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  • Country: Australia
  • Visa: Immigration
  • Applicant: Mr. Harish Babu
Canada Immigration

The Objective

Obtaining a permanent residency visa card of Australia through Sponsorship of Victoria State under the Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190); for our client Mr. Harish Babu

The Challenge

Mr. Harish Babu approached Kansas Overseas Careers in 2017. He had all relevant points that he could for Australia Immigration, but his sole interest lied in Victoria State sponsorship under the Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190). Though his case file met all relevant factors, he was unable to score high points making success difficult to him.

Our Approach & Answer

Mr. Harish Babu needed dedicated efforts and guidance, basically an expert one. We allotted his visa case to the Head of Australia Immigration Department, who has a strong pillar of success for Kansas Overseas Careers. The visa case officer allotted to Mr. Harish Babu had thorough experience in eradicating is often termed as the “Silver Lining” for dark cases of Australia Immigration.  In order to improve his points, sessions were given with resourceful tips. All procedures related to his Skills assessment, EOI filing, State Sponsorship application, documentation guidance etc were detailed out.

During the process, we analyzed the profile of Mrs. Harish Babu too. She had an excellent profile and we suggested her skills to be incorporated in the application for more points. Mr. Harish included the skills of his partner in the application, which made a tremendous change to his points status. The application was submitted to Victoria State for Sponsorship under subclass 190 visa program.  In just a span of 4 months, his profile was picked up and he was nominated for Australian PR through subclass 190 visa.

And, then we succeed….

We were satisfied for the efforts we made and the time we spent with Mr. Harish Babu in making a huge difference in his application. It takes all skills and experience to immigrate successfully to Australia, but friendly expert suggestions often make the process easier and quicker, indeed.

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