Canada Permanent Residence Visa from India

Posted by Admin on April 9, 2019

Canada Permanent Residence Visa from India

Canada has gained tremendous popularity for immigration since the past few years. It is today’s one of the most highly regarded countries by skilled professionals, families, and entrepreneurs for the quality of life. The World Report has also recognized Canada as the No.1 nation for good living.

Each year this country records immigration of over 3 lakh people from worldwide. Over 40% of this immigrant population comes from India. Surveys conclude that this increasing numbers in Canada immigration from India are primarily because of the PR visa facility provided by Canada. A large number of Indians are migrating to Canada on a PR Visa in hopes of a better career. In 2017, the number of Indians who received invitation increase to 200% as per the popular newspaper “The Times of India”.

ranking is based on 2017 figures

Source: Times of India

So, What Is Canada Permanent Residence Visa?

Canadian Permanent Residency is a permit that allows a citizen of another country to live, work and settle in Canada for a long period. On successfully obtaining this visa, the visa holder will get a Canadian permanent residency card, which is similar to the Green Card of the United States. This means that the visa holder and his entire family will be entitled to unrestricted rights of PR in Canada & can enjoy several benefits.

What Are The Key Benefits of Getting Permanent Residency in Canada? 

The major benefit of getting a PR Visa in Canada is you will be allowed to work in Canada for a long term and claim its citizenship within 3-4 years.

You will also be allowed to:

  • Claim protection under Canada’s laws and regulations
  • Reside and settle in any city of Canada except Quebec
  • Travel in and out of Canada as many times as you wish to
  • Work for any company and switch between jobs if required
  • Invite your family to Canada and settle on the same visa category
  • Let your spouse work for any company without restriction
  • Enroll your children below the age of 18 in reputed public schools of Canada for free education
  • Subscribe to free medical and healthcare coverage by the Canadian government

What Are The Key Documents Required to Apply for PR in Canada from India?

You need to produce documents based on the attributes you are claiming points for and other relevant documents.

What Are The Key Documents Required to Apply for PR in Canada from India

Education Documents: Mark sheets and sealed transcripts of the highest degree you have obtained are mandatory to apply for a Canada PR visa from India.

Work-Related Documents: You will need to demonstrate a work experience of at least 2 years in an occupation closely related to your nominated occupation. The evidence of this experience must be provided in the form of experience letters, referral letters, etc.

Eligibility Documents: These are nothing but the supporting documents you require to prove your eligibility for Canada immigration. They include:

Miscellaneous: In case you have any additional diplomas or degrees, you can submit their copies along with the educational documents. You will also need to submit identity proof, valid passport and bank statements (to prove your financial stability).

An important point to note here is that not all of these documents are required before you initiate your visa process. Canada gives you the benefit of gathering some key documents and starting your process and arrange the others while your visa is being processed.

If you are keen to know which documents are mandatory before starting your visa process.

What Are The Pathways to Get PR in Canada from India?

Canada offers PR visa facility to skilled individuals, self-employed professionals, families, entrepreneurs and tradesmen. However, every one of these have a different pathway for Canada Immigration and procedure to apply for a PR visa in Canada from India.

Let’s elaborate on each Canada PR pathway based on the categories.

  1. Apply for PR in Canada as a Skilled Immigrant

A skilled immigrant is a professional who has migrated or intends to migrate to Canada solely based on his skills, experience and his ability to score the required immigration points. Skilled immigrants are most-in demand in Canada right now. To cope up with this fast-growing demand of skilled talent, Canada has designed several pathways for skilled professionals’ immigration on Canada PR visa.

 a) Migrate to Canada through the Express Entry System

If you have skills or experience that is most required by Canada, then the Express Entry System is the primary route through which you can get PR in Canada.

What is the Express Entry System? How does it work?

Express Entry System is an initiative taken by Canada to eradicate the loopholes of the quota system and introduce a fair immigration system. This an electronic visa application system that works on a points based pattern and selects applicants for PR visa solely based on their profile ranking.

For instance, if you want to migrate to Canada, you will need to score 67 points as per the norms of the Canada Express Entry System and show up a demanding ranking of your skills on the Express Entry portal.

Indians must apply for a PR visa in Canada through any of these immigration programs managed by the Express Entry:

  • If you are a skilled professional, you must apply for the PR through the Federal Skilled Worker Visa (FSW).
  • If you are a skilled tradesperson, you will need to apply for Canada PR through the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTW).
  • If you are a student or professional who has experience of working in Canada as a temporary worker, you can claim your PR status by applying for the visa through the Canadian Express Class (CEC) Program.
  • If you have are exceptionally skilled in an occupation or trade that has a high demand in any specific province of Canada, then you can request that province to nominate you for PR through the Provincial Nomination Program.

b)Apply for PR in Canada as Provincial Nominee 

Provincial Nomination is precisely a shortcut to reach Canada. The country offers this facility to help provinces filter out the best talent they seek for their economy and boost their immigration with a nomination certificate. By obtaining this nomination certificate from a province, the applicant gets a higher ranking and gets selected for PR in Canada faster.

Skilled workers can apply for this nomination by checking their eligibility under any Provincial Nomination Program and then apply through any of the following ways:

Apply to Province: You can apply directly to the province. For this, you need to meet the immigration demands of the province you want to apply, prove your intention to reside in the province and send your application to the province.

Apply to IRCC: You can also apply for a provincial nomination to the immigration department of Canada. This is done through the Express Entry portal. This means that you need to prove your eligibility for Canada immigration, create your profile with Express Entry and simultaneously apply for a provincial nomination program.

The provincial immigration departments view your EE profile and can nominate you through the Express Entry procedures if they believe that your skills are an asset to their economy.

  1. Apply for PR in Canada under Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Similar to the Express Entry, Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) is a pathway to obtain PR in Canada if you intend to live in Quebec. Since Quebec is the only province of Canada which operates as an individual entity and follows its own immigration procedures, a QSWP visa is the only pathway for skilled workers to settle in Quebec, Canada.

To apply for a PR in Canada through the QSWP, skilled workers can opt for any of the following ways:

Apply to Quebec: You will need to check your eligibility and directly apply to Quebec.

Apply to IRCC: You can claim your Quebec Selection Certificate directly from Quebec and then apply for a PR visa to the IRCC.

The process to obtain a PR visa through the QSWP is slightly different from the Express Entry process. To receive a thorough consultation and information on migrating to Canada through the QSWP.

  1. Apply for PR in Canada as a Self-Employed Person

The Canada PR visa facility is also available for entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals. However, for such people to claim permanent residency in Canada, the eligibility criteria and the process differs from the standard immigration procedures.

  • You will have to prove your basic eligibility like age, education, work experience, language skills, etc.
  • You will have to demonstrate your business and prove your financial assets.
  • You will have to prove your good health and code of conduct.
  1. Apply for PR in Canada through Startup Visa

If you have a strong business plan that can contribute to Canada’s economic development and sufficient financial resources to support your business startup in Canada, you can apply for a PR in Canada through the Startup Visa program.

For doing so, you are required to:

  • Demonstrate a strong and justifying business plan
  • Meet the language requirements
  • Commit to hire a specific number of Canadian citizens
  • Finances and assets to support your business
  1. Apply for PR in Canada through Family Sponsorship

If you are migrating to Canada individually and want to sponsor your family to live in Canada with you after you have settled in the country, the family sponsorship programs will help you do so. However, you will be allowed to sponsor only the following relations through these programs:

  • Spouse or conjugal law partner
  • Dependent kids (of yours and/or your spouse)
  • Blood relatives

How the Permanent Resident Visa Gets Processed in India?

Applying for a PR visa of Canada from India includes a strenuous process of over 6-8 months. During this process, there is a lot of paperwork and timely update involved. As any slightest error in your application can get you rejected for the lifetime, a thorough verification of each document is also mandatory. Hence, to experience a safe process of Canada PR visa in India, it is always best to depend on a reliable consultant.

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