Denmark Green Card Scheme

Immigration to Denmark

Are you planning to move to one of the developed Union member countries? Do you plan to work live there? Then here’s a program is known as Denmark Green Card Scheme. It is considered as one of the happiest livings wealthiest economies of Europe. The province has a stable government and non-prejudiced social creations. Moving to this country, it will be easier to look towards the Danish immigration system which is categorized in 2 simple steps:

  1. Provisional residence in the province for 5 years.
  2. The permanent residency ultimately turning into citizenship of the country by adoption scheme.

The qualified residency period is based on various factors where the candidate might live for a specific period of time-based upon:

  • The time period of studying and then working
  • By the institution of marriage.
  • Green card: it is one of the most optimum paths to get 5 years residency in the province through the Danish Green card.

Following are the features of Green card:

  • It is useful to get residency as well as work permissions.
  • The green card is obtained by the potential candidates who desire to work in the province along with settling down at the same place.
  • The green card is issued only after examination of the applicant’s profile which is accessed by assigning points. The candidate should necessarily gain at least 100 points to become eligible.
  • This card is not a permit for establishing your own business or management of the business.

The Green Card point based system in Denmark

The Denmark green card point based system is a strategy used to find out the potential applicants who are judged on various criteria such as their abilities, skills, language adaptability, age etc. on this basis, the applicant gets a permit for temporary residency to work in the province. If the applicant has a qualification from eligible university, then he also gets the benefit to some additional points. These extra points automatically improves the probability to come in the Positive List of Demark Immigration. Anyhow, if the applicant has earned the minimum required points to be eligible, he can get the temporary residency permit. In many cases, the spouse of the dependent children can also enter the province with the applicant.
One of the basic requirements to be fulfilled is the academic qualification.

The language adaptability skills are then checked. The candidate should have a combination of two languages. They can be either of the Scandinavian languages or English or German language.
Another important factor taken into consideration is the adaptability factor.

If the Indian academic qualifications are taken into consideration, they are examined as a correlation study by Danish Agency for Labour Retention and global job enrollemnt y the way of Danish agency Universities and Internationalization. It is an agency under the science ministry, innovation, and higher education. Is the evaluation is found to be a positive one; the candidate earns full marks in the academic qualifications.

It is important to affirm that:

  • The candidate has enough financial capacity to stay in Denmark
  • He gets a positive result in the medical examination. You should be covered in the Danish health care network.

After the candidate has been successfully accessed, they get the green card initially for a period of 2 years by the authority. Before this 2 year period ends, the candidate can apply for its extension for a period of 3 years. The renewal of the green card before it expires is important or else the permit shall be canceled. It the case is so, then the candidate might also be forced to leave the province.