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Canadian Experience Class

Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is a category of the experienced Canadian foreign workers who look forward to becoming permanent residents of the country. The temporary foreign workers are considered to be the optimal migrants for permanent residence immigration to Canada. This is because these candidates already have a good knowledge about the Canadian environment and will be easily able to adapt it. They already have the necessary networks in their community and their career. The candidates who are eligible for immigration should be able to phrase their interests for migrating to Canada. They usually do this by designing an express entry profile with a view to getting an offer for the invitation to apply for permanent residence before they even create an application themselves.

  1. The candidates must be able to fulfill the following requirements to successfully immigrate:
    They should possess at least one year experience their skilled jobs. They should possess a professional or technical work experience in Canada within 36 months from the applied date of application.

    They should be able to satisfy the minimum criteria level in Canadian language benchmark that is, 5 if initial intermediate or 7 in the case of adequate intermediate proficiency. Depending upon the job requirements, they should qualify the minimum benchmark.

    These candidates should have planned to work out of Quebec. This is because if they possess work experience in Quebec and want to settle there, then they will have to apply for Quebec experience class. Thus, under Canadian experience class, they should seek permanent residency outside Quebec.

    Please note, that if a full-time student has gained experienced in work, the experience will not be taken into account for the time he was pursuing his studies.

    Do I Qualify for CEC Visa?

  2. The Canadian government provides an easy path for the foreign graduates. Thus, it is very easy for these graduates to earn a permanent residency in Canada.

    The students also might wait for the post-graduation permits once done with their graduation from the Canadian universities.

    If a graduate gains a work experience during his graduation,he also becomes eligible to enter the express entry pool of application under the Canadian experience class immigration program. They should have gained experience in for at least one year in his skilled, technical or professional work.

  3. There are many other provincial nominee programs through which the interested immigrants can apply for permanent residency.

  4. The following steps should be followed for moving to Canada under through Canadian experience class:

    1. You need to put in efforts to design an express entry profile to show your interest in moving to Canada.

    If the candidates are eligible under the Express Entry System, they can show their interest and willingness to move to the place by creating an express entry profile. In the profile, they mention all the necessary details asked for such as your personal information, skills, abilities, work experience, your language skills, etc. once you have been confirmed by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), then your profile will be brought into the pool of candidates who are interesting in migrating. You will be ranked across the candidates under the comprehensive ranking system criteria. If the candidate does not possess any job offer from a Canadian employer, then they must get themselves registered with Canada’s job bank.

    The candidate must ensure that they provide the right information. If any false information is found, they will not be able to apply again and will be considered as disqualified.

    For an effective application, remember the following points:

    • Submit your profile as soon as possible.
    • Keep updating your profile with accurate information.
    • Once submitted, ensure that you have collected all the required documents. Also, review them.
    • Keep a track of all the provincial nominee programs.
    • Try applying for jobs that match your profile. Having a job before moving to Canada can be a big advantage.
    • Keep improving your profile time to time. Also, evaluate and take proper advice on maintaining your profile.

    2. Keep an update of your profile and ranking under the comprehensive ranking system.

    It is important to keep improving your ranks for better eligibility for migration through the Express Entry System. The rankings are given on the basis of the following components:

    • Factors determining core human capital
    • Factors relating to accompanying spouse or the common-law partner
    • Factors relating to skill transferability
    • Provincial nomination factors or getting employment offers.

    The Canadian government initiates Express Entry Draws on a regular basis from the pool and the candidates who get high ranks are invited to apply for the Canadian permanent residence. Thus, we can say it is vital for the candidates to improve their scores if they want to increase their probability of receiving an invitation to apply.

    The education level is not the only criteria for the interested immigrants to prove their capability, but they can earn additional points if they earn Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) and have got an education from other countries other than Canada. The ECA scores can be highly beneficial. Once they are added up to the profile of the candidate, the scores given to the profile increase significantly.

    3. Get an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada

    The invitation to apply is offered on a priority basis while performing the express entry pool. These priorities are proved by the candidates by showing an expression of interest through their profiles. When Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) selects the suitable candidates for migrating to Canada through the Express Entry System, the candidates who are suitable for immigration are given an invitation to apply.

    Once the invitation to apply is issued, the original profile information is maintained only for 60 days after the issue. Within 60 days, candidates can apply for the immigration by submitting a complete and accurate application along with the supporting documents. The supporting documents are checked and uploaded. Once the application is submitted, it automatically turns to acceptance and an acknowledgment of Receipt (AOR) is automatically issued.

    The entire process of reviewing the application is done by CIC. It determined whether the application submitted is complete and eligible. This process is also conducted within the span of 6 months after submitting the application.

    4. Medical and security checks along with the e-application

    The candidates have to go through various medical examinations. These examinations include blood tests, urine tests, X-rays and a physical examination. These examinations are done to satisfy that the health conditions of the candidates will not affect the health of other Canadians. Also, it is taken place to ensure that there are no excessive demands for being placed upon Canadian health or social services. Every medical case is examined on an individual basis along with taking the entire medical history of the candidate into account. If the examiner finds any kind of disease that may affect the health of other Canadian or any result leading to excess demand for the health centers or social service, then the candidate is categorized as medical inadmissibility. The medical examination facilities can be given by any designated medical practitioner from any part of the world.

    5. The application is examined by a Canadian Immigration Visa officer.

    The Canadian Immigration Visa officer performs a detailed analysis of all the information provided in the e-application along with the documents. The application is assessed under the prevailing selection criteria.

    You can always consult various consultants who can advise you to make better qualification proof for your application. They also submit applications on your behalf to the address concerning the Canadian Immigration Visa officer. You can take recommendations from the consultant firms about the perfect methods to remit any concerns expressed or any matter related to obtaining of documents. They also facilitate effective communication between the candidate and the Canadian Immigration Visa officer.

    6. Request for passport and right of permanent resident fee

    The next step after the selection is to request the Right of Permanent Resident Fee (RPRF) payment as well as the passport for issuing a Canada permanent resident visa. If the applicant belongs from a visa-exempt country, he will not require a submitting passport.

    You can consult various visa consultant firms regarding the follow up to make sure that your medical reports have been delivered and the security tests have been made. Also, do not forget to ratify that the Canadian Immigration Visa office has collected your passport for determining your Canada immigration visa inside.

    7. Issue of Canadian Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa

    Within the expiry date given on the Canada immigration visa, the candidate can move to Canada along with his family. Also, make sure that the information provided in your visa is accurate and communicate to the Canadian Immigration Visa office if any changes are required.

    If you are lucky enough to fulfill all the conditions above, you can successfully immigrate to Canada along with permanent residency. Happy living.

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FAQs Section

Will the work experience in Quebec qualifies Canadian Experience Class?
Yes, all the temporary work experience in Quebec is considered for Canadian Experience Class. However, you must prove that, you do not have interest to live in Quebec.
The candidate has to be a foreign worker with a minimum one year of work experience in Canada. Need to have an intention to get started through the CEC. Also, the interested candidates should be able to settle outside the province of Quebec.
No, the candidates have to first complete their graduation and then gain a valid full-time work experience in order to be eligible for Canadian Experience Class.
Yes, candidates can be eligible to apply under the Canadian Experience Class even after returning to their home country. But, it is mandatory for the candidates to meet the eligibility requirements of the Canadian Experience Class, i.e., they need to have a full-time work experience of at least one-year in Canada.
If you are an international graduate, then there is no need to have work experience related to your education. However, it is needful to have your education matching to Canadian standards.
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