Differences between Canadian Permanent Residence Visa and Citizenship

Posted by Admin on January 22, 2019

Differences between Canadian Permanent Residence Visa and Citizenship

If you think about migrating to Canada from India, you may for at least once get confused about Canadian Permanent Residence visa and Canadian citizenship. You would want to know the thin line difference between the two and the benefits each of them bring. To help you understand better, Kansas Overseas Careers brings a well-researched information.

Have a quick look at the 7 major differences between Canada PR Visa and Canadian citizenship

Factors Canada PR Canadian Citizenship
Previous Stay in Canada Not required when applying for PR status Must prove a 3 year stay in Canada when applying for citizenship status
Eligibility Criteria Requires you to score 67 points on factors like age, education, experience, English skills etc. Requires a citizenship test
Application Must be done online through Express Entry Portal from anywhere Must mail the manual application to Centralized Intake Office in Canada
Rights –  Rights to reside, work,  stay with family and travel anywhere –  No vote rights – Not allowed to own a government position –    All rights equal to Canadian-born citizens –    Right to vote –    Right to hold Government position
Benefits Free healthcare, free education, protection under Canadian law and access to limited social security services All rights of citizens including unlimited access to social security
Fees Can be paid in Indian National Rupee Has to be paid in Canadian Dollars
Processing time Generally about 6-8 months Approximately 12 months after writing the test

Now that you know the major differences, here’s detailed information on each of them.

What is a Canadian Permanent Residence Visa?

A Canadian Permanent Residence visa means a stay permit that comes with permanent rights to reside and work in Canada. The government issues this visa to skilled candidates who want to permanently settle in Canada and hold the ability to meet its economic demands. By getting this visa, the visa holder is given a status of Canada Permanent Residency and gets to enjoy benefits alike citizens for 5 years. Upon completing a stay of 3 years in Canada, the visa holder can claim citizenship.

What are the benefits of a Canada PR visa?

 While the benefits of a PR visa of Canada are large in number, here are few major ones:

  • Right to live and settle anywhere in the country
  • No restrictions on travel to and from the country
  • No restriction on availing housing or food services
  • Rights to stay along with spouse and dependent kids
  • Full-time work rights to you and you accompanying spouse
  • Right to choose your own company of work and switch if required
  • Free education for kids in reputed Canadian Public Schools
  • Medical and healthcare for entire family funded by Canadian government
  • Access to social services like unemployment benefits, pension plans, etc.
  • Protection under Canadian laws and regulations
  • Apply for citizenship after a stay of 3 years

While the Government of Canada allows most of the rights to Canadian Permanent Residents, PR visa holders are not allowed to:

  • Vote in Canada or run a political party
  • Get in a job that needs high security clearance
  • Hold any position in the Canadian government sector
  • Access Canadian passport
  • Run their own business

 Who can apply for a PR visa of Canada?

Skilled professionals from all over the world can apply for a PR visa in Canada. However, while doing so, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be of an age less than 45 years
  • Must have degree from a standard University
  • Should have at least 2 years work experience
  • Must have good English skills, good character and sound health
  • Need to score 67 points for the above mentioned factors

What is Canadian Citizenship?

Canadian citizenship is a status that you will have to obtain in order to become Canadian citizens. This status can be claimed only by people who are living in Canada on PR visa or once had a PR status. By getting a Canadian citizenship, you will be able to reside and work in Canada for an indefinite period of time and enjoy benefits similar to Canada-born people (naturalized citizens).

  • You continue getting all benefits of the PR visa
  • Eligible to get vote rights and rights to own a position in the government
  • You will be allowed to have your own business in Canada

How to apply for Canadian citizenship?

In order to apply for a Canadian citizenship, you need to first have a PR visa of Canada. You need to spend a 3 years time in Canada and then only you can apply for citizenship. You will be asked to submit an application and take a citizenship test to claim this status.

Since getting a Canadian Permanent Residence visa is the first step of claiming Canadian citizenship, you would definitely want to know more about the PR visa process for Canada and the fees involved. Call 040-40307077 and get all details from a trusted immigration expert.

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