How Canada selects applicants for Permanent Residency?

Posted by Admin on March 31, 2017

How Canada selects applicants for Permanent Residency?

Canada is one of the most beautiful & most preferred nations of the world. Be it education or employment opportunities, over 3 million people choose to settle in Canada each year. Wondering how is this possible? This is possible because Canada has a fair selection system wherein everyone with right skills and required experience can are welcome to take up a job of their expertise and settle in Canada on a permanent basis. In this article, we are going to highlight most important factors of Canada’s selection system for PR applications-the Points based selection system.

What is points-based selection system?

Points based selection system is a system wherein applications are judged and assessed as per a standard points criteria. In terms of the Points-based selection system of Canada, anyone who wants to immigrate to Canada must score overall 67 points under this system. The points are allotted for applicant’s age, work experience, education, language skills and adaptability factors.

How points selection system works?

The Points calculator of Canada works based on the following six selection factors:

Factor 1: Age

Under the points-based selection system, applicants with the best age range for Canada immigration are given the highest points, i.e. 12 points for the age factor.

Factor 2: Education

To apply for a Canada PR visa, the best qualification is a Master’s degree. However, even candidates with Bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply. Candidates will get highest 25 points for their educational qualification.

Factor 3: Work Experience

When applying for Canada immigration, the applicant must nominate any occupation that is listed under Canada’s National Occupational Classification (NOC). By this, an eligible candidate can score overall 25 points for his employment.

Factor 4: Language Skills

For English language skills, an applicant can claim 24 points as the highest. In case the applicant has French language skills attested by a Canada approved language test, he can score additional 4 points- the total being 28 points.

Factor 5: Adaptability

If an applicant has a previous Canadian education or Canadian work experience, he or she is eligible to score points for their Canadian adaptability. The highest points for this factor are 10 points.

Factor 6: Arranged employment 

In case an applicant has an arranged employment by any relative or a valid offer in hand from any Canadian employer while his immigration to Canada application is in the process, he/she can claim overall 10 points for this factor.

What are the initial requirements to qualify?

The initial requirements to qualify for a Canada PR visa under the points-based selection system is to have an age under 40 years, a Bachelor’s degree and a minimum work experience of 2 Yrs. Besides, it is equally important that the applicant has good ability to read, write, speak and understand the English language. These language skills must be proved proficient by taking an English language test- specifically IELTS.

How to check your points under Canada points based system?

A basic Evaluation under the points-based system is mandatory to know your chances for Canada immigration. Many consultancies offer this via software. However, the best option is to go for an Evaluation service conducted manually by Evaluation Experts. Our team of Evaluation experts holds a decade of experience in Evaluating profiles for Canada immigration. Leave your message here and get details of the Evaluation service instantly.


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