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Life in Canada

Life in Canada

  1. Canada is the second largest country in the world. It lies in the north of USA. A majority of the population is seen on the southern border of Canada. It is considered to be the best location by the immigrants. One of the major reasons is that the immigrants find large and comfortable places to live at normal rates.

  2. Canada has been performing well in exports of agricultural and mineral produce in the international markets. The economic conditions have been found to be comparatively better than other countries. Canada is enjoying a higher average wage if compared to the past times. The rising wages have strengthened the currency value in Canada. A plenty of jobs have been provided leading to very low unemployment rates in the country. Once an immigrant has found a job in Canada, they can enjoy a peaceful and relaxed life.

  3. People in Canada are found to be generally very welcoming. Most of the Canadians are seento have a live and let live philosophy that gives a stronger sense and peace among the Canadians. They have a good English speaking capability.

    Here are 7 seven reasons to live a life in Canada

    Community: the Canadians are seen to be of a helpful nature. According to the OECDreports, the country has been ranked on the seventh position on the support network. They are seen to be spending at least two minutes a day volunteering.

    Income: as per the reports, average household earnings have been seen as US$28,149 after taxes every year. They have been ranked on the seventh position for household wealth and ninth on an income basis.

    Environment: the country has been ranked on the 14th position for pollution and 12th on the water quality.

    Housing: 90% of the Canadians are seen to be happy with their housing. People have good standards of living in their moderate incomes.

    Health: the average life expectancy is measured to be 81 years in this country. They have been ranked on the 17th position in life expectancy category.

    Safety: the Canadian government ensures entire safety of the people migrating in the country. The country has been ranked first as per assault rate and 23rd on the homicide rate.

    Work-life balance: the average working shown according to the reports is 1702 hours every year. They are ranked on the ninth position for working more number of hours.

    The above reports give a clear estimation of life in Canada. Due to these positive aspects, immigrants prefer migrating to Canada for a better lifestyle.

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