Canada Express Entry

Canada Express entry system is used to regulate to the applications for permanent residence under the federal economic immigration programs. These programs are as follows:

The rules are in the form of ministerial instructions to govern the Express entry application management system. Express entry has escorted Canadian immigration system in the new era which has found to be unique in a number of ways. This system has brought a big change in the way the Canadian government chooses skilled immigrants to get the entry to the country. Here, the CIC does not just process the applications passively anymore. Instead, they choose among the people it would like to invite in the country from the number of aspirants who have been competing for a place in the last batch that was selected among the qualified candidates.

The following are the important features of ‘Express Entry’ system:

  • The candidates who have been tabbed in this scheme will be provided with the permanent residence status. Thus, they will not have to contend across the occupational ceilings. The system is free from first come first serve basis of evaluation. The time deadlines are already determined in advance.
  • Following schemes are included in the program:
    1. all of the aforesaid federal skills migration initiatives, FSTP (Federal Skill Trade Program), FSW (Federal Skill Worker Scheme), CEC (Canada Experience Class),
    2. few parts of provincial nomination schemes.
  • Express Entry is basically an electronic platform which admits aspiring applicants to create profiles free of charge that can be kept for a period of 12 months, after which the applicants are required to resubmit their profiles.
  • Before the profile creation process starts, the candidates are required to deal with an initial process that is, they must get their academic talents checked from the evaluation body like WES.
  • Your profiles will be judged. Then you can check if you are eligible by the CRS or the Comprehensive Ranking System. Various criteria are taken into account for assessment of eligibility like:
    1. Age
    2. Academic completion
    3. Grammatical skills
    4. Professional acknowledgment
    5. Other factors that may determine the ability of the candidate to be eligible for entering and settling in the Canadian environment.
  • After having judged the entire profile, the candidates are marked by the CRS on the basis of the marks obtained.
  • The candidates are also privileged with additional marks on certain conditions, these conditions are as follows:
    1. If any sponsorship has been received from a willing Canadian state, or
    2. If any full-time regular employment offer has been given by a Canadian employer.
  • Short listing draws are conducted by the CIC at regular intervals to select the applicants who have got the highest marks or if they have a provincial nomination to their credit. They may also be selected at regular intervals on the basis if they have received a permanent employment offer from any Canadian employer though job bank.
  • These candidates who have been shortlisted will then be instructed to move to the second stage. Here they are asked to fill up the second set of applications. These applications are filed for permanent residence. Here, the selected candidates have 60 days to give a positive response. If any response is not received, their invitation will be cancelled automatically.
  • The CIC ensures its selected candidates to check upon the requests of the selected applicants within 6 months of the receipt received from requests completed.