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Creating opportunities for everyone; even the less scored

  • Country: Canada
  • Visa: Immigration
  • Applicant: Phani Raj C
Canada Immigration

The Objective

Help our client Phani Raj with low IELTS score and minimal eligibility factors unleash all possible potentials and successfully immigrate to Canada through SINP.

The Challenge

Phani Raj was a client of Kansas Overseas Careers who knocked the door for immigration service with low IELTS score card and limited eligibility chances for Canada Express Entry.  With just 6 bands in the IELTS, getting in the EE pool was just impossible for Phani Raj.
Creating opportunities for everyone; even the less scored - Canada immigration

Our Approach & Answer

Since the profile met eligibility parameters and was among the most demanded occupation, we had to create possibilities. After, we could not leave a wonderful profile like that of Phani Raj to the matter of fate! Our team started working on unleashing possibilities through the Provincial Nominee Programs. Without a job offer, chances were limited for few programs. However, the support was in progress. Finally, the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program was the perfect option to be proposed. Phani Raj had Masters education, experience in Demand List occupation of Saskatchewan and best IELTS for this program. All these factors qualified Phani Raj for the Non-Express Entry pathway. All formalities regarding submitting an online application, fee payment, sending hard copies of documents via courier, etc. were carried on by the PNP team of Kansas Overseas Careers for Phani Raj.

And, then we succeed…

In a span of 12 months, Phani Raj received nomination followed by Canada PR. The SINP option suggested by our qualified team helped a candidate with low IELTS to move to Canada as a permanent resident and enjoy the next years with PR rights. No matter how struggling overseas may seem to you, with us, possibilities are never exhausted. We never give up on a case till we genuinely know there are no chances or no hope at all. Until then, our extra efforts are always ON!

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