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Sometimes, the road not taken can be the actual destination- we believe

  • Country: Australia
  • Visa: Immigration
  • Applicant: Mr. Faizan
Canada Immigration

The Objective

Help our client Mr.Faizan to settle abroad through means of an easy pathway which he was initially unaware of.

The Challenge

Mr. Faizan approached Kansas Overseas Careers with an interest to work abroad. He wanted a way where he could reach a destination like Australia and work as a permanent resident. His strength was a Masters Degree from renowned University of the United Kingdome; his weakness was lack of skilled work experience.

Our Approach & Answer

Mr. Faizan did not want to waste time more time looking out for options and gaining experience here in India. With a lacking work experience yet right age and a strong desire for an immediate process, this case seemed tough for him. Well, we have the most confident and stubborn-to-succeed staff with us. This case was taken up as a challenge. The profile of Mr. Faizan was analyzed and all practical options were reviewed. There were zero chances of a direct Permanent Residency visa.

The Case Officer assigned to Mr. Faizan held a long expertise in the processing of Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa. This option was suggested to him as the best alternative. Mr. Faizan agreed to go ahead with this option and received his visa to Australia in just 2 months.

And, then we succeed…

On the Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa, Mr. Faizan could work in Australia for 18 months and then apply for a PR visa. An additional benefit which Mr. Faizan thanks us for is, the global employee recognition and the 18-month Australian work experience which, he gained through this suggestion.

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