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Why Canada

Why Canada

Many migrants across the globe prefer migrating to Canada. They choose Canada for permanent designation purposes. Canada is considered to be the perfect place and comes in the top in the list of immigration destination. People consider going there as they find various benefits in migrating to Canada. Due to these benefits, they prefer migrating there rather than some other destination. This young country is also known as “immigrant’s paradise”. This is because everyone thinks of migrating to this land. This land has various welcoming features to the immigrants. The government of Canada provides good support and facilities to the approaching immigrants and provide support for permanent residence status. Almost everyone now days land up finding their relatives or acquaintances in Canada. Thus, it is very rare that people may feel like they are strangers when they visit the country. People get the benefits of immigrating to the welcoming land of Canada with the help of immigration representatives of Canada.

Canada is said to have a welcoming land because of its geographical features, abundant of utilizable resources, well-paid job opportunities, easy following visa categories, beneficial investment options and many other major attractions that drag the potential people to immigrate to Canada.

Some of the major benefits that can be seen about immigrating to Canada are given below:

  • Safety and the sense of being is one of the major factors that attract the immigrants to reside in this young country. The government in this country ensures the total safety of the people and make people feel as if they are in their home country. The values and the rules and regulations are properly followed by the people in the country which make it the ideal destination for the people to live in. the high level of safety is one of the major advantages seen.
  • The country provides with permanent residency programs for all the people in the country. From the skilled people to the investors and entrepreneurs, all are greeted to the country and thus, no one is discouraged. All you need to do is a proper research and then contact with an experienced immigration advisor for better recommendations. He will help you choose the right category for immigration that helps you apply for the Canada permanent residence visa application.
  • The other benefits enjoyed by the immigrants are that of the lovely and developed social help system. In this system, there are various courses administered to the people who have lost their jobs or the people who want to have a fresh start in some other field. These courses help the people get trained and find a job quickly for survival. World class schooling is supply free of cost and has notable subsidized university education. The students don’t even have to take loans for higher studies and can gain good educations leading to high paying appointments. Thus with such a good living option, people seek for permanent residence options. In addition to these benefits, the government ensures peace of mind as well as good security options such as pension to the senior citizens or other benefits after retirement.
  • Canada is the second largest country in the world. It has abundant of wealth and natural resources. It leads to all kinds of industries, tourism, infrastructure, automobiles, aerospace, etc. The immigrants and residents play a vital role in social and economic life due to the self-governing nature of the economy. The entrepreneurs and professionals and the trained experts are provided with many rewarding opportunities leading them to the next level. The country has good employment opportunities for all.
  • Canada is a nation that is stable economically as well as politically. With a smooth flow of funds, people can ensure good wages for their work. They are happy and comfortable with stable incomes and a tension free life.
  • The country is expressed to be a multi-cultural migration landing-place. People are peaceful and harmony exists. The people in the country are enthusiastic and eager to launch their business. They are energetic to work better.
  • Canada is a quiet and safe country. Their procedure for immigration isn’t complex as compared to the procedures for immigration in other countries. The country also doesn’t require any submission to the CIC i.e. Citizenship Immigration Canada. The concerned authorities keep a proper estimate of the conceivable immigrants to be eager to reside for jobs or for some educational purposes. They are judged on the basis of their financial stability, compatibility with the language, education level, etc.
  • When a skilled professional immigrant to Canada becomes a Canadian citizen can enjoy the benefits of working in the USA under pliable TN visa status.
  • The banking and the financial systems in the country are eminently affordable. The residents and the citizens can enjoy the housing facilities as well as life’s other amenities at affordable interest rates from the institutions. The businessmen and investors also have the freedom to use these banks and the financial systems for their expansion of business and investment purposes respectively. These banks cover all their business interests and help in developing their personal international credit rating along with the status of holding and managing a business firm in a country like Canada.
  • Once a person has become the citizen of the country, he gets a Canadian passport. This passport has a high price value and possesses a good respect while traveling across the world. They have a benefit to staying to various countries across the world without a visa for a specific period.
  • The main applicant is allowed to make their spouse and their children up to 19 years a part of this immigration application. Regarding his parents, he can help them get the Canada permanent residence visa or a Canada super visa.

Due to all the above reasons, immigration to Canada is mostly preferred by the potential immigrants.

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