Canada is planning big for 2018- The Federal Budget ‘18 Declaration

Posted by Writer on March 3, 2018

Canada is planning big for 2018- The Federal Budget ‘18 Declaration

With the declaration of the Multi-Year Immigration Plan, there was already a joy of New Year for prospective immigrants of Canada before 2018 arrived.  As 2017 was nearing its end, the Canadian government revealed its immigration targets for the next three years, which came as an encouragement to thousands of people around the globe planning to settle in Canada. Announcing a target of million immigrants intake by 2020, Canada had won hearts and listed itself among the most welcoming countries of 2018. The simultaneous chaos in the United States became yet another reason that brought shift in the interest of both IT & Non-IT professionals,  from US immigration to Canadian immigration.

To support the increasing interest and the hopes of thousands of desiring immigrants, the Canadian government is now here with a bigger Federal budget for 2018.  According to the budget announcement, immigrants play a vital role in the improvement of Canada’s economy. The Federal Budget Declaration, which follows a systematic distribution of funds was made on the 27th February 2018, helmed by the Prime Minister and; is a definite impression of the nation’s better & bigger space for immigrants this year.

The Federal Budget Plan 2018 details

According to the popular Canadian Law firm, Canadim “The federal budget distributes funds through a number of channels to support the equality and growth of Canada’s immigrant population.” In this recent budget presented to the Parliament, the government has detailed out its plan on how it would spend money on varied areas of immigration and the ways immigration levels shall meet its success, time to time. The funding has been distributed systematically among the different target areas of immigration. Here’s an outline of the  Budget Plan 2018 and the scope the country will experience in various aspects.

$440 Million to be spend on increasing Immigration Levels

The plan hopes for an increasing number of immigrant invitations.  To ensure that the plans meet a well success, the Liberal government has committed nearly $440 million on this initiative. This amount has been distributed across a range of government agencies that support immigration programs and services. The funds are allotted to better quality services, improve the intake and processing time and to give newcomers a hand of help for easy settlement in Canada.

$32 Million allotted for the support of immigrant women

Notably, the massive commitment towards women is one of the key components of the Canada Federal Budget 2018. The government allots a direct funding in a range of programs that support gender equality and women empowerment. Exclusively for the women who are visible minorities, the Maple country is in plans to introduce a new funding. Women who migrate to Canada often find it difficult to find a job, especially those who need to verify their educational credentials or enhance their English language skills. For such newcomer women, special services have been planned and a budget of nearly $31.8 million is committed in support of its successful execution during the next three years.

$400 million to be funded on French and English training assistance

English and French languages both are spoken widely in Canada. An immigrant with best knowledge and skills in both languages is always the first preference for employment. To make it easier for every immigrant to learn both language skills, the Government of Canada has designed the Action Plan for Official Languages; assigning nearly $400 million on the project funding.

“In addition to serving existing communities, providing services and initiative in both official languages is key to improving the integration and settlement of new immigrants,” says the Federal Government in this context. With this step towards improvement in English and French language by the means of the Action Plan for Official Language, the contribution to the development of an interactive application shall increase and also, the recruitment of ESL and FSL teachers in the country shall boost to another level.

$4.6 Million dedicated to Canada’s Start Up Visa Program

The interest of entrepreneurs to establish themselves in Canada has increased by time. Canada Start-up Visa Program is a pathway for international entrepreneurs to migrate to Canada and start their own business. Until a time that the Government was certain about the success of this program, the Canada Start up program remained a pilot pathway. With the growing interest and rising numbers, the government has decided to make this a pathway for entrepreneurs a good way to obtain Canadian permanent residency. In the Federal Budget of 2018, the Canadian government has allotted $4.6 million to support and develop the Start-Up visa program. The government states that these funds would be specifically used to improve “client-service experience by ensuring applicants, private sector partners and immigration officials are able to process application electronically and more efficiently.”

$173 to be spent on the aid of asylum seekers

Canada has always been looked upon by refugees. Back in 2016, thousands of Syrian refugees and asylum seekers found the peace of home in Canada. The Prime Minister supported and brought home asylum seekers, giving them a gift of standard living. Throughout 2017, Canada experienced a tremendous increase in the number of people migrating to the nation as asylum seekers. Many of the refugees/asylum seeker population represented people who flee their home countries due to poor living conditions. During the next three years, Canada is open many more asylum seekers, funding nearly $173 million in their settlement process.

The Conclusion: A bigger & better Canada in 2018

With this clear and thorough budget,  huge dedicated funding and a range of supporting programs expected to action soon, 2018 is certainly going to be a level up year in the history of Canadian immigration. From individuals to families, from professionals of IT to Non-IT, from immigrants to refugees, Canada is opening its arms wide for all!

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