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When all possibilities are exhausted, we create ways

  • Country: Canada
  • Visa: Permanent Resident Visa
  • Applicant: Mrs. Shalini Kakkar
Canada Immigration

The Objective

Helping Mrs. Shalini Kakkar, a permanent residency visa holder of Canada immigrate back to Canada with her new-born infant through quick entry

The Challenge

Mrs. Shalini Kakkar is an esteemed client of Kansas Overseas Careers. She enrolled for her PR visa in 2014 and migrated to Canada with spouse in 2015. In year 2017, she came back to India for her delivery. Taking back the infant on PR visa was a challenge to her. She tried all possible ways of application by herself and after failing in all, knocked the door of Kansas Overseas Careers.

Our Approach & Answer

Mrs. Shalini Kakkar came with a challenging case of her new-born infant. Though Mrs. Shalini Kakkar was a successful PR holder, living with spouse in Canada and working for a renowned Canadian employer, the visa of her infant was refused twice. She initially applied for a dependent PR visa from India. Her visa application was refused at first attempt but a huge fee (in lakhs) was charged to her. This generally happens when an option of “continue with application” is selected instead of “withdraw upon refusal”.

The case was reapplied and refused twice. Our Visa Case Officer specialized in dependent visas and visit visas took up the charge to resolve the case complexities. All possible options were analyzed and practically thought upon. Mrs. Shalini Kakkar was on a maternity leave of 4 months. Now, she had only 2 months left to rejoin her employment. The task of getting things done within limited time was yet another bigger challenge to the team.

Finally, we applied for a visit visa for the infant under custodian formalities. Concierge services were offered to Mrs. Shalini to fulfill all the custodian formalities. Papers were sent to the spouse of Mrs. Shalini to equally support the custodian formalities. Assistance in hiring lawyer (for custodian formalities) was also provided. All documents were successfully submitted to the Embassy and Mrs. Shalini received her new-born infant visa (with validity of 5 years) within 1 month.

And, then we succeed….

The mother and the new-born infant migrated to Canada successfully within 1-2 months. We connected her to sources that helped her hire an attorney and apply for sponsorship of dependent while living in Canada.

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