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Yukon Immigration (PNP – Canada)

Yukon immigration

A Canadian federal territory, Yukon is Whitehorse’s capital and one of the most ideal places if you wish to settle in Canada. Blessed with a beautiful landscape the territory of Yukon makes also one of the best places to cherish if you love nature since it is located amongst the northwest territories.

Some of the booming industries in Yukon include tourism, mining, hydroelectricity, clothing, handicrafts, and furniture. If you value mesmerizing outdoors and great communities, it is an appropriate place to settle.

The government of Yukon undergoes a selection of suitable candidates to get permanent residency via its provincial nominee program known as the Yukon PNP or Yukon provincial nominee program.

Applicants possessing the right skills and work experience according to the local labour market are eligible to get the provincial nomination certificate. This certificate of nomination enables the immigration of foreign aspirants to get the Canadian PR to work and live in the province of Yukon.

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  1. The Provincial Nominee Program Yukon allows overseas immigrants having desired skills and work experience expected by the Yukon territory to gain the provincial nomination certificate of Yukon.

    Through this certificate, skilled professionals can apply for the permanent residency of Canada and be permanent residents. There are three key streams of the provincial nominee program through which you are eligible to get the Canadian PR.

    1. Yukon express entry or YEE
    2. Skilled worker
    3. Critical impact worker
    4. Business nominee


    1. Yukon Express Entry:

    Yukon Express Entry enables the Yukon government to accept an additional 60 applications from individuals for the provincial nomination. This is apart from what their annual quota of 190 applications is.

    These additional applicants undergo a selection through the express entry pool. The IRCC or the immigration refugee and citizenship Canada choose various aspirants by conducting an express entry pool based on their allocation. If a candidate is selected via the Yukon express entry, he or she becomes eligible to receive the PR of Canada according the nomination the employers of Canada give them through an employment offer.

    1. Skilled Worker

    The skilled worker category gives permission to the employers of Yukon to provide sponsorship to foreign workers to get the permanent residence in the province of Yukon. A candidate which is sponsored must be employed in the occupation listed in the Canadian National Occupational Classification or NOC.


    In case you wish to apply under the skilled worker category, you must fulfill the eligibility criteria that is mentioned below:

    • You must possess valid educational qualification and prior work experience to make them provide you with an employment in Yukon.
    • You should have at least one year of working experience in the same field.
    • The government of Yukon must be provided with a proof of your English or French language proficiency.
    • If you are residing in Canada during the time you wish to apply for this category, you must be residing there lawfully.
    • If you are studying in Canada and want to apply, you must provide enough proofs for your study.
    1. Critical Impact Worker

    The critical impact worker category allows the Yukon employers to give an invitation to foreign skilled workers that have adequate skilled work experience in the occupations that are in high demand in the territory of Yukon. These candidates are offered with similar jobs by the Yukon employer.


    You must fulfill the following eligibility criteria if you wish to apply for Canada PR under this category:

    • You must provide proof of your qualifications and relevant working experience that convince them to provide you with an employment opportunity in Yukon.
    • Your minimum working experience or temporary work permit must be at least 6 months.
    • A proficiency in English or French language must be provided.
    • You must be lawfully residing in Canada if you wish to apply under the category when you are already there.
    • If you are studying in Canada under the study permit, you must provide enough proofs of your study or qualification.
    1. Business Nominee

    The category of business nominee is designed especially for the applicants who possess genuine knowledge and experience about business. If you are one of them and willing to start or run a new business on individual or partnership basis or wanting to buy or run any existing business in Yukon, you are eligible to apply under this category. However, it is essential for you to have enough funds for the investment for your business activity.


    If you wish to apply for the Canadian PR under the business nominee category, you should meet these requirements according to the eligibility criteria.

    1. You must possess a minimum of 5 years of experience in entrepreneurship or senior management in the business similar to that of the one you proposed while you apply.
    2. Your personal net worth should be at least of $250000 with liquid assets of minimum $150000.
    3. You must have visited the Yukon territory at least once and have a better understanding about the business settings of Yukon.
    4. Your English or French basic communication skills must be reasonable enough to run a business in the Yukon territory. However, you can learn English through the ESL or English as a second language program in Canada.

  2. The professions in Yukon are divided into subcategories: Regulated occupations and Unregulated professions.

    If an occupation is regulated in the Yukon territory, you must be licensed, certified or registered by the regulatory authorities if you wish to get an employment in that occupation. These regulatory authorities establish the standards of occupations. On the other hand, the unregulated occupations are the ones in which the employers of the company or firm check if your qualifications meet the job requirements.

    If your occupation is controlled territorial or provincial laws and a regulatory body governs it, it is called as a regulated occupation. Regulated occupations account to about 20 percent of jobs in Canada. Some of these include counsellors, teachers, nurses, and skilled trades like plumbing, electrician, etc.

    The regulations on these occupations are imposed so as to protect to safety and health of the Canadian residents. This is obtained by ensuring that the skilled professional in charge meet the standards of competency and practice.

    The regulated occupations consist of two different types of regulations:

    1. Right to practice

    These professionals are the only ones that are provided with a title by the law authorities and are allowed for engagement in the activities related to their profession. These professional activities are restricted only to the members who are a part of the regulatory body.

    1. Reserved title

    This is a profession where only the regulatory body members are given the privilege of using particular abbreviations and titles that are allowed by certain laws. Professionals who are not a member of that specific regulatory body are allowed to practice their occupations but are restricted to make use of any of the titles.

  3. The Yukon PNP makes sure to commit to process the applications on time by providing the aspirants with a higher transparency and customer service at their fingertips. The applications for the Yukon provincial nominee program are generally processed according to the first come first served basis.

    However, the applications for the skilled worker and the critical impact worker categories can take 12-14 weeks to process once the application process is started. The time of application processing can still vary and is subject to change depending upon the volume of applications received by the Yukon government.

  4. Aspirants often tend to seek easier ways to get the Canadian PR so they can settle and get the work permit for full-time work there. However, different pathways have been designed by the immigration refugees and citizenship Canada or IRCC to provide with the Canada PR to immigrants possessing ample work experience and skills.

    You can be a permanent resident of Canada through any one of the provincial nominee programs offered by the Canada government.

    Since there are many provinces in Canada, each territory or province has its own provincial nominee program based on which you can get the permanent residency via a provincial nomination. Some of these programs are:

    1. Ontario immigrant nominee program or OINP
    2. Saskatchewan immigrant nominee program or SINP
    3. Nova scotia nominee program or NSNP
    4. Manitoba provincial nominee program or MPNP
    5. Alberta immigrant nominee program or AINP

    When it comes to selecting the best and easiest option for the provincial nominee program out of all, there are 2 options that you can look forward to for getting the permanent residence.

    1. Ontario immigrant nominee program (OINP)
    2. Saskatchewan immigrant nominee program (SINP)

    Though these provincial nominee programs make an easy pathway for you to be a permanent resident of Canada, it still depends on what your profile speaks about you and what program suits you the best.

    Therefore, it is essential for you to confirm the PNP that is the best suitable for you by coordinating with immigration experts or Canadian immigration consultants that provide you with suitable immigration services.

    You can consider flying to Yukon and getting the permanent residency via the Yukon provincial nomination program and start off with a new journey of life. Check out your profile thoroughly and under what category you are eligible to apply for the PNP and get your assessment done right away.


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