Canadian Job Categories For Which Work Permit Is Not Required

Posted by Admin on October 16, 2018

Canadian Job Categories For Which Work Permit Is Not Required

If you wish to work in Canada on a temporary basis and you are of foreign origin then you require a work permit, but if you wish to migrate to Canada and work in this nation on the permanent basis and then you need to apply for Canada Permanent Resident.

Below you can find list of people belonging to foreign origin who may seek employment in Canada without a work permit, provided they work in one of the below jobs (Canadian jobs without a Work permit).

  • Business Visitor: A foreign workers who seeks to enter Canada so that he/she can perform international business activities for his/her employer without directly entering labour market of Canada.
  • Military personnel: Military personnel, who received orders to come to Canada, do not require a work permit as long as they serve a nation, which has been designated under the Visiting Forces Act.
  • Athletes and team members: Foreign-born Professional or amateur athletes might participate individually or as a team in the sporting event of Canada without a work permit.
  • Convention organizers: Committees and support staff, individuals, who are into organizing a conference or convention do not require a work permit to work in Canada.
  • Clergy: An individual would be exempt from the work permit requirement if his/her work major consist of preaching doctrine, presiding at the varied religious events and offering spiritual guidance.
  • Public speakers: The above categories include guest speakers for certain specific events, seminar leaders and commercial speakers. The speaking engagement should not exceed more than 5 days.
  • Examiners and evaluators: Under the below category, successful academics who guide students as well as review their work would be permitted to enter Canada without a work permit so that they can review their student’s theses and papers.
  • Emergency service providers: Individuals who desire to come to Canada for the sole purpose of rendering services in times of emergency are exempt from the work permit requirement. These individuals may be

a. Medical teams

b. Doctors

c. Appraisers

d. Provincially licensed insurance adjusters

The emergencies may be medical, environment or industrial or the result of a natural disaster.

Even for these job categories work permit is not essential

  • Foreign Government officers
  • Performing artists
  • On-Campus work
  • New Reporters and media crew
  • Convention organizers
  • Judges, referees and similar officials
  • Healthcare students
  • Expert witnesses or investigators
  • Civil aviation inspectors
  • Crew
  • Aviation accidents or incident inspectors
  • Implied status
  • Off-campus work
  • Farm work


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