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Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

Ontario is the home to the capital of Canada, Ottawa. The province witnesses one of the highest numbers of immigrations in Canada. The abundance of job opportunities and low cost of living makes Ontario ideal to apply for PR visa under its most active Canadian immigration program.

Most of the recently shifted permanent residents are of the opinion that this city is neither big nor small. Foreign nationals prefer this city due the abundance of lush greenery and beautiful parks.

Ontario also makes an ideal immigration destination because of the professional opportunities it has to offer to skilled as well as semi-skilled workers. A large number of skilled workers migrate to this city in hopes of opportunities, Ontario has in store. The province of Ontario is strategically positioned on the Quebec borders, which also gives the immigrants access to Quebec upon meeting its eligibility criteria.

Ontario has an extreme yet amazing weather with sunny summers and cold and snowy winters. During the spring and fall, this province can have drastic change in temperatures. Ontario makes a great place to live and work for the immigrants. This place has a diverse population. More than the original inhabitants, the migrators consist of Ontario’s population.

Ontario also has a low crime rate, better health care and education facilities that makes it lucrative for permanent residency. When compared to the greater Toronto area, Ontario has more affordable accommodation, which makes it ideal for families to settle here.

This province also records to be the fourth cleanest country in the world. The number of institutes that provides post-secondary education is also one of the highest in Canada.

The most interesting part is that in the year 2016, over 9600 new jobs were created in Ontario. This has increased the scope of full-time employment in this province. If you are planning for immigration, especially with your family, moving to Ontario might turn out to be one of your wisest decisions.

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  1. Ontario immigration takes place through the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program (OINP). The nominee program is designed for people who have a job offer from the in-demand occupations under the Canadian labor market.

    This is also a method of seeking skilled workers by the local employers. A prior work experience of a few years is always an add-on for your immigration application.

    Through the OINP, the employers and investors try to find skilled workers who would contribute to the province’s economy. The temporary residents also find this a way to get the status of permanent residency.

    However, only after the Ontario provincial authorities approve your application, you will be nominated for a permanent residence status. After the successful completion of this procedure, you have to apply for permanent residence with the Citizenship and Immigration department.

    If you want to apply for an entry in Ontario, there are several categories of nominee program. These include:

    • Students with a Bachelor’ degree can apply in the International Masters Graduate Category and the students with a Master’s degree can apply in the PhD Graduates category.
    • If you have a work permit and a job offer, an employer can recruit you through the Employer Job Offer International Students Streams.
    • If you plan to open your startup or invest in an existing business in the province of Ontario, you can apply through the corporate stream and the Entrepreneur stream.

    Having said these, if you don’t have a job offer from any of the Canadian employers, then here’s what you have to do.

    You have to apply through the Ontario’s Express Entry- Human Capital Priorities Stream. This is for skilled immigrants who want to reside in Ontario on a permanent basis.

    For the Express Entry program, you will first have to have a profile registered for the Human Capital Priorities stream. Once you meet the basic criteria for Ontario PNP, you will receive a notification of interest. The immigration authorities will notify the procedures after this.

  2. If you have experience and a job offer in a skilled occupation, you are most likely to be selected by the Ontario immigration authorities. However, your skilled work experience alone isn’t enough to open doors for Ontario migration through the OINP Express entry HCP stream. There are several other eligibility requirements that you must fulfil in order to get a notification of interest. These criteria include:

    • To apply under the Express entry program, you must register your profile in Federal express entry system.
    • While creating this profile, you must choose the option of interested in moving to Ontario or all provinces and territories.
    • In the point-based test for the express entry, you must have minimum score of 400 points.
    • The OINP mandates the applicant to have cleared the basic requirements in education, skilled work experience, language proficiency and more.
    • You must have received a notification of interest to get permanent residency in the Ontario

  3. The information that we get regarding the time taken for the processing of application is the average of all the recent applications.

    If you apply through the Human Capital Priorities stream under the Express entry, it might take anywhere between 60 to 90 days.

    Having said that, the time taken might vary based on the accuracy and validity of the application and the documents. Sometimes it might take much longer if there are any discrepancies in the documents. The OINP might ask you to submit additional documents or ask you for a reply to the procedural fairness letter.

    Your application might also take longer than usual if there is a huge queue for the Ontario immigration. For update on whether the Ontario program is open for your right now, it is best advised to seek help from our Canadian immigration expert.

  4. Some of the basic documents, which you would need to submit to the immigration authorities include:

    • Identification documents such as a passport or birth certificate. You will have to submit your photographs as per the dimensions mentioned at the time of
    • If you have completed your education outside of Canada, you need to submit the Educational Credential Assessment.
    • If you have work experience, you will have to submit proofs from all your previous employers.
    • You need to submit your bank statement as a proof of your funds.
    • If you are applying for a family visa, you will have to submit the documents of your entire family.
    • You will also have to submit a copy of the notification of interest that you have received.
    • Your individual application might require the submission of more documents. Check in the document list so that the lack of document doesn’t delay your application process.

  5. The CRS score requirement for Ontario is almost similar to the score requirement in other immigration programs of Canada. Scoring well in the CRS ranking is important because it is a major determinant if you have applied through the Express Entry system. If the CRS score is lower than the minimum requirement, you might not receive an invitation to apply for the permanent residency.

    The Human Capital Priorities stream requires you to have at least 400 CRS points to be eligible for immigration. Only under specific circumstances, they might send notification of interest to those who have a lower score.

    One of such exceptions include the skilled workers. This means that if you have a lower score and considerable years of work experience, you might still receive a notification of interest. However, this might not be case all the time.

    In the current scenario, Canada in general and Ontario in specific are in dire need of skilled professionals. In this case, if the average CRS point is below 400, they might still send a notification of interest.

    According to the experts, this year, the CRS points requirement is likely to reduce. However, having a better score, which is over 400 points always increases your chances and gives your application an edge over others.

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  6. Canada is one of the hot selling locations for worldwide immigration. People across the world are settling in different provinces of Canada in search of better pay and better livelihood. The provincial nominee programs are helping such candidates to fulfill their migration dreams easily and at a much speedier process.

    You can apply for Canada PNP through two major ways. These are:

    • Apply directly to the provinces: Different provinces within Canada have their different process under the PNP. Therefore, if you have already chosen a province where you want to settle, you can directly apply for the province’s PNP.

    To apply under this program, all you need to do is choose a province of your choice. After this, your application will be reviewed under the guidelines and eligibility requirement of the province.

    If you are selected, you will get a letter of nomination from that particular province. After your nomination is done, you can apply for permanent residency under the Immigration Refugees Citizenship Canada.

    Ontario is one of the most in-demand locations for migration through provincial nomination. People with a few years of work experience or students after bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree move to this province with the hope of a better life.

    • Apply through the Express Entry program: If you apply through this method, first, you need to register your profile with the Express Entry portal. In this case, your profile shall be viewed and is selected by multiple provinces across Canada.

    Once your profile is selected by any of the province, you will receive a nomination certificate under the applied nomination program. After this, you will have to file for your PR application and claim your permanent residency visa after finishing all the required formalities.

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