predictions tell that the score may drop to invite more skilled immigrants into the country.
    • Provincial Nominee Program to play a vital role in the CRS rating: The PNP has played a huge role in helping candidates to have higher points in the CRS ranking. If a Canadian province nominates you to stay and work there, you get an extra 600 points. These points will add to your CRS ranking. You will get an advantage that will help you to get the ITA.
    • Bonus points: The immigration department of Canada has introduced some changes in the Express Entry point system. This system started on 06th June 2017. Bonus points are awarded to candidates for criteria mentioned below:
    •     If you have a sibling, relative, spouse staying in Canada you can get an extra 15 points
      • If you are proficient in French you can get an addition 15 to 30 points.
      • If a Canadian employer offers you a job, you get 200 extra points.
      • The extra points add to your CRS score and help you get the ITA. After you get the ITA you can apply for the Canada PR visa.

  5. The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score has four important factors. Your profile will be verified and provided with a score based on these factors.

    The CRS score factors include:

    • Human Capital factors
    • Spouse or Common-law partner factors
    • Skill Transferability
    • Additional Points.

    Canada Express Entry Eligibility

    To be eligible for Canada Express Entry, you need to qualify with any of 1 programme under Express Entry. The pathways are

          1 Federal skilled worker visa (FSW)

          2 Canada Provincial Nominee Programme (Canada PNP)

          3 Canada Experience Class (CEC)

          4 Federal trade programme (FSTW), and others

    The most popular program among Indians is the Permanent resident visa or PR visa. You need to score 67 points on six factors to qualify for Canada PR visa.

  6. There are six selection factors when it comes to Canada immigration points.

    • Age: Up to 12 points are awarded
    • Education: Up to 25 points are granted
    • Experience: Up to 15 points are given
    • Language test: Up to 24 points are awarded
    • Adaptability: Points are granted on the Adaptability
    • Arranged Employment: 10 Points are given arranged employment

    The more you score on Canada PR points, the faster the visa processing time.

    Canadian PR Processing Time

    The processing times for Canada permanent residency begin the day that the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) receive your application and the ending date is the day the final decision on the application has been made. At the end of July 2018, the IRCC actually changed the way they estimate these processing times regarding the PR visa applications. They made changes based on the number of applications they received instead of relying only on past information.

    Under Express Entry, IRCC is determined to get the applications completed no longer than six months from the date they are received. These applications apply to the Federal Skilled Worker Class, the Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class, and some of the new Provincial Nominee Program.

  7. Human Capital and Common-law Partner:

    • You can obtain a maximum score of up to 500 under your Human Capital and Spouse/common-law.
    • Your human capital score will be calculated based on your age, education, work experience, language proficiency, and adaptability.
    • You can obtain a maximum of up to 500 points if your spouse/common-law partner is not accompanied.
    • A maximum of up to 460 points can be secured if your spouse is accompanying you.

    Core Human Capital + Spouse or Common-law partner factors = Maximum 500 Points

    Human Capital Factors With a Spouse/Common-law partner Without a Spouse/Common-law partner
    Age 100 110
    Educational Qualifications 140 150
    Language Proficiency 150 160
    Adaptability/Canadian Experience 70 80

    Skill Transferability:

    • A maximum of 100 points can be obtained under this factor.
    • There are three important factors for Skill Transferability:
      • Education
      • Work Experience and
      • Canadian Qualification.

    You can get an additional score of 50; if your language proficiency and Canadian work experience are combined.

    Factors Maximum Points
    Strong Language Proficiency + Post Secondary Degree 50
    Canadian Experience + Post Secondary Degree 50
    Maximum Points to obtain 50
    Foreign Experience
    Factors Maximum Points
    Strong Language Proficiency + Foreign Work Experience 50
    Canadian Experience + Foreign Work Experience 50
    Maximum Points to obtain 50
    Certificate of Qualification
    Factors Maximum Points
    Strong Language Proficiency + Certificate of Qualification 50
    Canadian Experience + Foreign Work Experience 50
    Maximum Points to obtain 50
    Maximum Points 100

    Core Human Capital + Spouse/Common- law partner + Skill Transferability factors = 600 Points

    Additional Points:

    • You can gain additional 600 points under this section.
    Score Factor Maximum Points
    If having a brother or sister in Canada (as a citizen or PR holder) 15
    French Language Skills 30
    Having a Post-secondary education in Canada 30
    Arranged Employment 200
    Nomination from a PNP 600
    Maximum Points to obtain 600

    Core Human Capital + Spouse/Common- law partner + Skill Transferability factors + Additional Point

    Canada Immigration Points Table:

    1. Age:Up to 12 points are awarded under the Age Factor on the following basis:
    Age of Applicant Points (12 Max)
    18 to 35 Years 12 Points
    36 Years 11 Points
    37 Years 10 Points
    38 Years 9 Points
    39 Years 8 Points
    40 Years 7 Points
    41 Years 6 Points
    42 Years 5 Points
    43 Years 4 Points
    44 Years 3 Points
    45 Years 2 Points
    46 Years 1 Points
    47 and over 0 Points

    2. Education: Up to 25 points are awarded under the Education Factor on the following basis:

    Level of Education Points (25 max)
    University Degrees
    Doctoral level 25 Points
    Master`s level or professional degree 23 Points
    Two or more post-secondary credentials, one of which is a three-year or longer post-secondary credential 22 Points
    Three-year or longer post-secondary credential 21 Points
    Two-year post-secondary credential 19 Points
    One-year post-secondary credential 15 Points
    Secondary school 5 Points

    3. Experience: Up to 15 points are awarded under the Experience Factor based upon the number of years:

    Work Experience Points (15max)
    1 year (Minimum threshold) 9 Points
    2-3 years 11 Points
    4-5 years 13 Points
    6 years or more 15 points

    4. Language Skills : Up to 24 points are awarded for competency in a first language (English), and 4 are awarded for a second language (French). An individual who intends to apply for Canada Federal Skilled Worker Quota should be proficient in reading, writing, speaking and listening Canadian Language Benchmark 7 or in short, CLB 7 level for English language or Niveau de competence linguist Que Canadien 7 or NCLC 7 level in French language. If an individual can secure either of these two, he or she is eligible for Canada Federal Skilled Worker.

    CLB Level IELTS test results for each ability
    Speaking Listening Reading Writing

    Points(per ability) 7

    6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0

    4 points per ability8

    6.5 7.5 6.5 6.5

    5 points per ability9 and above

    7.0-9.0 8.0-9.0 7.0-9.0 7.0-9.0

    6 points per ability

    Second Official Language Points (4 max)
    Speaking/Listening/Reading/Writing CLB/NCLC 5 in all abilities IELTS 5.0/5.0/4.0/5.0 4 Points

    5. Adaptability : Points are awarded on the Adaptability Factor on the basis of factors.

    Adaptability Points (10 max)
    PA previous work in Canada (min 1 year NOC 0,A,B) 10 Points
    Previous study in Canada 5 Points
    Previous study in Canada – accompanying spouse/partner 5 Points
    Previous work in Canada – accompanying spouse/partner 5 Points
    Arranged employment in Canada 5 Points
    Relative in Canada – 18 years or older 5 Points
    Language ability CLB 4 or above – accompanying spouse/partner (IELTS 4.0/4.5/3.5/4.0) 5 Points

    6. Arranged Employment: 10 Points are arranged employment

    Immigration to Canada: Arranged Employment Points (10 max)
    LMO approved full-time job offer 10 Points

    Start Your Canada PR Visa Process

    Kansas Overseas Careers is one of the best Canada immigration consultants in India. You can obtain a hassle-free process with our assistance. For a quick eligibility check, you can call 1800-102-0109 to talk to our immigration experts.

FAQs Section

What are the minimum required points for Canada Express Entry in 2021?
The applicant needs to have a score of at least 67 points out of 100 based on the following credentials: age, education, work experience, and language skills. As of 2021, there has been no change in the minimum required points criteria of 67 out of 100
To apply, you first need to find out if you are eligible, get your documents ready and submit your completed profile. Based on the information, you may receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence. Once invited, you have sixty days to submit the application and most applications are processed in six months or less.
If you have Canadian study experience prior to applying for Express Entry, you may find that your chances are better, and your score will increase. If you have two or more education certificates, diplomas, or degrees you may also be eligible to claim additional points under the education section of the application.
Eligibility requires that you have at least twelve months of full-time work experience in Canada in the three years leading up to the date you apply. The work experience must be skilled. If you only have part-time work, then the hours worked must be equivalent to the twelve months of full-time work.
The maximum amount of points one can receive under this category is ten. You can improve your points here by adding up the points for up to two criteria. Improving your language skills, for example, can also help improve your scores. Obtain a language level in either French or English at CLB 4 Level or higher and show your abilities in speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
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