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Spouse or Common Law Partner Sponsorship

Objective of family class of immigration

Spouse or Common Law Partner Sponsorship

The aim of the family class of immigration to Canada is to reconvene the close family members. The Canadian citizens and the permanent residents of Canada can sponsor their close family members to get permanent residency. These members include the spouse or common-law partner, children, parents, grandparents, etc. Canadian visa offices give the maximal preference to such applications.

  1. The spousal sponsorship stream is a sub-category in the family class immigration program. Under the spousal sponsorship program, they citizen or the permanent resident of Canada can sponsor his/her spouse or a common-law partner to get Canadian permanent residency. In order to get a visa, both the sponsor and the sponsored person should be certified by Citizenship and Immigration Certificate (CIC).

    It is mandatory that both the sponsor and the sponsored person prove their relationship status. They can either be a spouse, common-law partner or a conjugal partner.

    Note: same-sex partners and same-sex marriages are also acceptable in Canada and can apply in the program under and of the above categories supported by all the eligible requirements.

  2. This sponsorship takes place when the sponsoring partner is outside Canada, but the candidates can still apply for immigration. If you have the same case, then you can apply for under outland sponsorship program. Once the candidates have applied for immigration, they care allowed to travel out of Canada during the entire application process. The applications are processed in the visa offices of the candidate’s home country i.e., where they have been living for the last one year.

  3. Another stream that gives you the option to apply for the immigration program is the inland route. The candidates can apply through this stream when both the spouse are living in Canada, but one of them does not have a permanent status in Canada, the candidate might be a student, worker or a visitor. Under this program, processing of applications is a long process. Till the candidate’s application is processed, he can take the open work permit which allows him to work in the province.

  4. Under the spouse or common-law partner sponsorship program, the following conditions are required to be fulfilled:

    1. The financial responsibility of the person sponsored lied on the sponsor for three years immediately after getting the permanent residency in Canada.
    2. Candidates who reach Canada as spouses on their own are blocked from sponsoring their spouse for at least 5 years once they receive the permanent residency of Canada.
    3. A ‘legitimate relationship’ of two years rules is imposed on those partners who have been in a relationship for two or less than two years and have no children during the time of submitting the application. Under this circumstance, if the candidate has got the permanent residency in Canada, then it becomes mandatory for the couple to live together in a ‘legitimate relationship’ for at least 2 years or they might have to face the risk of getting their applications canceled. There are exceptions where the spouse suffers from any abuse or neglect.

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