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Parent and Grandparent Super Visa

Parent and Grandparent Super Visa

Parents and Grandparents

This is the second program through which the parents and grandparents can visit Canada for a long period of time. The applicants who fulfill all the minimum requirements and are finally selected get a multiple entry visitor visa that is valid up to 10 years. As the other standard visa has to be renewed after every 6 months, the super visa is valid for 2 years at a time.

The super visa concentrates on the old generation as they can come and meet their loved ones in the province for a good amount of period without any requirement of work permit.

  1. The parents or the grandparents of the citizens or the permanent residents of Canada can apply for the super visa. This candidate should not have been considered inappropriate on health or security basis. They should be eligible and capable enough to meet the minimum requirements given by the visa office through which the parents or grandparents will be applying for a super visa.

  2. For parents and grandparents who are living in ‘Temporary Residence Visa’ (TRV) or TRV-exempt countries, the super visa is the perfect provision for entry to Canada. These candidates can travel freely between their home country and Canada with the super visa. This helps them make their traveling hassle free of regular re-application for TRV and hence do not have to worry.

    The applicants of super visa who belong from TRV-exempt countries can also take the advantage of this provision. The same application process applies to them. Anyhow, instead of being delivered a visa, they are issued an official letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) which empowers their movement to Canada for a period of two years at a time.

  3. The application process for both the categories is almost similar. Anyhow, additional documents are required which mention the support of the parents or the grandparents while their stay in Canada.

    Thus, the minimum requirements to be fulfilled are as follows:

    1. An invitation letter from the Canadian resident i.e., the child or the grandchild of the candidate.
    2. A valid proof of the relationship of the parent and child or the grandparent and the child. This proof can be given by the birth certificate of the child that has the names of their parents.
    3. They should ensure that they have bought the Canadian health insurance for a minimum of 1 year.

    The process of the applications takes place in the visa office of Canada who is in charge of applicant’s place outside the province. An additional documentation might be needed depending on the visa office requirements.

    A number of factors are taken into consideration while processing the application for candidates. These factors include the purpose of the candidate for moving to Canada, sufficiency of financial resources and necessities, etc. these can be illuminated by exhibiting family ties, financed and other connections that might be present outside the country.

    It is mandatory that all the applicants should complete an immigration medical exam. Once the applications have been submitted, the visa office issues form and instructions for further nominating the candidates to get the super visa.

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