Canada‘s approach to bring back together immigrant families- The Canada Sponsor Visa

Posted by Admin on March 30, 2017

Canada‘s approach to bring back together immigrant families- The Canada Sponsor Visa

One of the major aspects that make Canada an ideal nation for immigration is its benefit of family sponsorship. As Canada encourages family reunification of immigrants, it has been working on methods to bring together, the families of immigrants in Canada. The Canada Sponsor Visa is a major initiative in this regard; providing an immigrant with varied options to invite his spouse, parents, grandparents, dependent children or close relatives to migrate to Canada. In order to sponsor any of the above relations, an immigrant needs to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must be either entitled to Permanent residency status or Citizenship of Canada
  • Must be living and committed to living in Canada in the days to come
  • Must be financially strong to qualify himself under sponsorship criteria

Sponsor visa for spouse or partners:

An immigrant in a relationship of two years or less, with no children in-common, can apply for this sponsorship. Under this, an immigrant has options of Inland spouse sponsorship visa (if the partner is in Canada) or family visa (if the partner is outside Canada). Moreover, after sponsorship and receipt of a conditional permanent residence, the sponsored spouse will:

  • Be eligible to study or work in Canada without any work permit
  • Have a right to enjoy the health coverage and certain social services
  • Be allowed to travel to and fro from Canada, without breaching the law

Sponsor visa for spouse/partner along with dependent children: An immigrant can also sponsor his family, which include spouse and dependent children (under 19 years). Before doing so, an immigrant must prove himself efficient in aiding financial assistance to himself and his family’s basic needs like food, accommodation, clothing, shelter, etc. Also, the immigrant must ensure that the sponsored relation does not ask for or depend upon any kind of financial assistance from the government. Canadian immigration law also permits an immigrant to sponsor an adopted child, provided that he meets the basic criteria of financial assistance as well as a condition that the adoption in the best interest of the child; considering it after a study been conducted at his home. Besides just having proved his income level, the sponsor must also prove himself clear of any criminal issues prior to going for sponsorship. Spouse visa for parents/ grandparents or eligible relatives Canada also allows an immigrant to sponsor parents, grandparents or eligible relatives under Canada sponsor family class visa. The applicant must be financially stable of taking care of the person sponsored and at the same time ensure that they do not depend on any kind of government assistance for their living in Canada. Note: In certain circumstances, a non-family member of the applicant can also be sponsored, who totally depends on the principal applicant or vice versa; for emotional or humanitarian reasons, provided that they both meet a set of certain conditions laid under the Canadian immigration law. Check your eligibility criteria with our Canada immigration Experts!

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